Black panther (disambiguation)

Black panther (disambiguation)

Black panther is a black variant of any of several cat species.

Black panther may also refer to:


* Black Panther Party, a black nationalist organization in the United States
* Black Panthers (Israel), an Israeli protest movement


* K2 Black Panther, a South Korean battle tank prototype
* 761st Tank Battalion (United States), a WWII unit made up of black soldiers
* Black Panther Company, a military unit that participated in the Vietnam War's Battle of Huế


* Eusebio da Silva Ferreira, retired Portuguese football player;The mascots of the following teams:
* Boavista F.C., a Portuguese sports club
* Carolina Panthers, an American football team
* UW-Milwaukee Panthers, the teams of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Other meanings

* Black panther (symbol), a Carinthian historical symbol
* Black Panther (comics), a comic book superhero in the Marvel Comics universe
* "Black Panther," a song by Mason Jennings on the album "Birds Flying Away"
* The nickname of murderer Donald Neilson

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