List of The Jeffersons episodes

List of The Jeffersons episodes

This is a list of episodes of The Jeffersons, a CBS situation comedy from 1975-1985.


Season 1: 1975

Series # Season # Title Original air date
1 1 A Friend In Need January 18, 1975
With growing pains in their posh new digs, George demands Louise hire her friend as their maid. But when the couple ends up hiring sassy maid Florence instead, George and Weezy learn you can "move on up" without looking down upon others.

Note: the Pilot episode of The Jeffersons appears in the Fifth Season of All in the Family in Episode #102-"The Jeffersons Move Up" -aired January 11, 1975.

2 2 George's Family Tree January 25, 1975
When George boasts he's "King of the Mountain," Louise teaches him a lesson by uncovering a few skeletons in the closet of his ancestors' family tree.
3 3 Louise Feels Useless February 1, 1975
When Louise has trouble adjusting to the good life in their new high-rise, she secretly takes a job at George's rival dry cleaners.
4 4 Lionel, The Playboy February 8, 1975
When good son Lionel takes to partying all night, George and Louise want to put a halt to his wild ways before he drops out of school - but it's up to Mother Jefferson to lay down the law and get Lionel back on track.
5 5 Mr. Piano Man February 15, 1975
To boost his classy image, George is bent on buying an expensive piano. Meanwhile, the Jeffersons refuse to host a "tenants' protest" party organized by the Willises - until George sees it as a chance to impress his rich neighbors.
6 6 George's Skeleton February 22, 1975
When an old friend threatens to expose an embarrassing secret from George's past unless he's paid in full, Louise and Lionel turn the tables on his buddy's blackmail business.
7 7 Lionel Cries Uncle March 1, 1975
When Louise's Uncle Ward pays a visit, he gets the cold shoulder from the men in the house, who see him as an "Uncle Tom."
8 8 Mother Jefferson's Boyfriend March 8, 1975
Mother Jefferson has big news for her birthday: her new boyfriend has proposed, and they plan on moving to Florida. George objects to this holy union and tries to break the lovebirds apart.
9 9 Meet The Press March 15, 1975
Hoping to land some free publicity, George schemes to land a big cover story on his dry cleaning empire - but when the Willises steal his spotlight, George learns the risks of blowing your own horn with hot air.
10 10 Rich Man's Disease March 22, 1975
Living high on the hog, George can't figure out why he's feeling down in the dumps. Upon discovering he's suffering from a mysterious ulcer, George plots to keep the word from getting out to Louise and his friends.
11 11 Former Neighbors March 29, 1975
George hopes to impress a big client by hosting an extravagant dinner - but when his old lower-class neighbors crash the party, George schemes to hide his poor past to close the deal.
12 12 Like Father, Like Son April 5, 1975
Lionel's bad behavior has his parents worried he's a chip off the old block. Meanwhile, when George and Louise get involved in a local election, the "race card" is played to comic effect, proving that phony politicians come in all colors.
13 13 Jenny's Low April 12, 1975
Jenny Willis gets jealous when her globe-trotting brother returns from Europe because he is able to "pass" as white while she can't.

Season 2: 1975-1976

Series # Season # Title Original air date
14 1 A Dinner for Harry September 13, 1975

When the Jeffersons host a dinner party for Mr. Bentley's birthday, the Willises cause problems -- one funny, one shocking. The funny one deals with George and Tom wearing the same tux. The shocker deals with an incident involving Helen.

15 2 George's First Vacation September 20, 1975

George balks when Tom calls him a workaholic. To prove him wrong, George books a cruise for him and Louise. As usual, Louise has to bear the consequences. In this case, Mother Jefferson wants to join her son on vacation.

16 3 Louise's Daughter September 27, 1975

Damon Evans joins the cast as the new Lionel Jefferson. In this episode, a woman claims to be Louise's daughter.

17 4 Harry and Daphne October 4, 1975

George deals with a building inspector while Harry Bentley hides out from his marauding, marriage-minded girlfriend, Daphne.

18 5 Mother Jefferson's Fall October 11, 1975

Feeling ignored, Mother Jefferson gets attention after she fakes a fall. Meanwhile, Louise goes to battle in a gin tournament.

19 6 Jefferson vs. Jefferson October 18, 1975

Mother Jefferson intrudes on Louise and Georges anniversary. Worse, George asks Louise to lie for him after a bicycle accident.

20 7 Uncle Bertram October 25, 1975

An elderly white man tries to flirt with Mother Jefferson in an elevator. He turns out to be related to the Willises. When she begins dating this Uncle Bertram, George is not so happy.

21 8 Movin' on Down November 1, 1975

George fears that some financial setbacks will put him out of business. Adding to his stresses are Lionels begging for more money and Florence pressuring him for a raise.

22 9 George Won't Talk November 8, 1975

George is bursting with excitement when he's asked to speak at a college, but he hesitates when he learns the school is in Harlem.

23 10 Jenny's Grandparents November 15, 1975

Thanks to the machinations of the Jefferson and Willis families (including coupled Mother Jefferson and Uncle Bertram); Jennys bickering grandfathers end up alone together in the Jeffersons apartment.

24 11 George's Best Friend November 22, 1975

Louis Gossett Jr. appears as an old navy friend of Georges who visits and hits on Louise. The incident brings to light that George has not been paying enough attention to his wife.

25 12 George and the Manager November 29, 1975

Georges refusal to hire a white woman as a store manager leads to a battle between him and the rare united front of Louise and Mother Jefferson.

26 13 George's Alibi December 6, 1975

Lionels fear of telling his father about a fender bender leads to Georges fear of the Mob.

27 14 Lunch With Mama December 13, 1975

Mamas boy must cut the apron strings: After Louise asks George to attend a funeral with her; he refuses to cancel his monthly lunch with his mother. The solution gets worse: Mother Jefferson joins them at the funeral.

28 15 George vs. Wall Street January 3, 1976

A Willis/Jefferson fight ensues when Lionel refuses to take a cushy job. Speaking of cushy, George gets a juicy stock tip.

29 16 The Break-Up (1) January 17, 1976

A two-parter begins with Lionels difficulty writing a paper on homosexuality. The issue at hand changes after George buys him a term paper. Tempers flare, and he splits with Jenny.

30 17 The Break-Up (2) January 24, 1976

The Jeffersons and the Willises each debate about getting Lionel and Jenny back together. Meanwhile, Lionel makes a decision about his term paper, and George sets him up on a date.

31 18 Florence's Problem January 31, 1976

Florences unusual behavior, namely being nice and going on a cleaning spree, leads Louise to believe she is suicidal.

32 19 Mother Jefferson's Birthday February 7, 1976

Hell hath no fury like a mother whose son has forgotten her birthday - especially her 70th. Louise decides to reunite Mother Jefferson with her estranged sister.

33 20 Louise's Cookbook February 21, 1976

Possum stew causes George to boil over after a publisher asks Louise to write a cookbook of her ghetto recipes.

34 21 George Meets Whittendale February 28, 1976

George goes to extremes to meet Mr. Whittendale at a party, by hiding in the bathroom with Tom and Helen.

35 22 Lionel's Problem March 6, 1976

Lionel has a very-special-episode kind of problem when his graduation lurks and he starts to feel the pressure. Louise and Jenny try to hide Lionel from George when the graduate arrives at the apartment smashed.

36 23 Tennis, Anyone? March 13, 1976

Georges excitement about being asked to join an exclusive tennis club is severely mitigated when the word token is volleyed.

37 24 The Wedding March 20, 1976

George wants to renew his vows with Louise because Harry Belafonte did it; but Harry Belafontes wife did not ask to be an equal partner in the dry cleaning business.

