Tempest (DC Comics)

Tempest (DC Comics)

Tempest is the name of three different American fictional superheroes published by DC Comics.__NOTOC__

Joshua Clay

The first character with the superhero title, Clay is an African-American member of the second Doom Patrol. Along with Captain Comet, he was one of the few "DC Comics" heroes initially identified as a mutant.

Clay was murdered by a temporarily deranged Niles Caulder (The Chief) in "Doom Patrol". ["Doom Patrol" comic book, volume 2, issue #55.] Whether his death was undone by the events of "Infinite Crisis", like the deaths of other Doom Patrol members, is unknown.

Christopher Champion

The second hero was Christopher Champion, son of Martin Champion and member of the second Atari Force team. He was born with the power to traverse the Multiverse without the team's ship, the "Scanner One".


The third character bearing the same superhero title, Garth is initially known as Aqualad, ["Adventure Comics", comic book issue #269.] Aquaman's teenage partner. Like many other such 'kid sidekicks' popular in the Silver Age, his powers originally vary very little from his mentor's. As Aqualad, Garth is a founding member of the original Teen Titans. Later, Garth becomes Tempest and learns that his origin is similar to that of Aquaman.

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