Kaput and Zösky

Kaput and Zösky

"Kaput and Zösky" is a French comic book series from the cartoonist Lewis Trondheim. It was made into an cartoon, "Kaput and Zösky: The Ultimate Obliterators". While this show aired in 2003, artwork indicates creation of the characters themselves began a year earlier, in 2002, in the form of comic books.

Some of the stories featured in the comics have been converted into the series that ran on weekends and late at night in the United States on the Nicktoons Network and in Canada on Teletoon.


Bloodthirsty conquerors, Kaput and Zösky travel the universe, landing on planets and trying to conquer them. They are not the most able tyrants, however, and have trouble holding any planet for more than a few days, if they can even manage to dominate it in the first place. In fact, they spend as much time running for their lives as they do enslaving and slaughtering innocents. Kaput and Zösky are a dynamic, if generic, duo. Zösky is a cunning, level-headed pseudo-intellectual who always has a plan. Kaput, on the other hand, is short-tempered and volatile; his strategies always involve "crisperizing" everything in sight. Kaput is a short and dumpy little terrorizer with a brilliant red mohawk, and Zösky is a tall and thin tyrant with a set of yellow antennae. Their exploits almost always end in the same way for the two space tyrants; the two barely escape from their fates by flying off in their dumpy little spaceship, leaving a red smoke trail behind.


The cast is composed of three actors, two of which are Canadian, which is pertinent because Canada has a strong influence on the show as a whole. The cast is composed of Rick Jones, John Stocker, and Mark Camacho. The cast also includes (often) Helen King, who usually plays multiple roles, as do the other voice actors. There are no other actors, though Janice Kawaye was said to play roles in the show.

On TV Tome the actors list includes Matt Hill and Terry Klassen, who are said to be the UK voices of Kaput and Zösky. However, this is unlikely, as there are no credits given to support this. Also included in this unconfirmed cast is Debi Derryberry, though again, this is likely the work of a mistake-making editor. [http://www.tv.com/kaput-and-z%F6sky/cheaters!-let-the-games-begin!-machines-unite!/episode/383265/summary.html?tag=ep_list;title;7]

how History

"Kaput and Zösky: The Ultimate Obliterators" had made its debut sometime in 2003, though when is not revealed exactly, but for a short time, this show had made a niche in TeleToon and the Nicktoons Network. While it was shown on Nicktoons, most of the episodes that were made were exempted from airing until sometime in July 2006, when "new episodes" had made their way onto the program. Totally 26 half-hour episodes (78 shorts) were produced.


Kaput- Kaput is the short and fat one of the duo, and the exact reverse of Zösky. While Zösky is clean, methodical, and thorough, Kaput is all mayhem and prefers to fire at will. He is short and fat, has red hair in the shape of an unruly mohawk, and a prominent underbite. His crisperizer is red as are the buttons on his outfit, and he has short boots. Kaput is considered an object of derision to most, due to his fat body and his manner. He is also allergic to moles and swells up when he is near them. Kaput is voiced by Rick Jones.

Zösky- Zösky is the thin one of the duo, and more the planner. He seems to be well versed on matters beyond Kaput's control, and is quite easily agitated by Kaput mayhem and discord. He also wishes to first use his mind to dominate rather than brawn. Zösky is tall and thin, has yellow antennae which resemble bunny ears, and squinted eyes. His crisperizer and the buttons on his shirt are yellow, and he sports tall boots. To some characters in the show, Zösky is considered attractive, perhaps due to his British accent and his suavè manners. Zösky can't stand carrots, contrary to some characters believing that he is a rabbit and thus likes them. Zösky is voiced by Mark Camacho.

Minor characters

Traditionally, these characters only play a single role per episode, and then never reappear.