Season 3: 1976-1977

Series # Season # Title Original air date
38 1 George and the President September 25, 1976
Jealous over the advertising success of a competitor, George comes up with his own campaign, dressing up in colonial clothes and claiming to be Thomas Jefferson's great-great-great grandson.
39 2 Louise Gets Her Way October 2, 1976
George can hardly stand Florence once a week, so when Louise offers to hire her on as their "live in" maid, he really hits the roof.
40 3 Louise Suspects October 9, 1976
When George tries to cover up the fact that he's opening another store, he becomes overjoyed when Louise suspects him of having an affair with another woman.
41 4 The Lie Detector October 16, 1976
Lionel's principles could cost him his job and the respect of his father when he quits his job after being forced to take a lie detector test on his first day at work.
42 5 George's Diploma October 23, 1976
George's embarrassment at never finishing high school gets even bigger when Lionel tells his highly-educated colleagues at work that George is a graduate of Harvard.
43 6 The Retirement Party October 30, 1976
George must decide between gratitude and greed when he is offered a fortune to sell his business, but knows that doing so would mean selling out one of his oldest friends.
44 7 Lionel's Pad November 10, 1976
When Lionel decides to move into his own apartment, Louise and George are not too happy, but when they find out who Lionel's roommate will be, they really lose their cool.
45 8 Tom the Hero November 17, 1976
Tom's quick thinking saves George's life, but George's gratitude soon sours when he realizes that now he is in Tom's debt...forever!
46 9 Jenny's Discovery November 24, 1976
Jenny's pre-marital jitters and doubts about her love for Lionel are quickly dispelled when she thinks he's been in a bus crash.
47 10 The Agreement December 8, 1976
George's suggestion of a prenuptial agreement causes friction between Jenny and Lionel - and George is loving every minute of it.
48 11 Florence in Love December 15, 1976
Furious when the Jeffersons forbid her to let her boyfriend stay overnight, Florence quits her job - to the distress of Louise and the delight of George.
49 12 The Christmas Wedding December 22, 1976
Peace and goodwill are the first holiday casualties when the Jeffersons and the Willises get into a Christmas Eve spat over Lionel and Jenny's wedding.
50 13 Louise Forgets January 5, 1977
Louise takes a course to improve her memory, Florence takes a course in judo, and they both nearly wipe George out.
51 14 Bentley's Problem January 12, 1977
Neighbor Harry Bentley takes George's advice in order to solve a problem and winds up locked away in jail.
52 15 Jefferson Airplane January 17, 1977
Louise talks the hard-working George into finding a hobby for relaxation, but the hobby he chooses is flying, which only makes them both nervous wrecks.
53 16 George's Guilt January 24, 1977
Louise can't believe what she's seeing and Florence can't believe what is happening to her when George holds a reunion of his old street gang and starts acting like a kid again.
54 17 A Case of Black and White January 31, 1977
George is forced to wait hand and foot on his maid and his doorman in order to save a big business deal.
55 18 Louise vs. Jenny February 7, 1977
The trouble with being a mother-in-law is that you start acting like one - that's the lesson Louise learns the hard way when she and Jenny start fighting over Lionel.
56 19 The Marriage Counselors February 21, 1977
The Willis's formula for improving their marriage almost splits the Jeffersons.
57 20 Louise's Friend February 28, 1977
A little "oo-là-là" turns into "O no you don't" when George finds out Louise's new friend from French class is a man.
58 21 The Old Flame March 7, 1977
Mother Jefferson stirs up trouble when she invites one of George's former girlfriends to the house for dinner, and George soon finds out there are still dangerous sparks in his old flame.
59 22 Jenny's Opportunity March 21, 1977
Is it right for a newlywed wife to leave her husband and go to England for three months? Jenny says yes; Lionel says no!
60 23 George the Philanthropist March 28, 1977
George's heart is in the right place, but for all the wrong reasons; his sudden generosity seems no more than a thinly-disguised attempt to beat out a competitor for the Black Businessman's Award.
61 24 Louise's Physical April 11, 1977
When Louise's sudden feelings of worthlessness threaten to ruin her surprise party, George orders her to have a happy birthday, whether she likes it or not.

Season 4: 1977-1978

Series # Season # Title Original air date
62 1 The Grand Opening (Part One) September 24, 1977
George is getting ready for a party to celebrate the opening of his new office. However, while George is in Charlie's bar, two men overhear George brag about his wealth and decide to make a move on his apartment. Later, a phone call puts a damper on the office party with news that Louise has been kidnapped for ransom.

Marla Gibbs has officially become a regular cast member. The series is now airing on Saturdays.

63 2 The Grand Opening (Part Two) September 24, 1977
George hurries to scoff up the ransom money for Louise's safe return. However, both George and the kidnappers quickly learn that they have the wrong person, when Louise returns to the apartment.
64 3 Once a Friend October 1, 1977
George is excited when he learns that an old Navy pal is in town and wants him to stop by at his hotel for a visit. However, the old pal, who George knew as Eddie, has a big surprise for George: her name is now Edie, and she is a trans woman.

Guest Star: Veronica Redd; Roxie Roker, Franklin Cover, Zara Cully, Berlinda Tolbert, Damon Evans and Paul Benedict do not appear in this episode.

65 4 George's Help October 8, 1977
Helping out at the Help Center, puts Louise in the middle of new program which gives street kids jobs with businesses. This leads to a street kid getting a job at one of George's stores and soon George discovers an expensive suede jacket is missing.

Zara Cully does not appear in this episode.

66 5 George's Legacy October 15, 1977
George insists on being immortalized and comes up with ways on how to go about doing it. He finally decides on having a bust made of himself. However, his family and friends find the bust to be a hilarious joke.

Zara Cully does not appear in this episode.

67 6 Good News, Bad News October 22, 1977
Louise is eyeing a job opening down at the Help Center, which would make her editor of the Help Center newsletter. However, when her supervisor discovers how much experience Helen has, she is hired leaving a jealous Louise on the sideline.

Zara Cully does not appear in this episode.

68 7 The Visitors October 29, 1977
George and Louise have two unexpected house guests when Florence's parents come for a visit. Their constant bickering keeps George, Louise and Florence up all night and proves to be a burden on the Jefferson household.

Zara Cully and Damon Evans do not appear in this episode.

69 8 The Camp-Out November 5, 1977
To avoid a weekend visit from his mother, George leaves Louise to deal with her when he decides to take an unexpected camping trip with Marcus.

Roxie Roker, Franklin Cover, Berlinda Tolbert, Damon Evans, Marla Gibbs and Zara Cully do not appear in this episode.

70 9 The Last Leaf November 12, 1977
When Louise loses her lucky wedding corsage, she becomes convinced that her marriage is over. This leads George to bend over backwards to prove that their marriage is far from over.

Zara Cully makes her last appearance as Olivia Jefferson.

71 10 Louise's New Interest November 19, 1977
Louise's latest interest is working at a museum where she gets invited to go on an archeological dig. However, the only people going on the trip are her and her attractive supervisor, a fact that she keeps from George.
72 11 The Costume Party November 26, 1977
Louise and George are invited to a costume ball being put on by an organization that promotes inter-racial peace as well as inter-racial marriages. When George learns this, he is set against attending but then he gets an idea that would drum up work for his dry cleaning business.
73 12 Florence Gets Lucky December 3, 1977
George is once again after a big business deal. However, when negotiations don't seem to be going his way, he gets Florence to constantly insult him because the only thing the man he's doing business with enjoys is Florence's sharp tongue.
74 13 George Needs Help December 10, 1977
Louise is fed up with George's constant working which leaves little time to spend with her. This leads her to try to get George to hire a general manager, something he's set against.
75 14 The Jefferson Curve December 17, 1977
Marcus takes a lesson from George and throws a pretty girl the Jefferson curve, which is to bend the truth to get what you want and Marcus tells the girl that he's Lionel. This eventually leads George and Louise to believe that Lionel is having an affair.
76 15 984 W. 124th Street, Apt. 5C December 24, 1977
It's the Christmas season and the 1st wedding anniversary of Lionel and Jenny. However, George is sneaking around sending gifts to a mysterious address in Harlem. This leads Louise to follow him and she is shocked at what she discovers.
77 16 George and Whitty January 7, 1978
George and Louise discover that the landlord, Mr. Whittendale, may not be renewing their lease. This prompts George and Louise to invite Whittendale over to discuss this matter. However, just before he comes over, Harry drops his ant farm in the middle of the Jefferson's living room.
78 17 Lionel Gets the Business January 14, 1978
George is ecstatic when Lionel joins the family business, however ecstatic is not the word to describe George when Lionel begins making major changes and even puts into effect a half price sale, a change that could put George out of business.

