Black cat (disambiguation)

Black cat (disambiguation)

A black cat is a cat with black fur.

Black cat(s) may also refer to:


*The Black Cat (Washington, D.C. nightclub)
*Black Cat Bar, a bar in San Francisco, California
*Black Cat Tavern, a bar in Los Angeles, California
*Le Chat Noir (English: "The Black Cat"), a cabaret in Paris, France


*Black Cat Squadron, a squadron of the Republic of China Air Force
*National Security Guards, a counter-terrorism force in India
*Several units of PBY Catalina flying boats used for night attacks


*"The Black Cat" (short story), by Edgar Allan Poe
*"Black Cat" (manga), a Japanese media franchise
*Black Cat (comics), a Marvel comic book character
*Black Cat (Harvey Comics), a Harvey comic book character
*El Gato Negro (English: "The Black Cat"), an American independent comic book series and character
*"Black Cat", a book in the "Gemini" series by V. C. Andrews
*An imprint of the publisher Grove Press


*"The Black Cat" (1934 film), starring Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff
*"The Black Cat" (1941 film), starring Basil Rathbone and Bela Lugosi
*"The Black Cat" (1981 film), directed by Lucio Fulci
*"Black Cat" (1991 film), starring Sammo Hunt and inspired by "Nikita"
*"The Black Cat" (1995 film), directed by Rob Green
*"Black Cat", a 1959 film starring Balraj Sahni


*"The Black Cat" ("Masters of Horror" episode)
*"The Black Cat," an episode from the fourth season of "Spider-Man"


*"Black Cat" (song), by Janet Jackson
*"Black Cat" (1995 song), by Turbo
*Black Cats (band), an Iranian musical group
*Black Cat 13, a Canadian musical group
*Kuroneko (singer)
*"Black Cat," a song by The Living End from "State of Emergency"
*"Black Cat", a song by Ladytron from "Velocifero"

Other uses

*Black Cat (wrestler), ring name of professional wrestler Victor Manuel
*Black Cat Roundabout, a road intersection in the United Kingdom
*Black Cat pirates, a group of characters in "One Piece" media
*Sunderland A.F.C., a football club
*A brand of cigarettes made by the Carreras Tobacco Company

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