Crazy Joe- A crazed, dirty mercenary, Crazy Joe is after Kaput and Zösky to try and "cream them". It was never revealed what he had against them, but it possibly has to do with Kaput borrowing a massive amount of money off of Crazy Joe. He was brainwashed so that he would be little more than a lackey to them, but soon came to his senses and resumed his pursuit of the two. He is shown being short and having the same build as Kaput as well as being tan and having tentacles at the bottom of his body. His ship resembles Kaput and Zösky's ship. Some events had occurred in the show where the deranged villain was forced to join forces with Kaput and Zösky, such as the instance where the three were sent to a mental asylum.

Office Lady- The Office Lady helps the two on their assumption of power on the office planet. She is a character which is dressed in a suit and wears an air helmet. She translates all of the employee complaints to Kaput and Zösky. Towards the end of her appearance, she advised the two to leave before lawyers came to "instigate precedings on work-equipment deterioration and attempted intimidation". The Office Lady is voiced by Helen King

The Great Ghandizen- The Great Ghandizen is a squat, little ruler with an arsenal of crushing devices with which to crush offenders. He made a massive amount of contributions to his planet and is long lived, at about 600 years old. The Great Ghandizen is voiced by John Stocker.

Marvin the Enchanter- Marvin is a bird-like, bespectacled wizard with a white beard famed for his ability to perform magic of an awesome ability. He assists Kaput in trying to take the crown of the planet by magically attaching the sword Exkaliput, a clear parody to Excalibur to his hand. Marvin is also a play on Merlin of King Arthur lore. Marvin the Enchanter is voiced by John Stocker.

Bobo Bibola- Bobo Bibola is a genie who is the denizen of a lamp which opens very seldomly. He is against granting Kaput and Zösky wishes because he is tired of doing favors when he gets nothing in return. Bobo Bibola is voiced by John Stocker.

Ghost King- The Ghost King is not exactly dead, nor alive, but he is invisible and considered a ghost. He takes control of inanimate objects because he lacks a body. He is also furious at Kaput and Zösky for ruining his kingdom.

El Kinga- The current ruler of Diskotekus and a good dancer, El Kinga is a large two-headed ruler, one head sports a pompadour and the other, blond hair. This ruler is not only the leader of his/her planet, but also the most revered dancer.

Ichabob the Liberator- A native to a planet held in discord for many years, Ichabob is commonly known as Ichabob the Liberator. He has a long, unkempt beard and tattered clothes from staying underground for so many years. He was unwittingly freed from prison by Kaput and Zösky when he pretended to be a crazed prisoner. He speaks in a strong Scottish accent.

Max- Like many of the other characters, Max made only one appearance in the show. He is a cheery and helpful mechanic who installs a travelling device in the ship belonging to Kaput and Zösky. He wears traditional mechanic garb and speaks with a New York accent.With his moderation, the two conquerors made it to uncharted lands far away from the rest of the galaxy.

Mermaid Queen- The Mermaid Queen is a large, corpulent sea creature who is the queen of the planet H2O. She was shown as the bride to Kaput when he was forced to marry the queen in order to gain the crown. She speaks in a strong New York accent in the voice of a man. When angered, she emits a large, blinding cloud of ink, like an octopus.

Boudini- Boudini is a wizard of the planet Hokus Pokus. He is the ruler and an accomplished magician. He wears a pointed black outfit as well as a magic scepter with which to perform magic of all varieties. Boudini had plans for Zösky, in the hopes of disappearing him, for he thought that Zösky was a rabbit. Kaput rescued Zösky by dressing like a woman, who had caught Boudini's eye, because there were no more women on Hokus Pokus (they had all disappeared, sort of like in the David Cronenberg movie Crimes of the Future). Boudini was converted into a large, savage beast when Kaput stole his scepter and has apparently remained that way since.

"Cabbie"- The cabbie is a slug-like character who speaks with a strong New York accent and drives the two conquerors around on Rycta Ryctim, while bearing in mind the planet's cardinal rule; obey the traffic signs. He refers to Kaput and Zösky as "touristás".

