London (disambiguation)

London (disambiguation)

London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom.

London may also mean:


Places in the United Kingdom

*London, the capital city of the United Kingdom
**City of London, the small, ancient city (and root of most other Londons)
**London Town, a cognomen for London
**Central London, the City and West End
**West End of London, the West End
**East End of London, the East End
**Greater London, the larger administrative area divided into Inner London and Outer London
**County of London, a former county of England
**London commuter belt, the area surrounding Greater London
**London (European Parliament constituency)
**London postal district, the area that mail addressed to "London" is delivered
**London Basin, a geographical feature

*London Apprentice, a hamlet in Cornwall
*London Colney, a village in Hertfordshire

Places in Canada

*London, Ontario
*London District, Upper Canada, a historic district in Upper Canada (now Ontario)
*A number of electoral districts in Ontario:
**Elgin—Middlesex—London, a federal and provincial electoral district
**London East, a former federal electoral district
**London—Fanshawe, a federal and provincial electoral district
**London—Middlesex, a former federal electoral district
**London North Centre, a federal electoral district
**London West, a federal and provincial electoral district

Places in South Africa

*East London, Eastern Cape

Places in the United States

*London, Conecuh County, Alabama
*London, Montgomery County, Alabama
*London, Arizona
*London, Arkansas
*London, California
*London, Indiana
*London, Kentucky
*London, Minnesota
*London, Missouri
*London, Ohio
*London, Richland County, Ohio
*London, Oregon
*London, Pennsylvania
*London, Tennessee
*London, Texas
*London, West Virginia
*London, Wisconsin
*London Mills, Illinois
*London Township, the name of several places
*Londontowne, Maryland
*New London, Pennsylvania
*Historic London Town and Gardens

Other places

*London, Belize
*London, Equatorial Guinea
*London, Finland, a section of Jakobstad
*London, Kiribati, a small city on Kiritimati
*London, Nigeria
*Isla London, an island in the Magallanes Region of Chile
*London Arch, a natural arch in Victoria, Australia
*London Bridge (disambiguation)
*London Road (disambiguation), the name of a vast number of roads
*Little London (disambiguation), the name of a number of places
*New London (disambiguation), the name of several places
*8837 London, asteroid


*See London (name) - includes a list of people named London


Musical performers

* Rock bands:
**London (heavy metal band) - an American heavy metal band.
**London 86, a German rock band
**London Quireboys, a British rock band
* Punk bands:
**London (band), a late 1970s British punk band
**London Cowboys, a British punk band
**London SS, a 1970s British punk rock group
* Classical groups:
**London Sinfonietta, a London-based chamber orchestra
**London Symphony Orchestra, a London-based orchestra
**London Philharmonic Orchestra, a London-based orchestra
*London Elektricity, a British drum and bass band
*London Posse, a British hip hop group
*Future Sound of London, a British electronic music band
*Londonbeat, an R&B and dance music band active in the 1990s


*"London '66-'67", an EP by Pink Floyd
*"London 0 Hull 4", a 1986 album by The Housemartins
*"London Calling", a 1979 album by The Clash
*"London MIX", an album by Ceca
*"London Symphony Orchestra, Vol. 1", a 1983 album by Frank Zappa
*"London Town", a 1978 album by Wings
*"London Town" an album by rapper Kano
*"Live in London", the title of various albums
*"Take London", an album by The Herbaliser


*"London" (song), by Pet Shop Boys, from the 2002 album "Release"
*"London", a song by The Smiths, featured on their compilation album "Louder Than Bombs"
*"London", a song on progressive metal band Queensrÿche's 1986 album "Rage for Order"
*"London", a song on rock band Third Eye Blind's 1997 album "Third Eye Blind"
*"London", a track by Mu-Ziq on the "Lunatic Harness" album
*"London Calling (song)" by The Clash
*"Streets of London", a song by Ralph McTell
*"Werewolves of London", a song by Warren Zevon
*"London Town" (song), a song by Wings
*"London Town", a 1983 single by Bucks Fizz
* "London Town" (traditional song), a traditional song performed by Bellowhead on their album "Burlesque"
*"LDN" (song), by Lily Allen

Classical music:

*London symphonies, symphonies 93-104 by Joseph Haydn
**London Symphony, specifically the Symphony No. 104 (Haydn)
*A London Symphony, by Ralph Vaughan Williams

Record Labels

*London Records, a record label
*London-Sire Records, a record label

Literature and publishing

*"London" (poem), a poem by William Blake
*"London Calling", a novel by Edward Bloor
*"London Calling", a play by Geoffrey Kerr
*"London Calling!", a musical revue by Noël Coward
*"London Gazette", the official newspaper of the United Kingdom
*"London Free Press", a newspaper in London, Ontario
*"London Journal", a published journal by James Boswell
*"London Labour and the London Poor", a book by Henry Mayhew
*"London Magazine", a British literary magazine
*"London Suite", a play (and later film) by Neil Simon
*"Illustrated London News", a magazine
*"London", a novel by Edward Rutherford


*London Broil, an American beef dish
*London Grill, a canned meal made by HP
*"London", the acclaimed 5 star Gordon Ramsey restaurant.