Damon Evans makes his final appearance as Lionel Jefferson.

79 18 The Blackout January 21, 1978
A blackout prompts George to rush down to one of his stores when he hears about looting in the area. Once there, George and Marcus try to save some of the clothes from the looters but are arrested by mistake, landing them in jail.
80 19 Florence's Union January 28, 1978
Florence is named the head of the maids union in the building and wants to hold a meeting in the Jefferson's apartment. George is all for it until he discovers, H.L. Whittendale is set against it. So this prompts Louise and Florence to get George out of the apartment for the evening so the meeting can be held.

Jack Fletcher makes his first appearance as Mr. Whittendale; Roxie Roker, Franklin Cover, Berlinda Tolbert, Damon Evans and Paul Benedict do not appear in this episode.

81 20 George and Jimmy February 4, 1978
After learning that Jimmy Carter stays at "ordinary" peoples homes while on trips, George intends to invite him to stay at the Jefferson's abode. However, Secret Service agents show up at the Jefferson's door after George makes a phone call to the White House which sounds threatening to Jimmy Carter.
82 21 Thomas H. Willis and Co. February 11, 1978
Helen is all excited for Tom when he plans on starting his own publishing firm. However, her happiness turns to anger when she gets into a fight with George and then later finds out Tom is going to get George to co-sign a loan.
83 22 Uncle George and Aunt Louise February 18, 1978
George and Louise's have a house guest, George's nephew, Raymond. Raymond is staying with them for six weeks and proves to be a handful. When George's attempts to entertain the tyke fail, George takes him horseback riding, but when that fails, Raymond runs away.

Guest Star: Gary Coleman

84 23 George and Louise in a Bind (Part One) February 25, 1978
Louise and George have yet another one of their infamous fights which leads to Louise storming off to the Willis'. Soon after she leaves, a burglar holds George hostage and ties him up. Louise also gets tied up when she returns. This leads to George and Louise reminiscing about their lives and the time they've spent together. Numerous clips are shown from both The Jeffersons and All in the Family.

Parts 1 through 3 originally aired as a special 90 minutes episode.

85 24 George and Louise in a Bind (Part Two) February 25, 1978
As the burglar loots the apartment, Louise and George sit in the kitchen tied up. They continue to reminisce about their lives (via flashbacks). Memories include, Louise putting up with Mother Jefferson and their lives when they lived across the street from Archie Bunker.
86 25 George and Louise in a Bind (Part Three) February 25, 1978
Memories continue as Louise and George are being held hostage. Later, the burglar finally leaves and Florence arrives home to discover what happened. The excursion proves to have brought George and Louise closer together.
87 26 Jenny's Thesis March 4, 1978
Jenny needs a topic for a thesis that she's writing. However, her idea could lead her into danger when she decides her topic will be street gangs. This leads her to go to Harlem and meet Marcus', unknown to her Tom and George are following her.

Season 5: 1978-1979

Series # Season # Title Original air date
88 1 Louise's Painting September 20, 1978
Prompted by Helen, Louise begins taking an art class. However, when George discovers she's been sketching models who pose in the nude, he tries to get her to stop attending class.

The series is now airing on Wednesdays.

89 2 The Homecoming (Part One) September 27, 1978
George decides that he needs a cleaning factory and sets out to find a place for it. Meanwhile, Alan Willis returns to New York and learns that he has inherited a warehouse from his grandfather. Seeing that the warehouse would be perfect for his factory, George goes all out to try to get it, even allowing Alan to move in with the Jeffersons' due to squabbling between Alan and Tom.

Jay Hammer makes his first appearance as Alan Willis.

90 3 The Homecoming (Part Two) October 4, 1978
Alan moves in with the Jeffersons and George continues efforts to get the warehouse for himself. Meanwhile, battles with the landlord prompt Louise and Helen to try to find a better place for the Help Center.
91 4 How Slowly They Forget October 11, 1978
Louise has been trying to get a permit for the Help Center but she hasn't been able to get anywhere with the bank. This leads George to go down to the bank and discovers that the banker is an old U.S. Navy pal of his, one who still holds a grudge over some trickery George pulled on him back in their Navy days.
92 5 George's Dream October 18, 1978
Workaholic George falls asleep in his office, one evening, and has a dream that takes him to the year 1996. In the dream, Amy Carter is President of the USA; Louise is celebrating the 22nd anniversary of George's business, who isn't there celebrating, since he passed on a few years earlier; Florence, Helen and Tom Willis are considerably older; Ralph owns the apartment building; Leroy is a financial genius who owns Jefferson Cleaners; Bently is still the same.
93 6 George's New Stockbroker November 1, 1978
George's new stockbroker is quite a ventriloquist, after he introduces the Jeffersons to his dummy, J.P. However, George has second thoughts about him after he learns that he has spent time in a mental institution.
94 7 Me and Billy Dee November 4, 1978
At the last minute, George's speaker at a benefit cancels which leaves him scrambeling to find a celebrity to speak. He sets out to rope Billy Dee Williams into speaking even considering getting a celebrity look-alike. However, George passes himself off as Alex Haley, and Billy Dee agress to speak. Meanwhile, an excited Florence is let down when she mistakes Billy Dee, her idol, for an impersonator.
95 8 Half a Brother November 8, 1978
George is being considered for a position on a bank's board of directors and when a banker comes over to interview him, Alan and the banker's daughter hit it off. This leads George to worry that because Alan is half black this will jeopardize his chances of getting the position.
96 9 What are Friends For? November 22, 1978
George is thrilled to get a visit from his favorite cousin, Dusty. George's thrill turns to shock when Dusty asks George for a kidney since his are failing. This leads George to take a long hard look at the pros and cons of parting with one of his organs.
97 10 George, Who? November 29, 1978
Louise is convinced that George and her are in a routine, something that George scoffs at. However, their routine gets shaken up after Louise is brutally mugged resulting in her getting amnesia.
98 11 Harry's House Guest December 13, 1978
Harry practically moves into the Jefferson's apartment to avoid his annoying house guest, Felicia. George tries to help him out by giving him tips to throw her out but this results in Felicia thinking that Harry is proposing.
99 12 George Finds a Father December 20, 1978
The Christmas season brings old friends, Buddy and Zeke, to the Jefferson apartment. With them comes along a long buried secret, one that George can't handle. Buddy and George's mother were once lovers.
100 13 Louise's Sister January 3, 1979
George is planning a surprise party for Louise in which her gift is a surprise visit from her sister, Maxine. When Louise has a strange reaction to her sister, George is puzzled, unknown to him, her reasons stem to her and Maxine's childhood.

This is the only time we get to see Louise's sister, Maxine.

101 14 Louise's Reunion January 10, 1979
On the evening of her class reunion, Louise discovers in George's will that all of his money would go to her on the condition that she never remarries. This obviously prompts yet another argument resulting in Louise attending her reunion without George.
102 15 A Bedtime Story January 24, 1979
George is trying to hide his impotence from Louise and explores many means to cure his problem, including, oysters, medications and even a sex therapist.

