List of political parties in Romania

List of political parties in Romania

Political parties in Romania lists political parties in Romania.

Romania has a multi-party system, with numerous parties in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments.

Present-day parliamentary parties

This is a list of present-day political parties in Romania with current (as of 2006) parliamentary representation, in order of the number or representatives they have in the Chamber of Deputies.

* Social Democratic Party ("Partidul Social Democrat", PSD) - social democrat, centre-left - Separated from the National Salvation Front in 1992 as the National Democratic Salvation Front ("Frontul Democrat al Salvării Naţionale", FDSN), changed its name to Romanian Party of Social Democracy ("Partidul Democraţiei Sociale din România", PDSR) in 1993, absorbed the Romanian Social Democratic Party in 2001, at the same time changing its name to PSD. Despite being the largest single party in the Chamber, they are not one of the current governing parties, and were slightly outnumbered by the Justice and Truth Alliance, a former electoral alliance of the National Liberals and Democrats.
* National Liberal Party ("Partidul Naţional Liberal", PNL) - liberal, centre-right - one of the current governing parties (and a former member of the Justice and Truth Alliance).
* Democratic Liberal Party ("Partidul Democrat-Liberal", PD-L) - centre-right - separated from the National Salvation Front in 1993. Until April 2007 it was one of the governing parties and a member of the Justice and Truth Alliance, since then in opposition.
* Greater Romania Party ("Partidul România Mare", PRM) - nationalist.
* Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania ("Uniunea Democrată Maghiară din România", UDMR) - centrist - the only ethnic minority organization with more than one representative in the Parliament, and omnipresent part of coalition governments. All ethnic minority parties in Romania get one seat in the Chamber of Deputies, a unique right in Europe, designed for assuring representation of minorities in the legislature. One of the current governing parties.
* Conservative Party ("Partidul Conservator", PC) - conservative - was founded as the Humanist Party of Romania ("Partidul Umanist din România", PUR), a name it changed in 2005.

Present-day registered political parties

legend|#a207b0|Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania

legend|#a207b0|Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania

This is the complete list of political parties registered in Romania, current as of October 2006. [ [ Registrul partidelor politice] , Legea Nr. 14/2003. Tribunalul Bucureşti. Accessed 7 October 2006]

Historical Parties

Other post-1989 parties

Parties no longer active.

Parties active before 1918

"See also Romanian Old Kingdom"

ee also

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* [ "Leftist parties in Romania" at]
*ro icon [ Ioan Scurtu, Theodora Stănescu-Stanciu, Georgiana Margareta Scurtu, "Istoria românilor între anii 1918-1940: IV. Partidele politice în primul deceniu interbelic"] (political programs of major parties in interwar Romania)

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