Judas (Greek: Ιούδας) is the anglicized Greek rendering of the Hebrew name Yehudah (Hebrew: יְהוּדָה), also rendered in English as Judah.



  • Judah (Biblical figure), a son of the patriarch Jacob and, according to the Bible, ancestor of the Davidic royal line of ancient Israel.

By Hellenitic times Judah (Heb. Yehudah) had become a common first name among Jews (whose collective name - "Yehudim" יהודים in Hebrew - is also derived from the same source) and, in the English form Judah, has remained so up to the present. Specifically, it was a common first name in the first century AD Jewish society inside which Christianity came into being.

  • A name in the New Testament referring to one or more individuals, some of whom may be the same:
    • Judas Iscariot, the apostle of Jesus Christ who betrayed him
    • Judas Thomas Didymus, commonly referred to as Saint Thomas and Doubting Thomas
    • Judas Thaddaeus, son of James, one of the twelve apostles
    • Saint Jude, a brother, stepbrother, or half-brother, to Jesus
    • Judas the Zealot, whose identity is not completely clear, probably either of:
      • Saint Jude, who some traditions think is Judas Thomas Didymus
      • Simon the Zealot, the apostle named Simon that was not Simon Peter
    • Judas Barsabbas, an emissary of the Church of Jerusalem to the Church at Antioch.
    • Judas of Galilee, also Judas of Gamala, Jewish revolt leader
    • Judas, in whose house on the Street called Straight in Damascus Saul of Tarsus regained his sight
  • Judas Cyriacus, man said to have assisted Helena of Constantinople find the True Cross
  • Judas Maccabeus, a founder of the Hasmonean dynasty
  • Judas Mesias, a ringname of professional wrestler Ricky Benderas (born Gilbert Cosme), used while competing in Total Nonstop Action wrestling
  • Judah P. Benjamin - American Jewish politician, holder of Cabinet posts in the Confederate States of America


  • Judas (ballad) from the 13th century
  • Júdás, a 1918 Hungarian film
  • Judas (film), a 2004 film
  • Judas Priest, an English heavy metal band from Birmingham
  • "Judas", a 1986 single by Helloween
  • "Judas", a 1993 song by Depeche Mode from their eighth album, Songs of Faith and Devotion
  • "Judas", a 2007 song by Kelly Clarkson from her third album, My December
  • "Judas", a 2008 song by Cage the Elephant from their debut self titled album
  • "Judas", a 2008 song by The Verve from their fourth album, Forth
  • "Judas Kiss", a 2008 song by Metallica from their album Death Magnetic
  • "Judas" (song), a 2011 single by Lady Gaga from her third album, Born This Way


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