Panther may refer to:

Large Cats

* "Panthera", the feline genus which contains lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars
* Panther (in Africa and Asia), the leopard ("Panthera pardus")
* Panther (in North America), the cougar or mountain lion ("Puma concolor")
** Florida panther, a subspecies of cougar ("Puma concolor coryi" or "Puma concolor couguar") found in southern Florida
* Panther (in South and Central America), the jaguar ("Panthera onca")
* Black panther, a black variant of leopard, cougar or jaguar
* White panther, a white or very pale variant of leopard, cougar or jaguar
* Panther (legendary creature), a mythical creature resembling a large multicolored cat


* Panther (motorcycle)
* Ford Panther platform, a sedan automobile platform
* Isuzu Panther, a multi-purpose vehicle
* Panther Westwinds, a car manufacturer

Media and entertainment

* "Panther" (computer game)
* "Panther" (film)
* Panther (publisher), a publishing house specialising in paperback fiction
* Panthers (band)
* "The Pink Panther", a series of British comedy films starring Peter Sellers
** The Pink Panther (character), an animated character originating in the title sequence to "The Pink Panther" film
* "The Panther", a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke


* HMS "Panther", the name of at least five ships of the Royal Navy
* Eurocopter Panther, a helicopter based on the Eurocopter Dauphin
* F9F Panther, a jet fighter used by the US Navy in the Korean War
* Panther Command and Liaison Vehicle, a vehicle of the British Army
* Panther tank, used by Nazi Germany in World War II
* SMS "Panther", a German gunboat which sparked the Agadir Crisis in 1911

Political groups

* Black Panther Party, a Black nationalist organization
* Gray Panthers, an American organization promoting senior citizens' rights
* White Panther Party, a political collective founded to support the Black Panthers
* Black Panthers (Israel), an Israeli protest movement



* Carolina Panthers, an American football team in the NFL
* Florida Panthers, an ice hockey team in the NHL
* Penrith Panthers, a rugby league team in the NRL
* Michigan Panthers, a former professional American football team
* Panionios Athens, nicknamed "the Panthers"


* Blackpool Panthers, English rugby league team
* Embrun Panthers, Eastern Ontario Junior C Hockey League team
* Nottingham Panthers, an ice hockey club in the EIHL
* Wests Panthers, Australian rugby league team


* "Panther", codename for the Mac OS X v10.3 operating system
* Panther (development tool), a Rapid Application Development toolset


* PANTHER, the callsign for Falcon Air Express

ee also

* Black panther (disambiguation)

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