Guest Star: Barrie Youngfellow

103 16 Florence Meets Mr. Right January 31, 1979
Florence's latest boyfriend, Buzz Thatcher, proposes marriage which she accepts happily. However, his religious attitudes give Louise a bad feeling about the whole thing.
104 17 Louise's Award February 7, 1979
Louise is excited that she's being considered to receive the Volunteer of the Year award due to her work down at the Help Center. However, what she doesn't know is that George is planning to make sure she wins the award by bribing one of the judges.
105 18 The Other Woman February 21, 1979
A business trip of Tom's sparks an argument between him and Helen which gets even worse when she discovers that a beautiful blond is accompanying him.
106 19 The Hold Out February 28, 1979
George becomes the holdout when he refuses to sell his first store to a company who is buying up all the buildings on the block. His strategy, holdout to up the offer despite the fact that the company plans to build an expensive apartment building which would put those living there now, out on the street.
107 20 The Ones You Love March 7, 1979
Tom and Alan's fight causes a fight to erupt between George and Louise on the same evening a reporter from Black Life Magazine is to interview them on the subject of happily married life.
108 21 Every Night Fever March 28, 1979
Louise turns down an offer to be in a play being put on by the Help Center because she wants to spend her evenings with George. However, after an evening at a disco, George catches disco fever and begins spending all night every night at the local disco.
109 22 Three Faces of Florence April 4, 1979
Florence is reading a novel in which a woman pretends to be different people this gives Florence the idea to act like different people to attract men. While down at the Help Center, she tries it out on a man, unknown to her he's a psychiatrist who becomes convinced Florence has multiple personalities.
110 23 Louise's Convention April 11, 1979
Helen gives Louise the news that both of them have been invited to California to attend a convention, however, the planned trip coincides with the date of her wedding anniversary. Meanwhile, George mistakenly plans a business meeting on his anniversary and later at home happily allows Louise to go to California but his joy arouses suspicions in her.

Guest Star: Sheryl Lee Ralph; Jay Hammer makes his final appearance as Allan Willis.

111 24 The Freeze-In April 18, 1979
When the heat goes out in a few of the apartments in the building, Harry, Tom and Helen convene at the Jefferson's heated apartment, causing cramped space and sore feelings.

Season 6: 1979-1980

Series # Season # Title Original air date
112 1 The Announcement September 26, 1979
Lionel and Jenny after wonderful news, Jenny is pregnant, but they only share the news with Tom and Helen, reason being Lionel doesn't want George making jokes about what color the baby will be. However, when Florence overhears the news she accidentally lets slip to Louise and she in turn tells George which leads to yet another argument.

The series is now airing on Sundays until January 1985. Mike Evans returns to the role of Lionel Jefferson, the character he originated.

113 2 A Short Story September 30, 1979
George is ecstatic when he learns he's been named Small Businessman of the Year. However, Louise quickly learns that the basis of the award is purely physical. The award is to honor short businessmen.
114 3 Louise's Old Boyfriend October 7, 1979
Louise is excited when she receives a letter from her old boyfriend, Bill Simpson, asking her out to dinner. However, she decides not to go because she knows George will be upset if she does, so Florence secretly goes and pretends to be Louise, but things get really confusing for Bill when Louise changes her mind and shows up with George in tow.
115 4 Now You See It, Now You Don't (Part One) October 21, 1979
It's Halloween, and the Jeffersons and the Willis are all gearing up for a costume contest, they're each going as old movie stars. Meanwhile, Harry brings his telescope over onto the Jefferson's balcony to view a specific star, this leads to Louise taking a peek but what she sees is totally unexpected, she sees someone dressed as a rabbit murder someone.
116 5 Now You See It, Now You Don't (Part Two) October 28, 1979
It's Halloween, and the Jeffersons and the Willis are all gearing up for a costume contest, they're each going as old movie stars. Meanwhile, Harry brings his telescope over onto the Jefferson's balcony to view a specific star, this leads to Louise taking a peek but what she sees is totally unexpected, she sees someone dressed as a rabbit murder someone.

Berlinda Tolbert and Mike Evans do not appear in this episode.

117 6 Where's Papa? November 4, 1979
While going through a bunch of old items, George and Louise discover an old will which belonged to his father. The will states that his father wanted to be buried next to Mother Jefferson, so George sets out to do just that but quickly discovers that this is no easy task.
118 7 The Expectant Father November 11, 1979
Lionel becomes overwhelmed with advice on being a father when he and Jenny arrive at the Jefferson apartment, one evening which prompts him to storm out.
119 8 Joltin' George November 18, 1979
George takes Marcus to the gym to teach him how to box, after the boyfriend of a girl that Marcus made a move on beats him up. However, George's bigmouth gets him in the ring with another boxer but George is confident he'll win since he used to be called "Joltin' George."

Ernest Harden Jr. makes his final appearance as Marcus Henderson.

120 9 Baby Love December 2, 1979
With all the excitement over Jenny's pregnancy, Florence begins to hear her biological clock ticking. This prompts her to find a prospective husband and father through a dating service.
121 10 Louise vs. Florence December 9, 1979
Louise is to present a Volunteer award and must take care of the engraving on the plaque. However, when Florence takes it to her boyfriend, he misspells the name. This leads to a huge fight between Florence and Louise which results in Louise firing her. When George hires her back to serve some guests he's entertaining, constant bickering erupts.
122 11 Me and Mr. G. December 30, 1979
Louise is excited when she gets to have an orphan, stay at the Jefferson's apartment for a week. However, when she and Florence go out to the store and leave George in charge some of his prejudiced attitudes rub off on the impressionable young lady leading to what was supposed to be a week turns into only a few hours.
123 12 One Flew Into the Cuckoo's Nest January 6, 1980
While making a dry cleaning delivery at a mental institution, George is accidentally mistaken as a mental patient, when the real patient escapes disguised as George.
124 13 Louise's Setback January 13, 1980
Louise is ecstatic when she learns that a television documentary will be done on the suicide helpline available down at the Help Center, and she is going to be interviewed. However, in the midst of all the excitement, Louise inadvertently neglects a teenage girl who later swallows a bottle of pills.

Franklin Cover, Berlinda Tolbert and Mike Evans do not appear in this episode.

125 14 Brother Tom January 27, 1980
When two old friends of Helen's come for a visit, Tom feels like a "white" outsider in his own home. This prompts him to ask George to teach him how to act black.
126 15 The Arrival (Part One) February 3, 1980
George and Louise are disappointed with the news that if Lionel gets the job that he's getting interviewed for, Jenny and him will have to move to Boston. Meanwhile, when Tom comes down with the flu, he can't take Jenny to her Lamaze class which prompts George to take her, but when the class is over and everyone has gone, George gets stuck there with Jenny, who has gone into labor.
127 16 The Arrival (Part Two) February 10, 1980
George rushes Jenny to the hospital as she begins having contractions. Meanwhile, Lionel is offered the job in Boston, and returns from the interview to find out the news the Jenny has gone into labor. At the hospital, the family gathers and George begins to worry if the baby's skin color will be black or white.
128 17 The Shower February 17, 1980
George and Louise are happily planning a belated baby shower for Jenny and Lionel. However, as soon as the shower begins, a workaholic Lionel walks out, leaving behind a lonely wife.
129 18 The Longest Day February 24, 1980
When Louise, Helen, Florence and Jenny go out for the day, George, Tom and Lionel are left to take care of baby Jessica. They soon find out that taking care of a baby is no easy chore and the Jefferson apartment begins to slowly turn to shambles.
130 19 George's Birthday March 2, 1980
Louise is planning a surprise party for George's 50th birthday and has invited all his friends to meet up at the Willis for the party. Meanwhile, George gets the idea to throw a birthday party for himself and finds all his friends refusing to attend this leads him to wallow in Charlie's bar.
131 20 A Night to Remember March 9, 1980
On their anniversary, George and Louise get into an argument over his honesty, this prompts George to storm out to a hotel and Louise is left to think about George's fidelity. Things get worse when she arrives at his hotel and discovers a young woman in his room.
132 21 The Loan March 23, 1980
Lionel and Jenny are excited with the news that they're trying to purchase a home. However, when the bank turns down their loan application, George, Louise, Helen and Tom each go down to the bank to help them get one, after each promising not to interfere.
133 22 Louise Takes a Stand March 30, 1980
George is excited when he learns he will be able to expand his store on the first floor of the building. However, his excitement starts to dwindle when he learns the expansion means taking over Charlie's bar, since Charlie's lease is not being renewed.
134 23 The First Store April 6, 1980
As Louise and George look through old photos, they recall George opening his first store in 1968. His opening coincides with the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr and when news of his death circulates, chaos erupts in the Jeffersons' neighborhood.

Roxie Roker, Franklin Cover, Marla Gibbs, Berlinda Tolbert and Paul Benedict do not appear in this episode.