Heads and Tails- These two (they are two different personalities with one body) are the instruction manual of the planet Gamma Blorg, and are conjoined twins. One speaks in a strong British accent and has a tiara as well as red hair, is named Heads, and the other, Tails is a moose head with a Canadian accent. They argue continuously and have a cauldron as a body.


"Babblers"- Though the name of these small aliens is unknown, they are small creatures who speak in a babbling language to fool any invaders who may try to conquer them, though they speak in clear British accents when not being seen by other creatures. The planet which they live on is unplotted.

The Byurks- The Byurks are a race of stuttering slug-like characters who are very gullible and believe Kaput to be a god, due to his drinking of a ceremonial dish of theirs, the Flabyurk, which when drunk, will make the drinker a stuttering fool and only massive blows to the head can reverse that effect. The Byurks are not as stupid as they appear and are actually quite deceptive at times; one such case was their chief making an attempt to profit from Kaput's joining their beliefs by forcing the people to pay heavy prices to receive merchandise and tickets to see Kaput consuming the flabyurk. These creatures had appeared in two known episodes.

Pickaplop residents- These aliens resemble horses, with the exception that they are flat in shape and are reputed around the galaxy for being flat and laughed at. They can be hostile but are placated by being inflated so that they are round again. The inflation of these aliens works for but a short time as the sun sets on their homeland and they remain deflated once more.

Hohoba residents- These small, blue aliens are known for possessing the ability to reproduce by laying eggs orally. The little aliens follow the leadership of a certain being and then spew out eggs orally which hatch to resemble their leader. They were driven into extinction by Kaput and Zösky when they took the planet over. These aliens seem to bear a strong resemblance to the Aleena aliens in Star Wars lore.

Chibapiano residents- These aliens are large, slug-like aliens which move, speak, and even think slower than the rest of the galaxy's creatures because they appear to be imprinted with such a slow-less in their DNA. They were easily dominated by Kaput and Zösky, but soon fought back (slowly).

Pax residents- These aliens are small, dwarf-like workers who live on a planet which is known for its hospitable ways. These aliens are also lesser known for having an evil temper which morphs into its worst (along with the alien) when severely angered.

H2O residents- These aliens resemble mermaids of ancient lore and live in a planet covered in water. They are shown as gentle and calm towards any visitors to the planet.

Hobbie Hobans- These aliens are considered highly bureaucratic and resemble pale, gray leeches which make any matter at all difficult due to their tendency to make all visitors fill out many pointless forms.

Globin 2 residents- These aliens appear to resemble (if anything) vampires. They speak with strong Transylvanian accents and enjoy eating blood-themed foods. These aliens also (as classic vampires), have a strong dislike towards garlic and the smell of it makes them sick. With this, the residents of this planet also make sure (as regular vampires do) to hurry back to the darkness at daytime.

Rycta Ryctim residents- These aliens were shown as being strict, law-abiding aliens which resemble sharp-toothed slugs. They often have New York accents and can be killed by a shot. They make it perfectly clear that on their planet, "You're better off obeying the traffic signs!"


Pachu Pachu- A planet ruled by large, green aliens fascinated with guns. It is verdant, with primitive villages and many plants around. The residents appear to be quite calm.

Alamax is a planet composed mostly of dry land. There is very little surface water and very few colonizations. What colonizations exist are fake; they are sets used to film a movie, which is what the residents appear to only do. Any visitors to the planet are taken in as part of the show.

Kleen- The name says it all. This planet is one which is spotless and sparkling in every form. The residents take great care to keep all things clean, including even going so far as to suggest that the residents be brainwashed.

Pickaplop- Pickaplop is a planet which, while verdant, is indeed literally flat. Everything seems to be flat, as though made of cardboard. Even the inhabitants are flat. The residents are quite round if inflated. Pickaplop is flat because of a strange phenomenon which occurs when the night arrives. The night lasts but two seconds and literally falls, deflating anything below it.

Globin 2- Globin 2 is notably inhabited by vampires. The planet is perpetually in black and white, reminiscent of the old horror films of vampires. There is a large castle, which is easily taken by anyone who wishes to become a vampire in turn.

