Golden Arrow (disambiguation)

Golden Arrow (disambiguation)

Golden Arrow may refer to:

* The Golden Arrow Holy Face Devotion , a prayer in the Catholic Church revealed to a young Carmelite nun in 1844.
* Golden Arrow, a luxury train in England which connected London and Dover
* Golden Arrow (supercar), a supercar from 1903 Fact|date=June 2007
* Golden Arrow (land speed racer), a land speed racer driven by Henry Segrave,
* "Golden Arrow", an Indian intermezzo composed by Egbert Van Alstyne in 1909.
* Golden Arrow (comics), a Fawcett Comics character
* Abaris Golden Arrow, a home-built aircraft design by Abaris Aircraft
*Lamontville Golden Arrows, a South African football (soccer) club from Durban
* The Golden Arrow, a book by Mary Webb
* The Gloster VI, a Schneider Cup racing aircraft, was known as "Golden Arrow"
* Golden Arrow Bus Services, a commuter bus operator in Cape Town, South Africa.

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