3S Aerial Tramway

3S Aerial Tramway

The 3S Aerial Tramway is a big cabin aerial tramway which was developed by the Swiss company Roll transport systems in Thun to unite the advantages of a pendulum aerial tramway with their one normal, coupleable single rope cabin aerial tramway.

Technical description of first systems

The first plant of this type, called "Alpine express I", was built for 1991 in Saas Fee. In 1994 a further section, the "Alpine express II" went in service - a continuous service of both sections is not possible however. The cabs of these plants have space for 30 persons and travel with a speed of 6 m/s pulled by an endless hauling cable, however hang thereby still on two carrying ropes. A lane exhibits thus three rope, from where also the name of this course system agitates. The cabs are, as implemented with most rotating cabin railways, coupable. The system offers the following advantages:
* smaller energy consumption compared with to-and-from system aerial ropeways of similar capacity
* increased wind stability
* larger grund distances possible
* high driving speed in relation to unity express orbits: Speeds over 7 m/s are possible
* large capacity

Development and building of the "Alpine express I" cost 70 million SFr. The company of Roll built no more further 3S Aerial Tramway after the two systems in Saas Fee. By the assumption of the company by the Austrian company Doppelmayr in 1996, Doppelmayr attained the know-how for the 3S-Bahn-Bau. The Italian company Leitner has developed 3S aerial tramway in the meantime also.

Kitzbühel 3S Aerial Tramway

The 3S Aerial Tramway in Kitzbühel bridges the Saukasergraben and connects the skiing areas of Kirch and Resterhöhe with each other. The 3S Aerial Tramway opened in January 2005 and is 3642 metres long. A journey takes approximately nine minutes from end to end. At its highest point, the Tramway is 400 metres from the ground. The use of only one aerial tramway support pillar resulted in an unusual span width of 2507 metres between the valley station and the 80-metre-support pillar. Overall, the Tramway cost 13.5 million euros with each cabin costing 100,000 euros. The Tramway was manufactured by Doppelmayr. The cable of the 3S aerial tramway has a diameter of just 54 millimetres. The electrical power consumption is 400 kW.

There are 19 cabins in total, though the system can be expanded to 24 cabins if the need arises in the future. Each cabin seats 24 people, allowing the system to transport a total of 3200 people in any given hour. One cabin boasts a glass floor, making it possible to view the 400 metre drop from a different angle.

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