Big Brother Suomi 2006

Big Brother Suomi 2006

Big Brother endgame
seriesname = Big Brother Suomi
series = 2006 (Series 2)
previous = Big Brother Suomi 2005
next = Big Brother Suomi 2007

imagebg = #FFF
hm1 = Sari Nygren
hm1-enter = Day 1
hm1-exit = Day 96
hm1-stat = winner
hm2 = Kari Hautoniemi
hm2-enter = Day 1
hm2-exit = Day 96
hm2-stat = runner
hm3 = Kaarlo Nisso
hm3-enter = Big Brother endgame/2values|Day 1|Day 42
hm3-exit = Big Brother endgame/2values|Day 91|Day 96
hm3-stat = evic
hm4 = Olli Paloheimo
hm4-enter = Day 36
hm4-exit = Day 96
hm4-stat = evic
hm5 = Hanne Talola
hm5-enter = Day 1
hm5-exit = Day 91
hm5-stat = evic
hm6 = Jani Raivio
hm6-enter = Day 36
hm6-exit = Day 84
hm6-stat = evic
hm7 = Mia Reijonen
hm7-enter = Day 36
hm7-exit = Day 77
hm7-stat = evic
hm8 = Mira Kansanniva
hm8-enter = Day 1
hm8-exit = Day 70
hm8-stat = evic
hm9 = Jenni Kovanen
hm9-enter = Day 1
hm9-exit = Day 63
hm9-stat = evic
hm10 = Piritta Sorvali
hm10-enter = Day 36
hm10-exit = Day 56
hm10-stat = evic
hm11 = Jaakko Salmi
hm11-enter = Day 36
hm11-exit = Day 49
hm11-stat = evic
hm12 = Sorella Johansson
hm12-enter = Day 21
hm12-exit = Day 35
hm12-stat = evic
hm13 = Mika Sivén
hm13-enter = Day 1
hm13-exit = Day 30
hm13-stat = eject
hm14 = Tatu Kosonen
hm14-enter = Day 1
hm14-exit = Day 28
hm14-stat = evic
hm15 = Henri Petro
hm15-enter = Day 1
hm15-exit = Day 21
hm15-stat = evic
hm16 = Heidi Aspegren
hm16-enter = Day 1
hm16-exit = Day 16
hm16-stat = eject
hm17 = Ari Soidinmäki
hm17-enter = Day 1
hm17-exit = Day 14
hm17-stat = evic
hm18 = Mirka Rikman
hm18-enter = Day 1
hm18-exit = Day 7
hm18-stat = evic

legendwinner = Winner
legendrunner = Runner-up
legendevic = Evicted
legendeject = Ejected

Big Brother Suomi 2006 was the second season of the Finnish reality television series Big Brother. It aired on SubTV in Finland, from 29 August 2006 to 1 December 2006, and lasted 96 days.

A number of contestants (known as "housemates") lived in a purpose-built house in Espoo, and were isolated from the rest of the world. Each week, each housemate nominated two of their peers for eviction, and the housemates who received the most nominations would face a public vote. Of these, one would eventually leave, having been "evicted" from the House. However, there sometimes were exceptions to this process as dictated by Big Brother, known as "twists". In the final week, there were four housemates remaining, and the public voted for who they wanted to win. Sari Nygren received the most votes, and won the prize money of 50,000.

The season's final broadcast obtained a peak audience of 540,000 viewers. [cite web|title=Big Brother 2006 oli menestys!|language=Finnish|url=|date=2006-12-04|accessdate=2006-12-04]


Twelve housemates entered the House at "Launch". Sari was the twelfth housemate, chosen by the public, to enter the House. Six other housemates entered the House during the series, creating a total of eighteen housemates competing in "Big Brother 2006". This is the most housemates to ever compete in a series of "Big Brother Suomi". One of these six housemates was a replacement housemate Sorella, who was introduced to the housemates on Day 21, after the departure of Henri. On Day 36, five more housemates (Olli, Piritta, Jani, Mia, Jaakko) entered the House, totalling 18 housemates. Two housemates (Heidi and Mika) were ejected from the House. On Day 84, it was revealed that an old housemate would re-enter the House on the following week. Jenni, Kaarlo and Mira received the most votes in the first round, so the final vote was between the three of them. After receiving 43,8% of all votes, Kaarlo became eligible to win the prize money and re-entered the House on Day 91.