H20- H20 is a water planet, composed (possibly) of pure ocean and inhabited by mermaid-like creatures which treat all visitors to the planet with respect. The planet seems to have a simply hierarchy.

(unnamed Arm-creature planet)- This planet, while given no name in the series, is a rainforest planet where, due to a flood, the natives all developed long arms to live in the trees. The planet was devoured by a huge flood, due to the carelessness of a servant, who left the water running to one of the bathtubs.

Isn't That Precious- This planet appears to be little more than a large desert at first glimpse, but the planet is actually a thriving populated world where the civilizations, as well as the natives, are invisible and are considered quite ugly when visible.

Diskotekus- Diskotekus appears to be little more than a planet made up of dance clubs in that the planet is composed of bright lights and dance clubs, where one needs an invitation in order to enter; however the guards of the club are easily fooled by anyone wearing clothes which make them appear famous. The seat of power is easily gained by any who can dance better than the current ruler, El Kinga. If the challenger fails, he or she is put onto a giant record player and scratched with the needle.

Mudhole- There's nothing much to say about planet Mudhole, except for the fact that it has huge mud pits (hence the planet's name) and the planet's leader is a ghost (this is implied through the fact that one of the planet's enhabitants said so, and the leader is invisible [as Kaput says "The only time you can see him is when he slips into an inanimate object"] ).

Adventures depicted in the Television Series

Their exploits are usually ended in the same way, in a failure; these are the adventures shown on the television series:
*Episode "Booga Booga!": Their visit to the planet Mudhole, which was ruled by a ghost king who was able to control inanimate objects. During their trip, they managed to build two giant fighting robots in their likeness, to better take over the planet.

*Their travelling into a parallel universe, which lead them to an encounter with a pair of their own doppelgängers known as Zaput and Kösky, who resembled them in every aspect, and challenged them to duels to vie for rule of the planet, eventually promising the enslaved natives freedom, which lead to both parties failing their missions.

*Episode "Gigantic": Their hostile (and quite successful) takeover of the luxury space liner "Gigantic", an evident parody of the real life ship, the "Titanic", but the takeover resulted in the two leaving before the ship would sink into a water planet, leaving the dynamic duo driving off quickly, Zösky claiming that it reminded him of "a really bad movie" that he saw.

*Episode "Robinson Hood": Their encounter with a delusional islander known as "Robinson Hood", who sent a letter in a bottle asking for two tyrants to come and dominate. Robinson Hood, soon finding tourists which went to his island, led them in a revolt against the two tyrants, and forced them to a defeat.

*The invasion of planet Tatayoyo 8, where the two conquerors had to deal with stuffy, little bureaucrats who seemed to accommodate the tyrants' needs, but in truth, they all had a hidden agenda in mind.

*Their visitation to an intergalactic control room where individuals controlled life on all planets with the clicks and pushes of buttons. It is believed that their boss may be God, since he was referred to as "the big guy" and spoke with a booming voice.

*Their crash landing on planet H2O, where through a special sort of water, known as "telessotelepathic waves", which allowed the invaders to breathe under the waves, Kaput had, in order to be king, almost ended up marrying a huge, repulsive squid-like creature who happened to be the queen of the planet.

*Their meeting with some long armed faceless aliens who put an ad in the newspaper for a "ruler, dumb and thickheaded" to rule over them, when in reality, the long armed natives actually had a hidden agenda to expel the planet of both a flood which was destroying their world and in the process, get their palace back by asking the two invading obliterators to literally "turn off the faucet and pull the plug" of a bathtub which had been left running by one of the servants.

*Their landing on planet Siracusa, where the inhabitants seemed to worship the vegetable which provided the greatest lives for them: the carrot. On the planet, anyone caught with anything other than a carrot would be set for execution. In this planet, Kaput and Zösky planned an attack by surprise with the use of a single tomato, with which to frame the king.

