Dani Garza

Dani Garza

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Name = Don Daniel Patrick Garza III

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Birth_name = Don Daniel Patrick Garza III
Alias = Dani Garza
Born = birth date and age|1974|11|20
Origin = Texas, United States of America
Genre = Black metal, progressive metal, hardcore punk, techno, electro
Years_active = 1993–present
Label = Astralmedia
Fallen Angel
Associated_acts = Wither
Black the Sun
Fall of Eden
URL = [http://www.danigarza.com/ www.danigarza.com]

Don Daniel Patrick Garza III was born November 20, 1974 into an aristocratic family. His parents are Daniel Garza Jr. and Aurora Borealis Rey Esparza. He is grandson to Don Daniel Saenz-Garza and Dona Julia Garcia-Garza. He has one sister, Dona Monica Denise Garza Goodloe. He also goes by the alias of Dani Garza. His family to this day still owns a ranch in Texas that was a Spanish Land Grant, known as "La Sal De Colorada", given to the family back in the 1600s by the Spanish King. The family ranch has livestock and several mineral rights including oil and natural gas. This ranch has endured the Texas Revolution, U.S. Civil War, French-Mexican Independence, Border Raids, Texas Rangers, Spanish-Mexican Independence, and Mexican-American War. This land has still managed to stay in the hands of this traditional Texian Tejano family.


Dani Garza was trained in the arts by his family members. As the years went by he was classically taught on the guitar, piano, and percussion. He is an systems engineer, DJ, musician, and an actor. His career began in 1985 in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, where he was cast as an extra in the low budget film Thinkin' Big, which was filmed on South Padre Island, Texas. In 1991, he began making mix tapes of death metal, thrash metal, and heavy metal bands for his friends. At the same time, Dani was starting to experiment with techno.

In 1996, he joined the United States Air Force after spending a few years in college. In the military he showcased his music throughout the nation, taking him as far as California. In the same year, he also tried out for the movie Starship Troopers(1997) where he became one of the extras filming on location around Cheyenne and Casper, Wyoming. It also brought him to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he was co-owner of Club 218 from 1998-2000, featuring regional underground metal, hardcore, raves and club music. During this time, he formed "Mountain Raves" for the Rocky Mountain region. It started out as an e-list to let people know what parties, raves, shows, and clubs were doing in the following weeks across the Rockies, and later became a website he developed with the same information.

He formed his own label in 1996 called Morbid Records (1996-2005) out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Through this label he released his first EPs under the name Dj Morbid. He gained respect in the hardcore scene for his signature sound, characterized by his cross blending of drums and bass with the hardcore sound while integrating dark trance power synthesizers. He called it "Mile High Acid" due to the city he was living in.

Garza took heavy interest into the developing Gothic culture. He soon found himself helping preserve the Gothic culture by helping start The Gothic Preservation Society with his sister, Cinka. This organization's goal was to separate those they perceived as "fakes" from the true goths. Collaborating with Cinka for several years afterwards, The Gothic Preservation Society later became Dark Culture Magazine. In 2005, after relocating to Colorado, Dani became a radio personality at a Denver radio station, MetRadio 88.3FM. Twice weekly, he had his own show playing the best in electronic music. The show was a success which garnered the attention of the growing student populations of the Metropolitan State College of Denver, the University of Colorado and Health and Science Center at Denver, and the Community College of Denver.

Dani is also the owner/president of Astralmedia Group as well as Klubstalkerz. Astralmedia is a multimedia company that deals with multimedia productions, information technology development and musical artist relations. Its division, Astralmedia Records is a music label for electronica/gothic/industrial artists as well as rock/metal artists. Klubstalkerz is an organization that promotes parties and events throughout the region where Dani lives.

Acting, djing, producing, and performing music for well over a decade, Garza has been pushing acid trance, hardcore trance, hard house and black metal into the melting pot of the dance club. On the other side of music he has been producing and playing guitar, piano, synthesizers, and vocals for several musical endeavors. His music can be heard throughout the U.S.A., Europe, Australia, Asia, and Mexico.


*He was cast into the movie, "Thinkin Big" by accident when he and his godbrother skateboarded through the background trying to get to a local convinience store unknowing there was a movie being filmed.

*His music is sometimes referred to "Mile High Acid", "Mile High NRG", "Trancid", or "Electano".

*Graduated college top of his class with a 4.0gpa (Summa Cum Laude) and was nominated for the President's Award. He was also a member of Golden Key International Honour Society, Who's Who Amongst Students in American Colleges and Universities, The Chancellor's List, The National Dean's List, La Raza Honor Society, and a Colorado Scholar.