*Ari (b. 1977), Soini, single
*Henri (b. 1979), Tampere, dating
*Jaakko (b. 1982), Turku, single "(entered on Day 36)"
*Jani (b. 1979), Kouvola, dating "(entered on Day 36)"
*Kaarlo (b. 1984), Tampere, dating "(won the public vote and re-entered the House on Day 91)" (2nd runner-up) [cite web|title=Kaarlo voitti nettiäänestyksen|language=Finnish|url=|date=2006-11-26|accessdate=2006-11-26] [cite web|title=Kaarlo on kolmas!|language=Finnish|url=|date=2006-12-01|accessdate=2006-12-01]
*Kari (b. 1974), Turku, single (1st runner-up) [cite web|title=Dramaattinen voittajan julkistus|language=Finnish|url=|date=2006-12-01|accessdate=2006-12-01]
*Mika (b. 1981), Helsinki, single "(ejected because of alleged sexual abuse on" Sorella) cite web|url=|title=Mika poistettiin Big Brother -talosta|language=Finnish|accessdate=2006-10-15|date=2006-09-26]
*Olli (b. 1984), Espoo, engaged "(entered on Day 36)" (3rd runner-up) [cite web|title=Olli tuli neljänneksi|language=Finnish|url=|date=2006-12-01|accessdate=2006-12-01]
*Tatu (b. 1975), Helsinki, engaged

*Hanne (b. 1979), Helsinki, single
*Heidi (b. 1983), Helsinki, dating "(removed due to a contract breach)" [cite web|title=Heidi poistettiin BB-talosta|language=Finnish|url=|date=2006-09-12|accessdate=2006-10-15]
*Jenni (b. 1978), Tampere, cohabit
*Mia (b. 1975), Helsinki, single "(entered on Day 36)"
*Mira (b. 1978), Helsinki, single
*Mirka (b. 1977), Helsinki, single
*Piritta (b. 1978), Helsinki, single "(entered on Day 36)"
*Sari (b. 1981), Kokkola, single "(was chosen, by public vote, to enter the House)" (winner) [cite web|title=Sari Big Brother -taloon!|language=Finnish|url=|date=2006-08-28|accessdate=2006-10-15] [cite web|title=Sari voitti Big Brotherin!|language=Finnish|url=|date=2006-12-01|accessdate=2006-12-01]
*Sorella (b. 1976), Espoo, single "(entered on Day 21)"

Voting format

In the 2005 series of "Big Brother Suomi", viewers could only vote to evict the nominated housemates they wanted to leave the House. "Big Brother 2006" added the save vote. Any viewer may cast as many evict or save votes as they choose. Prior to eviction each housemates' evict votes were merged with their save votes; the housemate with the lowest number of save votes remaining after the merge is evicted.

Alleged sexual abuse controversy

On September 26, Mika was removed from the House for the alleged attempt to sexually abuse a fellow female housemate, Sorella. After a party, on Day 25, Sorella and Mika ended up in the same bed at the end of the night. After Sorella had, seemingly, passed out, Mika tried to lower her jeans and finger her. Big Brother stopped Mika by ordering him to come to the Diary Room. The incident is undergoing police investigation.

Table of nominations

: Housemate was given immunity and could not be nominated for eviction.


fnb|1 Sorella was given immunity for entering the House in the middle of the competition.

fnb|2 Big Brother punished Kaarlo and Sari for plotting against the new housemates by cancelling nominations and putting the two of them up for eviction.

fnb|3 Big Brother punished Hanne and Piritta for talking about the production team. They were both given 3 extra nomination points.

fnb|4 Mia was given immunity as a prize for winning a dance marathon on Day 64.

fnb|5 There were no nominations in the final week and the public were voting for housemates to win, rather than be evicted.


*Youngest housemates: Olli & Kaarlo, both 22 years old
*Oldest housemate: Kari, 33 years old
*Housemate up for eviction the most times: Mira, 6 times before elimination



* [ Official website] fi

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