Persistent Systems

Persistent Systems

company_name = Persistent Systems Ltd.

company_type = Private
foundation = 1990 | location = Pune, India
key_people = Anand Deshpande, CMD
Suresh Deshpande, Director
Srikanth Sundararajan, COO
Jaideep Srivastava, CTO
Raj Sirohi, President, Persistent Systems Inc

industry = Computer Services
revenue = profit$105.8 million USD for FY08
num_employees = ~4000 (May 2008)
homepage = []

Persistent Systems Limited is a Software Development company based in Pune, India. All its clients are the 'technology' firms, and Persistent contributes to their Product Development. The company was established in 1990 and has to-date, mostly remained away from the Services and Consulting arena.

In its initial stages, in close resemblance to its name, the company used to work only in the fields of Data Management, Databases and Data Structures. However slowly and gradually, it expanded to other technological domains as well. Starting from an initial strength of two, including its founder Anand Deshpande, the company today has a workforce in excess of 4000+ employees and has seen more than 1000 release cycles and over 170+ clients. Persistent delivers over 500 product releases each year for its platform and application providers, and enterprise customers.

The business

Persistent, who were ranked as the 11th fastest growing Indian company in the Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2004 report of Deloitte, have recently acquired USA-based ControlNet to expand into embedded systems and the ASIC market.Persistent develops data connectors for Google’s OneBox for Enterprise that allows the search company to locate information from enterprise applications as well as employee directories and calendars. [ [ 'India’s Product Firms See Boom'] , Red Herring, 26 July 2006] In addition to this, Persistent has also developed an [ SSIS high performance connector for Oracle] that bulk loads data into Oracle Server, performance gain for which is over 100 times than OLE DB destination component provided by Microsoft.

The company is attracting significant inward investment [ [ 'Norwest Venture Partners Invests $13.8 Million in India-Based Persistent Systems'] , Norwest Venture Partners, 7 December 2005] and, having recorded a turnover of Rs 216 crore (about 24.5 million GBP) for 2005-06, it is targeting 50 percent growth year-on-year. [ [ 'One steady ship'] , Express Computer, 21 August 2006]

The prime business units of the company are Telecom BU, Large Independent Software Vendor (ISV) BU, Small ISV BU (Now merged into Core ISV BU), Solutions & Enterprise BU and Techforum. The company has a significant technical know-how in domains of Content Management, Search Tools, RFID, LDAP, [ Identity Management] , Telecom & Wireless, Databases, Custom Connectors and Web Services..


Persistent has many offices in Pune, Maharashtra India. The office buildings of Persistent have been named after people who have been important in Indian mythology and history.


This is the Corporate Headquarters of the company. Some of the developmental activities, mostly for the Telecom Business Unit also take place here. The building houses the Devang Mehta Auditorium, which is arguably the best auditorium in Pune.


This is the major development center of the company. It has two 10-storeyed towers named after Pingala and Aryabhata on the Southern and Northern ends respectively, which are internally connected to each other. It houses the Training Center and the Human Resources Department of the Company.

Persistent Towers

This complex is under construction at "Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Hinjawadi, Pune". It is planned to construct four interconnected towers at this site. The construction is expected to be completed by Dec 2008, and then it would be the biggest development center of Persistent Systems, as it would approximately be ten times the capacity of Pingala-Aryabhata.

Other Offices

* Kapilvastu, Pune
* Panini, Pune
* ControlNet, Goa
* IT Tower, Nagpur
* Shobha Alexander, Bangalore
* Hyderabad


External links

* [ Official site]
* [ ControlNet site]

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