List of Spanish monarchs

List of Spanish monarchs

This is a list of Spanish monarchs—that is, rulers of the country of Spain in the modern sense of the word. The forerunners of the Spanish throne, as well as of the Portuguese throne, were the following:

*Kings of the Visigoths
*Suebi Kings of Gallaecia
*Kings of Asturias
*Kings of Aragon
*Kings of Castile
*Kings of Leon
*Kings of Navarre

These lineages were eventually united by the marriage of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile. Although their kingdoms continued to be separate, with their personal union they ruled them together as one dominion. Ferdinand also conquered the southern part of Navarre and annexed it to what was to become Spain. Isabella left her kingdom to her daughter Joanna of Castile. Ferdinand served as her regent during her insanity; though rebuffed by the Castilian nobility and replaced by Joanna's husband Philip the Handsome, he resumed his regency after Philip's death. In 1516, after Ferdinand II's death, his daughter Joanna inherited the kingdom of Aragon, but was kept prisoner at Tordesillas as insane. As Joanna's son, the future Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, did not want to be merely a regent, he was proclaimed king of Castile and Aragon jointly with his mother in Brussels. Subsequently, Castilian and Aragonese "Cortes" alleged oath to him as co-king with his mother. Upon her death, he became sole King of Castile and Aragon, and the thrones were thereafter united permanently.

Kingdom of Spain (1516-1873)

House of Habsburg / House of Austria

Under Charles I, the two thrones of Castile and Aragon were finally united under one monarch.

House of Bourbon (first restoration)

Charles IV's eldest son was restored to the throne. Again the title used was "king of Castile, Leon, Aragon,… by divine grace".

Second Spanish Republic (1931-1939)

"See President of Spain"

=Spanish State (1936-1975)=

Spanish State was established by General Francisco Franco during Spanish Civil War in parts of Spain on 1 October 1936, and in the entire country on 1 April 1939. In 1947, Franco proclaimed the restoration of the monarchy, but did not allow the pretender, Juan de Borbón, Count of Barcelona, to take the throne. In 1969, Franco declared that Juan Carlos, the Count of Barcelona's son, would be his successor. After Franco's death in 1975, Juan Carlos succeeded him as the King of Spain.

Kingdom of Spain (1975-Present)

House of Bourbon (third restoration)

Alfonso XIII's claim descended (due to his two eldest sons' renunciations) to his third son, Infante Juan, Count of Barcelona, who was passed over in favour of his eldest son, whose title is "King of Spain". The Count of Barcelona renounced his claims in favour of his son in 1977, two years after Franco's death and Juan Carlos's accession.

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