135 24 Once Upon a Time April 13, 1980
While babysitting his granddaughter, Jessica, George entertains her with his version of King Arthur, King George. In his tale, King George is defending his kingdom from the evil, Inflation. Jimmy Carter guest stars as a white knight

Season 7: 1980-1981

Series # Season # Title Original air date
136 1 Marathon Men November 2, 1980

Its the match of the century as perennial rivals George and Tom make plans to run each other into the ground in a 26-mile marathon. Louise and Helen doubt if they'll survive the strenuous training, much less the race.

137 2 The Jeffersons Go to Hawaii (1) November 9, 1980

After George is told by his doctor that he is at high risk for a heart attack, he and Louise plan a trip to Hawaii. Florence accompanies them, and when they arrive they encounter Tom and Helen, who are staying at the same hotel and have decided to extend their vacation.

138 3 The Jeffersons Go to Hawaii (2) November 16, 1980

The Willises presence in Hawaii threatens to destroy Georges plan for a dream vacation with Louise, but his high blood pressure begins to lower anyway, convincing him it might be healthy to stay in the islands permanently.

139 4 The Jeffersons Go to Hawaii (3) November 16, 1980

Enthusiastic about his idea of remaining in Hawaii permanently, George tries to enlist Toms help to persuade Louise. Then, George and Tom get lost sailing.

140 5 The Jeffersons Go to Hawaii (4) November 23, 1980

After their boat capsizes, George and Tom end up on an island where the friendly natives want to stop a greedy real estate developer. Of course, it turns out to be the developer with whom George wants to invest.

141 6 Put It On November 30, 1980

It could be Full Monty time when Tom and George follow the women to an all-male strip show

142 7 Florence's Cousin December 7, 1980

Florence's cousin Ernie drops by for a "visit". He lies and tells Florence that he needs $1,000 for a record store. Ernie gets the money from George and runs off to Miami with it. Florence winds up working in a restaurant behind George's back to get the money back. When George finds out about it he fires Florence. But after seeing how mean the manager treats her George decides to hire her back.

143 8 All I Want for Christmas December 21, 1980

George gets carried away after playing Santa for the orphans at the Help Center and promises them they will get anything they want for Christmas.

144 9 Calendar Girl January 7, 1981

George and Louise secretly defy Lionel and Jenny to enter infant Jessica in a contest and manage to misplace the child in the process.

145 10 As Florence Turns January 14, 1981

Florence's vivid imagination transforms the Jeffersons and their friends into characters in a soap opera, in which the evil dry cleaning magnate, G.R. (George) torments his family and associates to their murderous limits.

146 11 God Bless Americans January 21, 1981

Georges upcoming appearance on a local television talk show is jeopardized when the super-patriotic host learns George is sponsoring a Cuban refugee.

147 12 Alley Oops January 28, 1981

George's star bowler gets sick before the semi-finals in a bowling tournament and its up to Tom -- who hasn't bowled in 30 years -- to save the day.

148 13 And the Doorknobs Shined Like Diamonds February 4, 1981

When Louise finds out that the house she grew up in is being torn down, she decides to go back and visit it. She recalls memories from her childhood, including flashback scenes involving her sister Maxine and her mother.

Guest Star: Sharon Brown

149 14 Sorry, Wrong Meeting February 11, 1981

Louise and Florence attend a CPR class. In the class they run into members of the Ku Klux Klan. After Tom is robbed he decides to arrange a tenants meeting. Unaware that it's a KKK meeting, Tom, George and Harry Bentley all attend and an ugly argument flares up. The leader of the group has a heart attack and George saves him by giving him CPR, but he is then ungrateful about it. However, the leader's son is appreciative of what George did and as a result quits the group.

150 15 My Hero February 25, 1981

George basks in the limelight after heroically saving an elderly woman from a mugger and capturing the thug. When the man escapes custody and sets out to get even, George hires a bodyguard.

151 16 I Buy the Songs March 4, 1981

Not only does George fail in comparison to Tom in romantic gifts to his wife, he also forgets Valentine's Day. George makes it up to Louise in a song.

152 17 Small Fish, Big Pond March 11, 1981

George exaggerates his financial standing to gain membership in one of New Yorks most exclusive businessmans clubs and soon finds himself in over his head.

153 18 Not So Dearly Beloved March 18, 1981

George searches for the right words to express his feelings in a eulogy for an employee who died while George fired him.

154 19 Florence's New Job (1) April 1, 1981

Florence is offered a job as an executive housekeeper at the fictional St. Frederick Hotel. This episode served as the transition to Marla Gibbs' short-lived spinoff series, Checking In.

155 20 Florence's New Job (2) April 1, 1981

Florence is thrilled with her new job and new office, but she soon starts to agree with the hotels insufferable manager that she doesn't have what it takes to be an executive.

Season 8: 1981-1982

Series # Season # Title Original air date
156 1 The Separation (1) October 3, 1981

Louise and George are heartbroken when they discover Lionel and Jenny are having marital problems that result in a separation. This prompts George, Louise, Helen and Tom to convene to try to get them back together.

157 2 The Separation (2) October 10, 1981

Due to the separation, Lionel is living at home with George and Louise. This prompts George to trick a marriage counselor into showing up at the Jefferson's apartment for the intention of bring Lionel and Jenny back together.

158 3 Louise's Father October 17, 1981

A newspaper photo alerts George to the fact that the man in the photo could very well be Louise's father, since they both have the same name. Louise refuses to entertain this notion since she believes that her father died when she was young. However, George learns the truth after visiting the man.

159 4 My Maid, Your Maid October 24, 1981

With Florence working at a new job, Louise and George decide to hire a new maid. However, George and Louise are at odds when they each have separate candidates in mind for the position.

160 5 I've Still Got It October 31, 1981

George has become convinced that age is taking it's toll on him, with a receding hairline and larger midsection. To try to revitalize him, Louise sends him some flowers with a seductive note at his office. However, George becomes convinced the flowers are from his secretary.

161 6 Florence Did it Different (1) November 7, 1981

Constant bickering between George and Carmen prompts Louise to tell Carmen how Florence handled George (via flashbacks). However, just as Carmen gets a handle on how to handle George, Florence shows up with news that the hotel burned down and she would like her old job back.

162 7 Florence Did it Different (2) November 7, 1981

When Florence learns the Jeffersons have hired a new maid she decides to let Carmen have the job. However, Carmen doesn't want to take Florence's job away from her so she decides to let her have it. With both Florence and Carmen at odds over who should keep the job, Louise decides to hire them both. However, on the sly, Florence makes plans to get fired.

163 8 The House That George Built November 21, 1981

George wants everyone to know him when he dies so he sets out to create himself into a legend. First he tries writing a book about his life but he then changes his mind and does the unthinkable. He buys a building and turns it into the George Jefferson Museum, complete with exhibits about his life and times.

164 9 A Whole Lot of Trouble November 28, 1981

Louise is furious when she learns that George is the businessman who plans on building over a local children's playground. However, George has second thoughts after he makes a visit to the playground.

165 10 I've Got a Secret December 5, 1981

When George discovers Louise is keeping a diary, he goes all out to try to read it. Including staying up all night to try to wriggle it out of Louise's clutches. However, one day when she leaves it unguarded, George takes a peek and is shocked by it's contents which detail a number of affairs that Louise appears to be carrying on.

166 11 A Charmed Life December 12, 1981

George doesn't understand why he wasn't invited to a posh gala event at the Whittendale apartment, until Tom, Helen, Louise and Florence break the news the Whittendale "hates his guts." Wanting to earn some respect, George takes charm lessons in order to live up to the standards of the behavior of "rich folks."

167 12 Thammy the Thongwriter December 26, 1981

George and Louise receive a post card from Harry, who's been transferred out of the country. Soon after, they meet the man who's moving into Harry's old apartment, a jingle writer whom George tries to get to write a jingle for his business. However, jingles are far from his mind, since he's having marital problems.

168 13 I Spy January 2, 1982

Helen's comments that Tom hasn't been paying any attention to her, fuel George's belief that she is having an affair especially since he sees her and another man having lunch together. This leads George to bring Tom down to the restaurant to see for himself.

