Jam (disambiguation)

Jam (disambiguation)

Jam is a type of sweet spread or condiment made with certain fruits or vegetables.

In music, jam may refer to:
* Jam session, a musical act without preparation or detailed arrangements
* Jam band, a band who plays extensive jams (mostly in live performances)
* The Jam, an English punk rock/mod revival band active during the late 1970s and early 1980s
* JAM, a Belgian dance project
* "Jam" (song), a song by Michael Jackson
* An album by Little Angels
* Jam Pony Express, a 1990s Miami Bass group from Ft. Lauderale, FL

Jam may also refer to:

* "Jam" (TV series), a British TV series by Chris Morris
* "Jam (film)", a 2006 film starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Elizabeth Bogush
* Jam (tribe), a Baloch tribe settled in Balochistan, Pakistan
* Epistle of James (Jam.)
* Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan
* Perforce Jam, a software building tool
* Jam 1575, the student radio station of the University of Hull, England
* BBC Jam, an online educational service
* Jam!, a Canadian entertainment news site
* Traffic congestion or traffic jam
* Malfunction or congestion

JAM may refer to:

* Just Above Midtown, a non-profit art gallery in NYC
* JAM Message Base Format
* JAM Creative Productions, a jingle company in Dallas, Texas.
* Jamaica's ISO country code
* Jamaat al Muslimeen, an Islamist terrorist organization in Trinidad and Tobago
* John A. Macdonald, Canada's first prime minister
* Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, formerly Journal of Applied Meteorology
* Judy and Mary, a Japanese band
* Mahdi Army or Jaish al Mahdi, an Iraqi military force created by Muqtada al-Sadr

Jam may also be:
* Slam dunk in basketball
* A rare title in Indian princely states

People with the given name Jam

* Jam Kuradoberi, a character in the "Guilty Gear" game series

ee also

* Jamming

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