Sudan (disambiguation)

Sudan (disambiguation)

Sudan is a country in Northern Africa.

Sudan may also refer to the following places:

*Sudan (region), geographic region running across Africa (including the country of Sudan) just south of the Sahel
*Sudan, Texas, United States
*Dallas, Texas, United States, the city is nicknamed "Sudan" by Five Percenters [ [ Gang Slang O to Z - Gangs OR Us ] ] .
*French Sudan, former French colony, present day Mali

Sudan may also refer to:
*Madhu Sudan (born 1966), Indian computer scientist
*Gabriel Sudan, Romanian mathematician
**Sudan function, in mathematics, named after him
*Sudan grass, a grass

Sudan may also refer to various dyes:
*Sudan I
*Sudan II
*Sudan III
*Sudan IV
*Sudan Black B
*Sudan Red G


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*SUDAAN statistical software

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