Slapstick Family Tree

Slapstick Family Tree

Slapstick was a ska/punk band that was influential in the Elgin/Chicago punk scene during their time. Their legacy lives on with the various members parting ways to create new music in new bands. The bands have had a major impact on the Chicago music scene, and have gained popularity throughout their respective careers. The "family tree" extends to this day.

Origin (1993-1996)

Brendan Kelly Lead vocals
Dan Andriano Bass, Vocals
Peter Anna Trombone
Matt Stamps Guitar
Dan Hanaway Trumpet, Vocals
Rob Kellenberger Drums, Vocals

The first branch was the originator and included only the "mother band" Slapstick. Slapstick played aggressive and unique ska with gruff vocals that set them apart from other bands at the time. The band was active until 1996. They have 2 releases, "Lookit!" which was released on the now defunct Dill Records, and the later on Asian man Records and "Slapstick" also on Asian Man. The first 6 songs on the s/t album where originally intended to be released on a 10" record, but when the band broke up in 1996, they decided to combine those songs with the entire "Lookit" album as well as a few unreleased B side songs. Although members in the future bands have come form other bands in the same time period, Slapstick is the primary band.

Previously to the release of their only two full length albums, the band had released 2 7" vinyl records. The first being called the "Superhero" EP, which came in various colored vinyl and two different album covers. The second being the Crooked EP which featured 4 songs that would later go on to be released on "Lookit" and the s/t album. A few songs where recorded for out of print compilations, and remain unavailable on a slapstick album. The Superhero ep was originally self released then repressed and released along with the Crooked EP on Dyslexic Records. They also put out a split with Tommy Rot and a few demo tapes containing songs only available on those releases and they were never put on any other album. This means that the Discography album is not technically a complete collection.

Branch one (1996-1998)

The band disbanded and created various other bands:

The Broadways

Brendan Kelly Vocals, Bass
Dan Hanaway Vocals, Guitar
Chris McCaughan Vocals, Guitar (Of the band Tricky Dick)
Rob DePaola Drums

The Broadways were a political punk-rock band on the independent label Asian Man Records. They were active from 1996 to 1998, and released their last CD in 2000. Their two full lengths albums were entitled "Broken Star" and "Broken Van". The band had a melodic vocal style, coupled with smooth guitars and harsh political lyrics.


Dan Andriano Lead vocals, Bass
Matt Stamps Guitar
Rob Kellenberger Drums, Vocals
Tyler Wiseman Guitar

Tuesday was an emo band signed to Asian Man Records. The band had two releases, a full length entitle "Free Wheelin" and an EP entitled "Early Summer". The band played a softer form of rock, and was active from 1996 to 1998.

Peter Anna Played with Less Than Jake for a year, and recorded "Borders and Boundaries" as the trombonist, he later quit the band and is now pursuing a career in firefighting. []

Branch two (1998-present)

In time, each of these bands split and formed various other bands, now distant but still related to Slapstick.

The Lawrence Arms

Brendan Kelly Lead vocals, Bass
Neil Hennessy Drums (of Baxter)
Chris McCaughan Vocals, Guitar

The Lawrence Arms are a band based in Chicago who have seen much success since the split of The Broadways. The name is based on an apartment building Kelly and McCaughan lived in, and they have many releases since their formation. They are currently signed to Fat Wreck Chords.

Alkaline Trio

Matt Skiba Vocals, Guitar
Dan Andriano Vocals, Bass
Derek Grant Drums

Alkaline Trio have seen considerable mainstream success, more so than other bands in the family tree. They have had several full-length releases and are currently signed to Epic Records, a division of Sony.

The Honor System

Dan Hanaway Lead vocals, Guitar
Rob DePaola Drums
Chris Carr Bass
Tyler Wiseman Guitar

The Honor System's original line-up featured Tim McIlrath of Rise Against on bass guitar, and Nolan McGuire, the touring guitarist/roadie for Alkaline Trio on guitar, with Rob DePaola and Dan Hanaway from The Broadways. Tim McIlrath then left The Honor System to form the Killing Tree, and shortly after that, Rise Against with ex-members of 88 Fingers Louie. Nolan McGuire played on the band's first album and EP, being replaced by Tyler Wiseman before their second and latest album.

The Honor System built further upon the melodic punk and song structures of The Broadways, incorporating complex guitars, more political lyrics and, after the departure of McGuire, an increasingly heavy sound. The band has two full lengths to date: "Single File" and "The Rise And Run". The band is currently on hiatus.


Eli Caterer Guitar, Bass, Backup Vocals (of Smoking Popes)
Josh Caterer Vocals, Guitar (of The Smoking Popes)
Rob Kellenberger Drums
Duvall is an emo/rock band with spiritual based lyrics and subject matter. They have been on a break since 2006, just after the Smoking Popes reunited.

Branch three (supergroups, etc.)

The bands members branched off, even creating super groups of sorts.


Eli Caterer Guitar
Pat Ford Guitar and Vocals
Neil Hennessy Drums
Rob Kellenberger Drums
Chris Perrin Bass
A supergroup of sorts, that involves members of Smoking Popes, The Lawrence Arms, and Duvall. The band plays a unique blend of indie rock and jazz and has an EP and a full length out entitled "Welcome the Problems". As of October, 2006 Eli Careter has left the band to make more time for his other projects.

The Falcon

Brendan Kelly Guitar, Vocals
Dan Andriano Bass, Vocals
Neil Hennessy Guitar, Vocals
Rob Kellenburger Drums, Vocals

Another highly anticipated 'supergroup' that has members of The Lawrence Arms and Alkaline Trio. The band has released an EP Entitled "God Don't Make No Trash or Up Your Ass With Broken Glass" and a full length entitled "Unicornography". The band plays a different and more free form of punk than either of the two bands they came from. Rise Against ex-member Todd Mohney, left the band before Unicornography was recorded, thus making The Falcon as a three piece. Shortly after the release of their full length, Rob Kellenburger joined the band to play drums, leaving Neil to replace Todd on Guitar. []


* Dan Hanaway: vocals, guitar
* Tyler Wiseman: guitar
* Chris Carr: bass
* Scott Anna: drums

Featuring three quarters of The Honor System (and formerly members of [ The Ghost] and [ Pines] ), Whale|Horse play a darker style of indie/post-punk, creating moody and pensive songs. Whale|Horse has released one EP, "Count the Electric Sheep".


Chris McCaughan Acoustic guitar, Vocals
Jenny Choi Cello, Piano, Vocals
Chris McCaughan has begun a solo career under the name Sundowner, releasing the album "Four One Five Two" on Red Scare Records.


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