169 14 Dog-Gone January 16, 1982

George has the task of taking care of Mr. Whittendale's wife's pet Doberman. However, when a freak accident occurs, ending in the dog's death, George is scared that he will end up on the streets.

170 15 Blazing Jeffersons January 23, 1982

George is distraught when he learns that his Brooklyn store has burned down due to faulty wiring. However, Tom raises his spirits by reminding him that his insurance will cover it by taking to court the person responsible for the faulty wiring. Just then George remembers who put in the wiring, Lionel.

171 16 Men of the Cloth January 30, 1982

For Jessica's baptism, Louise wants Florence and her gospel singing group to perform and Jenny agrees with her. However, George wants someone else and sets out to get Andrae Crouch to perform at the baptism, going so far as to say he is a reverend.

172 17 A Case of Self-Defense February 6, 1982

When Lionel and Jenny's apartment gets broken into, George begins to worry that his apartment could just as easily be broken into. His solution: buy a gun, something that Louise is totally against. However, George buys one on the sly and later proves to be a dangerous possession.

173 18 My Wife, I Think I'll Keep Her February 13, 1982

Upset that their husbands do not feel they should be involved in business matters, Louise and Helen move in together leaving George and Tom to live together in the Jefferson apartment. All this prompted by George not consulting Louise about a commercial he was making and Tom's plans to go ahead publishing a book by written by a sexist.

174 19 Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner February 20, 1982

Louise, George, Tom and Helen plan a surprise party for Florence just to let her know how much they appreciate her friendship. However, when Florence walks in on the planning stages Tom makes an excuse and tells her she's invited but only to serve the meal. This prompts Florence to drown her sorrows in a $500 bottle of wine George just bought.

175 20 The Strays (1) April 10, 1982

For their anniversary, George decides to replace the setting on Louise's wedding ring. Meanwhile, one of George's messengers is robbed by an all-female street gang who gets away with the week's proceeds. Trying to combat the gang, George is stabbed and left for dead but not before they steal Louise's ring.

176 21 The Strays (2) April 10, 1982

Determined to retrieve Louise's ring, a very sore George arrives at the gang's hideout while they are out, only to find that one of the members has stayed behind, and who is also pregnant. When she goes into labor, with no time to call an ambulance, George delivers the baby just as the gang walks in. Thankful that he was there to save the new mother and her baby, the gang leader returns the ring to George.

177 22 Jefferson's Greatest Hits May 1, 1982

A record producer follows Florence home from church, after hearing her gospel singing. Once at the Jefferson's apartment, he offers Florence the chance to make a record in exchange for $1200. Smelling a con, Louise and George try to stop Florence from making a big mistake that would cost her dearly.

178 23 A Small Victory May 8, 1982

Louise and Helen consider leaving the Help Center due to lack of involvement from others as well as lack of funds. However, just as they're about to call it quits, a young hooker named Maggie walks in the door.

179 24 Lesson in Love May 15, 1982

Florence becomes depressed when her latest boyfriend doesn't call her for a second date. She later is asked out by a police officer and in order to keep him interested her, George gives Florence some tips on what men like in a woman.

180 25 Do Not Forsake Me, Oh, My Helen May 22, 1982

Helen gets an invitation to have lunch with an old boyfriend and Tom is seething with jealousy. This leads him to have a dream about the Old West where he has a shootout with Pecos Darryl, a man after Helen's heart.

Season 9: 1982-1983

Series # Season # Title Original air date
181 1 Laundry is a Tough Town (1) September 25, 1982

George is in a price war with Big Sky Cleaners and there are no holds barred. A representative from Big Sky comes to the Jefferson's apartment offering to buy George out and he refuses. When Big Sky comes out with a 1,000,000 customer gimmick George tries to find his own gimmick and people with "talent" swamp the apartment including a bearded lady and a lion tamer. But when Louise goes down to Big Sky to end this battle she becomes the 1,000,000 customer. This leads George to decide to sell out.

182 2 Laundry is a Tough Town (2) September 25, 1982

George has decided to sell out to Big Sky Cleaners and he begins to hang around the apartment like he already has retired. This drives Florence and Louise up the wall since he has gotten into the habit of giving advice to everyone he meets. However, pretty soon, George has second thoughts about giving up his business.

183 3 Anatomy of a Stain October 2, 1982

When Tom gets his pants back from Jefferson Cleaners with a stain on them, he wants a refund however George refuses to pay for the pants, charging it was Tom's fault for leaving a candy bar in the pocket. This leads them to take their case to a TV court show.

184 4 Social Insecurity October 9, 1982

Florence is unsure of the future when she realizes she doesn't have any financial security. This prompts her to ask George for a pension plan, something George flatly refuses.

185 5 Charlie's Angels October 16, 1982

Charlie wants George to provide him with a loan for some improvements on his bar. George refuses but does offer him some advice on how to get some more business, including hiring waitresses and dressing them provocatively. This leads Charlie to go to Tom who goes in on the deal and quickly the bar is buzzing with business, something George now wants a part of.

186 6 Heeeere's Johnny October 23, 1982

Louise is not looking forward to the visit of one of George's best friends, Johnny Moore, due to the fact that she can't stand his chauvinistic jokester mannerisms. Things get worse when she inadvertently gets him to stay at the Jeffersons' apartment during his stay in New York.

187 7 A Date With Danger October 30, 1982

At a party thrown by the Willises, the guest of honor, Joe Blake, a successful author, asks Florence out and she can't wait to go out with him. However, soon after he takes her away on their date, Tom and Helen let George and Louise know the fact that he was in prison for murdering his girlfriend.

188 8 Death Smiles on a Dry Cleaner (1) November 6, 1982

For George's birthday, Louise books herself, George and Florence on a murder mystery cruise ship for mystery novelists, thus George pretends to be a novelist. George is having fun trying to solve a murder mystery until an apparent "real" murder occurs.

189 9 Death Smiles on a Dry Cleaner (2) November 6, 1982

The novelists try to solve the apparent "real" murder with George trying his best to solve it as well. When it is determined that the victim, Edgar, was poisoned the crew deduces that the Duchess did it, however in the end George discovers the real culprit.

190 10 Appointment in 8-B November 20, 1982

George stops by 8-B, Ms. Sanderson's apartment, to drop off her cleaning bid but soon after he leaves, Ralph stops by and hears Ms. Sanderson having sex with a man named George and Ralph quickly jumps to the wrong conclusion.

191 11 Poetic Justice November 27, 1982

Louise discovers some old poems the George once wrote and has them bound in a book. However, in order to get it bound she must order a number of copies, copies which get circulated around to those living in the building. George is furious however his attitude changes when a publisher takes an interest in his poems.

192 12 How Now Dow Jones December 11, 1982

George's investment advice for Tom proves fruitful and puts Helen in a fur coat. This prompts Florence to want to make some money so she asks George for advice. However, since she doesn't have enough money for investing, he suggests she go in on the venture with the other maids in the building. The results of the ordeal prove to be less that satisfying, for George anyway.

193 13 The Defiant Ones December 18, 1982

While going through a box of momentos, George refuses to allow Louise to see a certain picture and decides to put it in his store safe. Determined to see it and with Helen in tow, Louise tries to break into the store safe but both her and Helen end up in jail.

194 14 My Maid... My Wife January 1, 1983

Florence runs into an old classmate, Pauline, and finds that she has married money. This prompts a jealous Florence to say that she too married wealth, George. This leads to Louise posing as the maid and Florence posing as Louise when Pauline comes over for dinner.

195 15 Mr. Wonderful January 8, 1983

George forgets to pick up opera tickets and this leads to Louise and Helen comparing him to the "thoughtful" Tom. A miffed George spills the beans about Tom buying an insurance policy and has made a cousin the beneficiary, a cousin who is a racist and is against Tom and Helen's marriage.

196 16 My Girl, Louise January 15, 1983

With the Help Center on its last legs, Louise and Helen desperately try to find someone who could make a sizeable donation to keep the Help Center going. This prompts Louise to go to her ex-employer, Lillian Warren, whom Louise worked for as a maid and who treated her like a piece of furniture.