*London, a rugby league team now known as Harlequins Rugby League.
*London Caledonians F.C., a defunct English football club
*London Gryphons (women's soccer), a Canadian soccer club
*London Gryphons, an English Australian rules football club now called the Putney Magpies
*London Irish, an English rugby union club
*London Knights, a Canadian ice hockey team
*London Majors, a Canadian baseball team
*London Marathon, a marathon held in London, England since 1981
*London Monarchs, a defunct English American football team
*London Nationals, the previous name of the London Knights
*London Olympics
*London Racers, an English ice hockey club
*London Scottish F.C., an English rugby union club
*London Skolars, an English rugby league club
*London Tecumsehs, a former Canadian baseball team
*London Tigers, a former Canadian baseball team
*London Wasps, an English rugby union club
*London Welsh R.F.C., an English rugby union club
*London Werewolves, a former Canadian baseball team
*Run London, a race held in London, England since 2001


*London bullion market
*London Club, an informal group of private creditors
*London Metal Exchange
*London Scottish Bank, a British bank
*London Stock Exchange
*EDX London, the derivatives market of the London Stock Exchange


*London Regiment
**London Scottish Regiment
**Queen's Regiment
**City of London Fusiliers
**London Irish Rifles
*British 47th (1/2nd London) Division, a World War I Territorial Force formation
*British 56th (1/1st London) Division, a World War I Territorial Force formation
*British 60th (2/2nd London) Division, a World War I Territorial Force formation
*HMS "London", the name of twelve ships of the Royal Navy
*Saro London, a 1930's Royal Air Force flying boat

Film and broadcasting

*"London" (film), the title of several films
*"London After Midnight" (film), a 1927 silent film
*London Films, a British film studio
*"London Town", a 1946 film
*LONDON TV, a British digital television channel
*"London Voodoo", a 2004 film
*London Weekend Television, a defunct British television company
*"Aliens of London", a 2005 episode of "Doctor Who"
*"Jump London", a documentary about free running shown on Channel 4
*"Winning London", a 2001 film
*Xfm London, a British radio station


*London Clay, a marine deposit known for containing fossils
*London field, a type of magnetic field
*London dispersion forces, one component of the intermolecular or Van der Waals force
*London Mathematical Society
*Linnean Society of London, a taxonomical society
*Zoological Society of London


*London Agreement (2000), a European patent law agreement
*Peres-Hussein London Agreement, a framework agreement for a Middle East peace conference signed in 1987
*London Charter of the International Military Tribunal, the decree that set down the laws and procedures by which the Nuremberg trials were to be conducted in 1945
*London Conference, the name of several international conferences
*London Convention, an international agreement to control marine pollution
*London Naval Treaty, a treaty signed in 1930
*Second London Naval Treaty, signed in 1936
*London Pact, a 1915 pact between the Triple Entente and Italy
*London Protocol, an 1877 agreement between the United Kingdom and Russia
*Treaty of London, the name of a number of treaties


*London Airport, the name of several airports
*London and Brighton Railway, a defunct English railway company
*London and Continental Railways, the company building the Channel Tunnel Rail Link
*London and Croydon Railway, a defunct English railway company
*London and North Eastern Railway, a defunct British railway company
*London and North Western Railway, a defunct British railway company
*London, Midland and Scottish Railway, a defunct British railway company
*London, Tilbury and Southend Railway, an English railway network
*London Underground, the metropolitan underground railway system serving London in the UK
*London Transit Commission, the public bus transportation in London, Ontario
*London and Port Stanley Railway, formerly a rail line between the two cities via St. Thomas, all in Ontario
*The London - an emigrant coffin ship which sank in 1868.


*London Company, an English company operating in North America in the 17th century
*London Corresponding Society, an 18th century society advocating parliamentary reform
*London Drugs, a Canadian store chain
*London Group, an art society based in London, founded in 1913
*London Internet Exchange, an Internet exchange point, also known as LINX
*London Monster, a supposed attacker of women in 18th century London
*Diocese of London, a diocese of the Church of England
*London Films, a film company founded in 1932
*London Weighting, incentive pay to civil servants in London
*London Plane, a species of tree, "Platanus x hispanica"

ee also

*Londonderry (disambiguation)
*New London (disambiguation)

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