Abel (surname)

Abel (surname)

Family name
name = Abel

pronunciation =
meaning = "breath" from the given name Abel, the second son of Adam and Eve
region =
origin = Biblical
related names =Aapeli
footnotes =

Abel is a surname, and may refer to:
* Alan Abel (b. 1930), American prankster
* Bernhard, Arnold, and Florian Abel, two sculptors and a painter in the 16th century
* Bobby Abel (1857–1936), British cricketer of the 1890s and early 1900s
* Carl Abel (1837-1906), German philologist
* Carl Friedrich Abel (1723-1787), German classical composer
* Caspar Abel (1676–1763), German theologian, historian and poet
* Clarence Taffy Abel (1900-1964), American ice hockey player
* Clarke Abel (c.1780-1826) , British surgeon and naturalist
* Donald Abel (1952–), Canadian politician
* Elie Abel (1920-2004), Canadian-American journalist, author and academic
* Elijah Abel (1810-1884), Elder and Seventy in The Latter Day Saint movement
* Sir Frederick Abel (1827–1902), a chemist who made a special study of explosives
* Friedrich Gottfried Abel (1714-1794), German physician and son of Caspar Abel
* Hans-Joachim Abel (1952–), German football (soccer) player
* Hazel Abel (1888–1966), American politician
* Heinrich Friedrich Otto Abel (1824–1854), German historian
* I. W. Abel (1908–1987), American labor leader
* Inga Abel (1946–2000), German actress
* Jacob Friedrich von Abel (1751–1829), German philosopher, teacher of Schiller
* Jack Abel (1927–1996), American comic book artist
* Jake Abel (1987–), American actor
* Jessica Abel (1969–), American comics writer
* Johannes Abel (1756–1787), Revolutionary War soldier
* John Abel (c.1578–1675), English master carpenter
* John Jacob Abel (1857–1938), American pharmacologist
* Josef Abel (1768–1818), Austrian painter and etcher
* Karl von Abel (1788–1859), Bavarian statesman
* Mathias Abel (1981–), German football (soccer) player
* Morten Abel (1962–), Norwegian singer
* Myriam Abel (1981–), French singer
* Niels Henrik Abel (1802–1829), Norwegian mathematician
** The Abel Prize given annually by the King of Norway and named after Niels Henrik Abel
* Neil Abel (1960–), British ice hockey player
* Othenio Abel (1875–1945), Austrian paleontologist
* Robert Abel (1937–2001), Movie director and visual effects artist
* Sam Abell (1945–), American photographer
* Shlomo Zalman Abel (1857–1886), Rabbi
* Sid Abel (1918–2000), Canadian hockey player and coach
* Sigurd Abel (1837–1873), German historian
* Thomas Abel (c.1497–1540), English priest
* Thomas Abel (football) (b. 1974), Danish football player
* Tom Abel, German astrophysicist
** Abel (crater) on the Moon, named for Tom Abel
* Tom Abel (cricketer), a first class cricketer who played for Surrey and Glamorgan
* Rudolf Abel, an alias of Vilyam Genrikhovich Fisher (1903–1971), Soviet spy
* Walter Abel (1898–1987), American actor

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