197 17 Bodyguards Are People Too January 22, 1983

Jenny is depressed that no one will take a chance on her fashion designs so she stops by the Jefferson's apartment for a visit. Meanwhile, George's bodyguard, Hugo, is determined to find love now that, as he puts it, is in the spring of his life. When he runs into Jenny he falls for her and is determined to make her his even though she's married.

198 18 True Confessions January 29, 1983

George and Louise prepare for a visit from their foster son, Jimmy. However, they are in for the shock of their lives when they discover their foster son is a grown man who's supposedly been using the money they've sent them on his education.

199 19 Mr. Clean February 5, 1983

One evening while playing poker, George and his buddies make a mess of the living room throwing food all over. This prompts Florence to stay up all night cleaning up after George's mess which is why she is exhausted the next morning. This leads George to make a bet with Florence stating that he can do in three hours what she does in a day.

200 20 The Good Life February 12, 1983

The good life is striking everyone, George has hit success with the stocks allowing Louise to get a ring she wanted, Tom has just gotten a new client and Helen has just been pampered at a spa where she met famous celebrities. Wanting in on the "good life" Florence shells out enough money to go to the spa wanting to meet celebrities and unknowingly runs into Gladys Knight.

201 21 Father's Day February 19, 1983

A young boy befriends Louise and Helen and they become convinced that he has a crush on one of them but the real reason he befriended them was to get to George. He wants to ask George if he would participate in a father-son bowling tournament, since his father is supposedly dead. However, the boy does indeed have a father who's alive, but not-so well, he's a paraplegic.

202 22 Change for a Dollar February 26, 1983

On the night of a big banquet for Tom, George runs out at the last minute to do an errand at his store in Queens. Once there, we're taken back to 1968 and witness the grand opening of Jefferson Cleaners and we see how George earned his first dollar.

203 23 Designing Woman March 5, 1983

George is trying to drum up some cleaning business from a famous fashion designer, Camille Hendricks. George tricks Jenny into swinging by the apartment to meet her in order to show her some of her designs, however Jenny is unprepared for this unexpected surprise.

204 24 Double Trouble March 12, 1983

George is in yet another promotional battle with Cunningham. This time Cunningham has hired a popular soap star to boost sales, so for competition, George tries to get celebrities too. However, his idea may get him in trouble with the law when he hires celebrity look alikes and is going to try to pass them off as the real thing.

205 25 Silver Lining April 9, 1983

An auction is held to raise money for the Help Center and Florence gets a big surprise when she discovers $2500 stuffed under the lining of a hat that she buys. Florence turns the money into the police, hoping no one will claim it and no one does. However, just as Florence thinks she'll get to keep the money, an apparent owner arrives at the apartment.

206 26 The Wheel of Forever May 7, 1983

When Florence asks for enough money to purchase a new TV set, George flatly refuses. She tries again, this time politely asking and again, George refuses. This leads to George having a dream about entering the gates of heaven after Florence makes a comment that he'll never get by those gates if she held the key.

207 27 Personal Business May 14, 1983

When her marriage gets into a rut, Louise tries to spice up her marriage by trying to get George to spend some time with her. However, her idea of spending time turns into a disaster when they get into a bicycling accident landing them both with a broken leg.

Season 10: 1983-1984

Series # Season # Title Original air date
208 1 Mission: Incredible (1) October 2, 1983

George has a reunion with some old navy buddies and the fact that Tom has become so gullible becomes a topic of discussion. This leads his old pals to talk him into playing a little con game on Tom to teach him a lesson. However, the con becomes a little to real when George's old pals, Lloyd and Allan make off with $15,000 of Tom's money. Tom fears that Helen will divorce him if she finds out since this was money which was to be used for a down payment on a house that has come up on the market.

209 2 Mission: Incredible (2) October 3, 1983

A furious Tom almost kills George when he learns he's been hustled out of $15,000, money that he had planned to use to make a down payment on a house. George calls in Jimmy to help him get Tom's money back. Jimmy talks George and Tom into flying out to Los Angeles, where Lloyd and Allan have fled. Once there, they meet Jimmy's cousin, a crafty man who has a well planned out way of getting Tom's money back. Meanwhile, Florence, who knows what George and Tom are up too, tells Louise and Helen and they rush to Los Angeles.

210 3 Mission: Incredible (3) October 9, 1983

Jimmy's cousin puts his plan into effect which includes getting Lloyd and Allan to believe that Los Angeles is going to be hit by a military attack from a neighboring country. However, the plan could be ruined when Louise, Helen and Florence arrive in Los Angeles.

211 4 I Do, I Don't October 16, 1983

Tom and Helen are hosting a seminar for newlyweds, a job that George learns that he could be doing if Louise hadn't passed on it without telling him. However, when Tom falls ill, George gets his chance of showing newlyweds how to keep the spice in a marriage, something Louise won't believe until she sees it.

212 5 How Not to Marry a Millionaire October 23, 1983

Florence and her friend, Betty go down to the museum in hopes of landing millionaires. Florence is surprised when a millionaire follows her home and begins showering her with expensive gifts. However, his true intentions prove to be extremely painful to Florence.

213 6 And the Winner Is... October 30, 1983

Louise is eyeing the Volunteer of the Year award for her work down at the Help Center. She's hopeful that she'll win since last year, Mrs. Van Morris beat her out and this year Mrs. Van Morris was away on a cruise. However, Mrs. Van Morris comes back just in time to sway the award toward her side by donating $2500 to the Help Center.

214 7 The Return of Bentley November 6, 1983

The Jeffersons and the Willises are all excited with the news that Harry Bentley is returning to New York. However, Mr. Whittendale is the one person who is standing in the way of Harry getting his old apartment back and George quickly joins Whittendale's bandwagon when the new occupant of Bentley's old apartment could make George a lot of money.

215 8 The List November 20, 1983

George gets a letter from an old friend who had made a bet with George years ago that he could accomplish everything on life goal list before George. This leads George to dig out his old list and finds that there is one thing he hasn't done, get even with a bully that picked on him when he was a kid.

216 9 Who's the Fairest December 4, 1983

For his latest promotion, George decides to hold a beauty contest to find Miss Jefferson Cleaners. Meanwhile, George's 10-year lease on his stores is up and Mr. Whittendale holds the new lease but he will only give it to George if his punk rocker niece wins the beauty contest.

217 10 Father Christmas December 11, 1983

Refusing to go Christmas caroling with Louise, Helen, Florence and Harry, George and Tom sit home decorating the tree. This prompts reminiscing about Christmas' of the past, spent with their fathers.

218 11 What Makes Sammy Run? January 1, 1984

Louise discovers that Sammy Davis, Jr. is renting the apartment across the hall in order to get some peace and quiet from his fans. However, an ecstatic Louise has a hard time keeping his secret a secret.

219 12 Getty Back to Basiks January 8, 1984

George needs a new gimmick for his dry cleaning business, so he decides to hire Walter, an artist, to put together an animated commercial. However, Walter's job with George is threatened when Louise discovers that he can't read.

220 13 The Command Post January 15, 1984

Florence is sad because George and Louise are going on a vacation to Atlantic City without her but she soon finds herself in the middle of excitement when she allows police officers to use the Jefferson's apartment to stakeout the neighbors across the street. However, Florence soon finds her self in danger landing her in the hospital.

221 14 Real Man Don't Dry Clean January 29, 1984

Louise, Helen and Florence are in awe of the instructor of their self defense class, due to his rugged manly ways. This leads George and Tom to prove they too are manly and they decide to go on a hunting trip. However, after not getting anything on the trip they hire a taxidermy company to bring in stuffed animals and brag that they caught them.

222 15 Trading Places February 12, 1984

Louise has had it with George who breaks all his previous engagements with Tom and Mr. Bentley to go golfing on Saturday. This prompts Louise to daydream what it would be like to be in George's shoes and not care about the feelings of those around him.

