3 (disambiguation)

3 (disambiguation)

3 and three may mean:

* 3 (number), a number, numeral, and glyph
* 3, the year 3 AD
* 3 BC, the year 3 BC

In music and film:
* #3, the pseudonym of American musician Chris Fehn, when performing with Slipknot
* 3 (1980s band), a rock band of Keith Emerson, Robert Berry and Carl Palmer
* 3 (band), an experimental progressive band based in Woodstock, New York
* 3 (Short Film)
* 3 (black metal band)
* 3rd (single), a single by rock band The Rasmus
* "3" (Calogero album), a 2004 album by Calogero
* "3" (FireHouse album), an album released by rock band FireHouse
* "Three" (album), one of several albums named "Three"
* "", biographic film about NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt
* "Three" (1969 film), a 1969 film starring Charlotte Rampling and Sam Waterston
* "Three", a 1965 Yugoslavian film directed by Aleksandar Petrović
*"Three" (band), a post hardcore band signed to Dischord Records
* "Three" (film), a 2002 Asian horror movie collaboration
* "Three", also known as "Survival Island", a 2006 film set on a desert island, starring Billy Zane and Kelly Brook

In television:
* "Three" (TV series), a short-lived 1998 American series
* Number Three (Battlestar Galactica), a Cylon in the "Battlestar Galactica" series
* "3" (The X-Files), a second-season episode of "The X-Files"

In literature:
* "Three" (novel), a book by Julie Hilden

In transportation:
* 3 (New York City Subway service), a service of the New York City Subway

In organizations:
* 3 (telecommunications), a group of UMTS-networks in Europe, Australia and Asia

3 can also mean:
* 3 Juno, a large asteroid
* Three (Enneagram), a personality type of the Enneagram of Personality
* Mazda 3
* Ȝ, a letter used in Middle English and Middle Scots
* 3 can also be the mouth of a smiley. (>:3)
* Hutchison 3G a mobile phone network

See also

*Number Three
*Three-toed woodpecker
*threedegrees, an instant messaging software created by Microsoft
*Three Gorges
*Three Kingdoms
*The Three Stooges
*Three-letter abbreviations and acronyms (TLA)
*Three Links
*Three of a kind, a term used in poker, and also a pop/rap group based in the UK
*Three Principles of the People
*Three Represents
*"Three's Company", an American sitcom
*G3 (tour) - Guitar tour
*Three-dimensional_space, three-dimensional, particularly with respect to graphics and images
*Rule of three (mathematics)
*Rule of Three (Wiccan)
*Three-spine stickleback, a type of fish
*Three Years of Natural Disasters
*Thr3e, novel
*Dale Earnhardt, NASCAR legend
*Three... Extremes, 2004 film
*Year Three (School)
*Kamen Rider G3, a fictional character featured in "Kamen Rider Agito"
*03 (disambiguation)

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