One sheet

One sheet

In the entertainment industry, a one-sheet or one sheet is a single document that summarizes a product for publicity and sales.



A one sheet is a specific size (typically 27" x 41" in size before 1985; 27" x 40" in size after 1985) of film poster advertising. Multiple one-sheets are used to assemble larger advertisements, which are referred to by their sheet count, including 24-sheet[1] billboards, and 30-sheet billboards. The term is also used as synonym for the poster artwork itself.[2]

Since a one-sheet is used in the official advertising for films, they are prized by both collectors of memorabilia for specific films and of film posters themselves. Film posters sold in general retailing are in poster size, which is 24 x 36 inches. Most prized are posters which have been rolled and shipped in tubes instead of being folded. Currently most posters are sent to cinemas rolled, for aesthetic reasons.


In music publicity and distribution, a one-sheet is exactly what the name implies: One sheet of paper, on which information is provided about the musician and/or a specific release which is being distributed. One-sheets often accompany a record or CD when it is being shipped to radio stations and music publications (i.e., magazines, Web-based forums, etc.) A one-sheet is sometimes also referred to as a press sheet or a promo sheet.

Layout and content

Depending on the purpose it serves, a one-sheet will often contain a variety of information about its subject. Often comprising both images and text, one-sheets typically serve as a way to introduce the unfamiliar reader to a particular artist. The name of the artist (and perhaps the title of the release) will appear prominently. Some common elements found on a one-sheet can include:

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