223 16 My Guy, George March 4, 1984

Florence manages to get George to become the manager of a struggling singing sister group. However, on their opening night, the place where George booked them turns out to be a country western bar and the reception from the audience is less than welcome.

224 17 A New Girl in Town March 11, 1984

Florence is excited when she learns that her 18 year old cousin, Rhonda, is coming to New York for a visit. This leads Louise and Florence to trick George into allowing her to stay with them. However, her plans for a short visit change when she decides to live permanently in New York. This leads to an argument with Florence which follows with Rhonda moving out and getting a job as a mud wrestler.

225 18 Otis March 18, 1984

George is all excited about having a magazine expose done on him and his cleaning business. However, the magazine wants to present a non-stereo typical view of blacks, and this is a problem for Otis, a shoeshine man who has his stand right out side of George's Harlem store.

226 19 Hart to Heart March 25, 1984

Ralph, the doorman, wants a raise and Louise and George give him the confidence he needs to ask Mr. Whittendale. However, the results are totally unexpected to him, when Mr. Whittendale announces the fact that he will no longer be needed, since they're going to install an automatic elevator.

227 20 George's Old Girl Friend April 1, 1984

Louise finds a perfume soaked letter in the mail to George from an old girlfriend. After a discussion, Louise decides to allow him to meet with her, which turns out to be a big mistake. Almost as soon as she arrives, she pulls a gun on him with intent to kill him.

228 21 Honeymoon Hotel April 15, 1984

Tom and Helen's 30th wedding anniversary is anything but happy when they get into a big argument over where they should go to spend the day together. They finally decide to go to the hotel where they spent their honeymoon. However, once they arrive, things go from bad to worse.

229 22 In the Chips May 6, 1984

Jimmy arrives at the Jeffersons' apartment with a bag full of gambling chips and a wild story of how he got them. However, George is ready to kill him, when he discovers the chips aren't Jimmy's and a collector is on their tale ready to repossess the chips at all costs.

Season 11: 1984-1985

Series # Season # Title Original air date
230 1 Blood and Money October 14, 1984

The Help Center is having a blood drive and Louise tries to get George to give some. However, a leery George pays Ralph to give blood in his name. But when, the blood saves the life of Mrs. Whittendale, her husband decides to pay George back for his good deed and of course Ralph wants in on the "payback."

231 2 Ebony and Ivory October 21, 1984

The snobby socialite that beat Louise out of a Volunteer of the Year award is back and brags about how her grandson is going to win a piano recital. This leads Louise to enter her granddaughter, Jessica in the recital with the intent of beating the snobby competition.

232 3 Bobbles, Bangles, and Booboos October 28, 1984

Louise and Florence have the perfect plan to get the best of George. They've got the hidden video show, Boobles, Bangles and Booboos coming over on the pretense of an interview for George. However, Louise and George begin to doubt the validity of them when the apartment is robbed.

233 4 A House Divided November 4, 1984

Louise is running for tenant council president and is sure she's going to win, that is until she discovers someone is running against her, George.

234 5 Some Enchanted Evening November 18, 1984

George, Louise, Tom and Helen go out to a big charity ball where Florence's favorite soap star is scheduled to make an appearance. However, Florence is left behind because tickets for the event where sold out. This leads Florence to daydream a "Cinderella" story of ending up with a prince charming.

235 6 The Gift November 25, 1984

Louise is all excited that for once George has remembered her birthday after she sees him sneaking around with party favors. However, George, who overhears Helen and Louise, realizes that he has forgotten her birthday and scrambles to buy her a gift before it's too late.

236 7 They Don't Make Preachers Like Him Anymore December 16, 1984

Florence is all excited since she and her church choir are going to Ohio for a competition. However, Florence loses her faith in God when the Reverend steals the money they needed to enter the competition.

237 8 Try a Little Tenderness December 23, 1984

Teenagers break into George's store. And when he catches them he wants to call the police but Louise wants to go a different way. Louise takes the thugs in and treats them to milk and brownies. After learning that one of the thugs stole George's wallet Louise is convinced that the thugs are really thieves.

238 9 You'll Never Get Rich January 8, 1984

Florence joins the Jefferson's on a trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey. Louise becomes so consumed with meeting a star that she is oblivious to the actual celebrities she meets, while Florence allows a lucky gambling streak get the better of her. Guest stars included Phyllis Diller, Charo, Engelbert Humperdinck, Helen Reddy, Joe Frazier, and Michael Spinks.

239 10 The Unnatural January 15, 1985

George attends a Yankees game. He publicly gets embarresed when he drops a home run hit by Reggie Jackson, who left the Yankees after the 1981 for the California Angels. Eventually Louise gets into the Angels' locker room and convinces Jackson to go talk to George. And he makes George feel better and forget the incident. Jackson's Angels teammates, Brian Downing and Mike Witt, also appear in the episode as themselves.

240 11 Chairman of the Bored January 22, 1985

When George, Louise and Helen are busy for an evening, an ignored Tom gets all the attention he could want from the sister of Mr. Bentley's girlfriend. This leads Tom to daydream what it would be like to get all the attention all the time from five Playboy Playmates.

241 12 Sayonara (1) January 29, 1985

Lionel and Jenny return to New York after a trip to Japan and they have a very important announcement. This leads Louise, George, Tom and Helen to assume that Jenny is pregnant. However, no one is prepared for their real announcement. They've decided to get a divorce.

242 13 Sayonara (2) February 5, 1985

After hearing the news of the divorce, George and Louise get into a big fight with Tom and Helen and the fight continues all the way through Family Night at Jessica's school. The constant bickering leads Jessica to run out of the school and onto the streets of New York.

243 14 Last Dance February 12, 1985

George's assistant, Clark doesn't have a date for the prom and Florence agrees to go with him. However, once there Florence runs into the man whom she wanted to go to her prom with but he never asked her.

244 15 The Gang's All Here February 19, 1985

When Charlie goes out of town for the weekend, Louise agrees to be the bartender for a party he had previously booked. However, Louise quickly finds herself in over her head when the party is for a reunion of a biker gang.

245 16 Hail to the Chief March 12, 1985

Tom is up for a promotion to president of Pelham Publishing and he's disappointed when it looks as if he's not going to get it. However, when he does get promoted, he finds the responsibility too overwhelming and considers resigning.

246 17 A Secret in the Back Room March 19, 1985

George and Louise's anniversary party comes to a screeching halt when they learn that Charlie, the bartender, has a drinking problem, which caused his separation from his wife.

247 18 That Blasted Cunningham April 2, 1985

George is in yet another advertising war with Cunningham Cleaners and each has vowed to out promote one another. However, the festivities go too far leading to Cunningham's death and leaving George to deal with his vengeful widow.

248 19 State of Mind April 23, 1985

Louise is up in arms over the new "young" tenant whose just moved into 12C. The young woman's constant partying prompts Louise to call a tenants meeting but ends with Louise discovering a little bit about age when the tenants accuse her of being an "old" stick in the mud.

249 20 And Up We Go April 30, 1985

When Louise and Helen go to a spa for the weekend, they leave behind two bored husbands. To pass the time, George and Tom decide to break a record and the record they choose is how many times they can go up and down on the elevator.

250 21 The Truth Hurts June 4, 1985

Louise is all excited about the completion of her painting in art class. However, everyone who views her painting lies about how they really feel about it, leading Louise to believe she has created a masterpiece and she later decides to put on an art show.

251 22 The Odd Couple June 11, 1985

Florence is tired of being alone and decides to place an ad in a personals column. However, the one response she gets is from someone who you would least expect, Mr. Bentley.

252 23 Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway June 25, 1985

Louise and Helen need quick cash to save their Disabled Youth Services program down at the Help Center. To raise money, they decide to put on a talent show, while George thinks it'll be a great way to promote his business.

253 24 Red Robins July 2, 1985

George is eyeing to win the Dry Cleaner of the Year award but finds he's short on the community service portion. This leads him to take over as "nest mother" of Jessica's Red Robin troop where he gives the girls irresponsible tips on how to sell candy. (This episode aired only in syndication after the show's original run ended.)

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