CDR may refer to:

Computer science

*Contents of Decrement Register in the programming language Lisp


*CD-R, a recordable compact disc format
*.cdr, the file extension for the CorelDRAW drawing file, and for the Raw Audio-CD data file
*.cdr, the file extension of a certain kind of disk image created by Disk Utility in Mac OS X
*CDR (see CAR and CDR), the primitive operation on linked lists in Lisp-like programming languages
*Call detail record, a computer record produced by a telephone exchange
*Charging data record, a billing event produced by a telecommunication network element
*Corporate data repository
*Common Data Representation, a format used to represent data types during remote invocations on Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA)
*Clock and data recovery, an electronic device used for recovering clock and data from a serial communication stream

Medicine and health care

*Clinical data repository, a medical database system designed to provide a realtime summary of a patient's condition
*Clinical Dementia Rating, developed by Washington University Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
*Complementarity determining region, one of six hypervariable loops which determine the antigen specificity of a given antibody
*Challenge-dechallenge-rechallenge, a medical testing protocol

Organizations and groups

*Center for Decision Research, a research group at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business
*Coalition for the Defence of the Republic a Rwandan political party involved in the 1994 Genocide
*Chinese Designers’ Region, a creative Chinese community based in London.
*Committees for the Defense of the Revolution ("Comités de Defensa de la Revolución") in Cuba
*Council on Disaster Reduction of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)


*Chadron Municipal Airport, an airport in Nebraska, United States
*Commander, a naval rank
*County Donegal Railway, a railway that was under the auspices of the County Donegal Railways Joint Committee
*Chris Douglas-Roberts, a basketball player for the University of Memphis
*Critical Design Review - a U.S. Department of Defense process
*Romanian Democratic Convention - a former Romanian political alliance

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