Arrow (disambiguation)

Arrow (disambiguation)

An arrow is a projectile launched from a bow.

Arrow may also refer to:

→ symbol

Arrow (symbol), e.g. →, indicating direction or movement, including:
* , representing a vector in physics and mathematics.
* , representing a material implication in logic
* , representing the set of all mathematical functions that map from one set to another in set theory
* , representing morphism in category theory



* Spartan Arrow, a 1930s British biplane
* Thorp Arrow, an American light aircraft design
* Avro Arrow, a proposed Canadian supersonic fighter-interceptor plane cancelled in 1959


* Arrow missile, Israeli surface-to-air missile
* Arrow (Russian missile), an air-to-air missile


* Arrow Aircraft and Motors, an American aircraft manufacturer of the 1920s and 1930s
* Arrow Aircraft Ltd., a British aircraft manufacturer of the 1930s


* Arrow (automobile), a 1914 cyclecar from Detroit, Michigan
* Pierce-Arrow, an American automobile
* Arrow, a range of cars from the British Rootes Group during 1967–76, commonest being the Hillman Hunter
* Arrows, a former Formula One racing team


* Arrow Dynamics, an American roller coaster manufacturer, extant 1943–2002
* Arrow Electronics, an American electronics company founded in 1935
* Arrow Supermarkets (Australia), an Australian supermarket chain, extant until the early 1990s


* Arrow, Warwickshire, England
* River Arrow (Herefordshire), England
* River Arrow (Worcestershire), England



* "The Arrow" (newsletter), a British newsletter in the 1930s, edited in 1939 by Frederick Augustus Voigt
* Arrow Books, an imprint of Random House
* ARROW, Australian Research Repositories Online to the World, a digital repository project


* Arrow (comics), a superhero character, first appearing in 1938


* The Arrows, 1970s Anglo-American pop band


* Arrow (radio format), playing 1970s era classic rock
* The Arrow (radio), a digital radio station in the United Kingdom
* 90.7 Arrow Jazz FM, Dutch jazz radio station
* Arrow Classic Rock, Dutch rock radio station


* "Arrows" (TV series), The Arrows pop band's weekly ITV TV series
* "The Arrow", a Canadian television miniseries
* The Arrow, a fictional location, the first DHARMA Initiative station in the television show "Lost"


* Kenneth Arrow (born 1921), American economist, joint winner of the 1972 Nobel Prize in Economics
* Arrow (musician) (born 1954), stage name of Alphonsus Cassell, Caribbean soca artist


* Arrow of time, a physics concept
* ARROW waveguide, an anti-resonant reflecting optical waveguide

Other uses

* Amtrak Arrow Reservation System, used by Amtrak employees for passenger train reservations
* Arrow, a brand of shirts and collars made famous in the early 20th century in ads with The Arrow Collar Man
* Arrow (horse), an eventing horse ridden by Bruce Davidson
* "Arrow" (passenger train)
* HMS "Arrow", seven ships of the British Royal Navy and one of the Royal Australian Navy
* "Arrow" Incident, a diplomatic crisis in 1856 that led to the Arrow War, better known as the Second Opium War
* Arrow's impossibility theorem on voting systems
* Arrows in functional programming, a more general interface to computation than monads
* The arrow paradox, one of Zeno's paradoxes

ee also

* Golden Arrow (disambiguation)
* Red Arrow (disambiguation)
* Silver Arrow (disambiguation)

* Dan Henry another name for unique directional arrows for cycling routes

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