*Their conquest of the planet Hohoba, where they encountered a race of creatures with the ability to reproduce in the form of their leader solely by regurgitating an egg, but the two tyrants left hurriedly running off when the natives reproduced in the forms of Kaput and Zösky themselves and thus the natives attempted to kill the originals off.

*Their visiting of planet Dunceville, where all residents were donkey-like and seemed to be dumb to Kaput and Zösky, until they found out the truth; the donkeys had captured and imprisoned previous conquerors. The donkeys proved themselves to be intelligent by speaking in full sentencess and defending themselves. Were it not for one last bit of stupidity, the donkeys would have certainly killed Kaput and Zösky.

*Their "invasion" of the planet Getaway, where the local natives of the planet were in a hurry to evacuate the planet, claiming that it was no longer the trendiest vacation spot in the galaxy. This is because a giant, flaming comet the inhabitants call "The Cosmic Whooshbang" was about to crash into the planet, leaving much of it gone. Speculation has fallen on a select number of fans, wondering if indeed Kaput is a native of Getaway, as he resembles the other natives greatly, in that he has a pale and fat body, with a crop of wild and unruly hair.

*Their intrusion of the planet Isn't That Precious, where they ran into a group of invisible creatures, who they tried to conquer by hosing them with red paint. This angered the locals in that they found that, being invisible, they were safe from their true form, hideous and deformed. The native tried to kill the two tyrants but were soon appeased when the rains came about and washed the paint right off their bodies.

*Their audience with the Great Ghandizen, a tiny ruler who made a massive number of contributions to his homeworld and who often crushed any and all invaders who wished him ill with a massive set of pulverizing crushing devices.

*Their visiting of a planet where the residents were flat and wished to be inflated, and as it turned out, could stay inflated for only a minute because the night literally fell and re-deflated them.

*Their voyage around the possibly unknown galaxy where they met up with some rather frightening things, among them a huge, red eye, the heinous image of they themselves, and the dark void, which seemed to go on forever, all due to a button installed on the ship's controls.

*Their conduction of an alien orchestra, where the musicians would not play any music as a team because they all had different ideas on what to play and how to play it.

*and their attempt of takeover of planet Gooston, ruled by a race of goose-like creatures. The takeover involved a series of Olympic-esque games, for the pursuit of the crown and leadership of planet Gooston.

Comic book adventures

There are also two comic books about Kaput and Zösky in both English and French. In the second book, the comics were made into episodes.Les Zigouilleurs De L'infini
*Kaput and Zösky invade Earth, where the duo looks like ants compared to the residents. Before the duo can do anything, they get scared off by a giant spider.

*The duo invade a planet reminiscent of planet Getaway. But there are many rules there, which are enforced by the inhabiting people. An example of this is when the two go to jail after kicking a hotel worker or when Kaput and Zösky had to go through a metal detector revealing many weapons.

*They invade a planet where little red bumps as the inhabitants. They soon grow into monsters.

*They invade the planet Brakko, where Kaput and Zösky take over without firing a shot. Kaput doesn't like it, however.

*They invade a planet full of stone monsters. They obliterate the man making them.

*They invade a planet where everyone has a gambling addiction.

*They invade a planet and take part in a gladiatoral contest to become ruler. Kaput destroys most of them with his lightning vomit (a blaster hidden in his mouth). It later destroys the princess he was to marry to become ruler.

Les Flinguizeurs Du Cosmos
*Kaput is Indisposedsee adventures

*Democracysee adventures

*Globin 2see adventures

*Cabbage patch kidssee adventures

The comics have been translated into one book in English. The book will become available in April.


Though this show remains obscure, it once aired late at night on weekdays on the Nicktoons Network. There are Kaput and Zösky DVDs about on sale though many of the episodes shown on the DVDs were not shown on television in the United States for at least a year after the show had made its debut on Nicktoons.

The DVDs themselves are compilations of some of the earlier episodes in the show, most of which never aired on television. Some of these episodes have some jokes or situations which some would deem to be unruly and unfit for television.

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