Advertising postcard

Advertising postcard

An advertising postcard is a postcard used for advertising purposes (as opposed to tourism and greeting postcards). Because the postcard begins as a blank sheet of paper, the options for what may be advertised are endless. Postcards are used in advertising as an alternative to or complementary addition to other print advertising such as catalogs, letters, and flyers. Advertising postcards may be mailed or distributed by other means.

Direct-mail advertising postcards

An advertising postcard that is sent in the mail is delivered directly to the recipient. An organization may send advertising postcards to their current customers, their prospective customers, and/or names and addresses to which they want to target their advertisements. Direct mail advertising postcards offer an advantage over other direct marketing mail pieces, such as letters, because the recipient can see the message without having to open the piece of mail. However, they suffer disadvantages also. Because of their relatively small size (see postcards for more information), they cannot carry much content. Because their contents cannot be easily hidden from view, they are not a viable mail piece where privacy and security are a concern.

Many traditional businesses use direct mail advertising postcards. Common examples include:
* Realtors - advertising new listings
* Political campaigns - getting the message out
* Doctors / Dentists - appointment reminders
* Others - lawn care, oil change, movie rentals, etc.

Non-mailed advertising postcards

An advertising postcard which may also known as a free card or an ad card is a postcard which is designed and used to advertise or raise awareness of a company, service or cause. The difference between advertising postcards and normal postcards is distinguished by the fact that advertising postcards are not touristic or solely intended for tourists.

Advertising postcards are usually found in nightclubs, restaurants, bars, cinemas or other locations in major cities generally frequented by the trendy, young social group (ages 18-35). The cards are free to take to patrons of the establishment. They usually contain discreet advertising slogans but have attractive or ingenious images and are produced on good quality card stock with a postcard back. One of the marketing concepts of advertising postcards is that the cards are so attractive people want to pick them up, save them, show, or post them, to a friend and say "have you seen this".

A characterising feature of the cards is that they carry the publisher/distributors name and logo. The card racks usually have between 10 to 20 slots, each one of which contains cards advertising different products, events, promotions etc. Cards are changed on a regular basis so there is a continuing supply of new material for people to take.

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