From the aliases:

* Dj Garza (techno)
* Dani Kaos (Euro - hardcore gabber/gabber)
* Dj Wicked (acid trance/EBM/Darkwave)
* Dj Morbid (European hardcore/American hardstyle/Darkwave)
* Astral Factory (trance/astral trance/cyber trance)
* Dj Dani Garza (hardstyle/acid trance/dark electro)

Musical Projects

* 1994 to 1995 - "Amducias/Cauldron" (McAllen, TX) featuring members from Severance
* 1996 to 1997 - "Snot/Fester" (Santa Barbara/Lompoc, CA)
* 1997 to 1998 - "Wither" (Cheyenne, WY) featuring members of Forgotten Realm, Fester, Cauldron, Monastat-7
* 1998 to 1998 - "Chamber" (Cheyenne, WY) featuring members of Forgotten Realm and Wither
* 1998 to 1999 - "Dysiria 666" (Cheyenne, WY/Ft. Collins, CO) featuring members of Deadspeak, TRUTH, and Wither
* 1998 to 1998 - "Icon Ltd" (Cheyenne, WY) featuring members of Forgotten Realm, TRUTH, and Wither
* 1998 to 2004 - "Sidhe" (Cheyenne, WY / Denver, CO) featuring members of Wither and Icon Ltd.
* 2000 to 2002 - "Astral Factory" (Denver, CO)
* 2002 to 2005 - "Fall of Eden" (Denver, CO) featuring members of Wither, Seraphim Shock, and Deadlock Frequency.
* 2004 to 2008 - "Brainpan" (Denver, CO)featuring members of Sidhe
* 2007 to ???? - "Klubstalkerz" (McAllen, TX)
* 2008 to ???? - "Black the Sun" (McAllen, TX) featuring members from Brainpan and Methmare Motorcade

Dani has been hitting raves throughout the United States playing in many U.S. cities with his music is being played throughout Europe. He has shared the stage with Omar Santana, Delta Nine, Dieselboy, Carl Cox, Dj Fury, Dj Luna, MEA, Deadly Buddha, Nemesis, George Centeno, Dj Rap, Richard Humpty Vision, Bam Bam, Keoki, Christopher Lawrence, Dj ESP, Masochist, Neophyte, Paul Elstak, Hellfish, Ramirez, Timo Maas, and others to name a few.


* 1995 - "Dj Garza - The Nasty Nu Style" (independent)
* 1995 - "Cauldron - Cauldron" (independent)
* 1997 - "Wither - Wither" (independent)
* 1998 - "Doom Generation - Doom Generation (7th Level of Hell)
* 1998 - "Sidhe - Ikon Ltd./Sinplex" (7th Level of Hell)
* 1999 - "Dj Morbid - The Universal Language" (Morbid Records)
* 1999 - "Sidhe - November to Dismember demo" (Root of All Evil, Astralmedia)
* 2000 - "Astral Factory - Killing Starz"(Morbid Records, Astralmedia)
* 2001 - "Sidhe - Show" (Astralmedia)
* 2001 - "Dj Morbid - Destroy! E.P." (Morbid Records)
* 2003 - "Sidhe - Projekt" (Astralmedia)
* 2004 - "Dani Garza - Music for the Masses" (Astralmedia)
* 2005 - "Brainpan - The Gothic Demo (Astralmedia)
* 2005 - "Dani Garza - Hard Motherfucker E.P." (Morbid Records, Astralmedia)
* 2005 - "Brainpan - The Reckoning" (Midwest Records, Happi Skratch Records)
* 2005 - "Dani Garza - The Journey" (Astralmedia)
* 2006 - "Dani Garza - The Acid Experience - The Nu Mix Vol 1." (Astralmedia)
* 2007 - "Dani Garza - Elektro Rush NRG mix" (Astralmedia)
* 2007 - "Klubstalkerz - Dance Floor Terrorist" (Astralmedia)
* 2008 - "Dani Garza - Retro Electro Vol. 1" (Astralmedia)
* 2008 - "Brainpan - Solar Magnet" (Happi Skratch Records), (Astralmedia)
* 2008 - "Dj Morbid - Dark Tech Vol.1" (Astralmedia), (Fallen Angel Records)


* 1986 - "Thinkin' Big" - film
* 1997 - "Starship Troopers" - film
* 2002 - "The Hardcore Extravaganza" - music videos
* 2002 - "Mountain to Madness" - extreme ski/snowboard DVD
* 2003 - "The Schizo" - college film
* 2003 - "Sidhe - The Sidhe Videos DVD" - band DVD
* 2005 - "The Morbid Mixdown" - radio show
* 2005 - "Lubacca - The Rookie Years 2000-2005" - DVD
* 2005 - "Lubacca - Well That Sucked!" - DVD

External links

* [http://www.danigarza.com] Dani Garza Official Website
* [http://www.klubstalkerz.com] Dani Garza's music project and group
* [http://www.myspace.com/djdanigarza] Dani Garza MySpace Website
* [http://www.download.com/djdanigarza] Dani Garza on Download.com

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