Slapstick (band)

Slapstick (band)

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Name = Slapstick

Img_capt = Slapstick
Background = group_or_band
Origin = Chicago, Illinois, USA
Genre = Punk rock, Ska
Years_active = 1993–1996
Label = Asian Man Records
Current_members = Brendan Kelly
Dan Andriano
Dan Hanaway
Matt Stamps
Rob Kellenberger
Peter Anna

Slapstick was a punk-ska fusion band formed in Chicago by a group of friends from the Elgin area. The group took some cues from the seminal ska/punk outfit Operation Ivy and the guttural punk vocals of Crimpshrine, but developed their own unique style. The group was active from 1993 to 1996 on Asian Man Records.


* Brendan Kelly: vocals
* Dan Andriano: bass, backing vocals
* Dan Hanaway: trumpet, backing vocals
* Matt Stamps: guitar
* Rob Kellenberger: drums
* Peter Anna: trombone


The only Slapstick release still in print is a self-titled 25-track CD containing nearly every Slapstick song recorded. Slapstick held two reunion shows to raise money for a friend of Brendan's; the second show was recorded by Dan Andriano's father and can be purchased on DVD through Asian Man Records. The DVD features commentary by Brendan and Rob.

Breakup and legacy

Slapstick broke up because we couldn't write songs together anymore.Dan or I would bring a song in and Matt, Danny and Rob wouldn't like it.Conversely, those three would bring in songs and Dan and I wouldn't likethem. The creative process stagnated. it has a lot to do with the factthat none of us really ever liked ska a lot. It was a phase for all ofus and once we got through the phase, writing ska became hard to do (notto mention silly). We had different ideas about what direction Slapstickshould go, and there was no other resolution. We are all still greatfriends though.
- "Brendan Kelly" []

The members of Slapstick went on to form a number of notable groups. Andriano, Stamps and Kellenberger formed Tuesday. Likewise, Kelly and Hanaway formed The Broadways with Rob DePaola and Tricky Dick guitarist Chris McCaughan. Tuesday eventually broke up in 1998 when Andriano joined Matt Skiba in Alkaline Trio. The Broadways also broke up in 1998 with Kelly and McCaughan starting The Lawrence Arms, still active today. A little later, Hanaway and DePaola started The Honor System. In 2004, Andriano, Kelly, Neil Hennesey and Todd Mohney formed the supergroup The Falcon.

The Lawrence Arms recently performed Slapstick songs at the Asian Man Records 11th anniversary show after years of refusing, and occasionally mocking, fans' requests to play them at shows. They have since added "Broken Down" to setlists on their 2007 tour, where they headline shows with American Steel and their own side-projects, Sundowner and The Falcon, as support..

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