Winter in the Belly of a Snake

Winter in the Belly of a Snake

Infobox Album
Name = Winter in the Belly of a Snake
Type = studio
Artist = Venetian Snares

Released = start date|2002|10|28
Recorded =
Genre = Breakcore, glitch
Length = 59:21
Label = Planet Mu
Producer = Aaron Funk
Reviews =
* Allmusic Rating|4|5 [ link]
* Pitchfork Media 86% [ link]
Last album = "2370894"
This album = "Winter in the Belly of a Snake"
Next album = "Find Candace"

"Winter in the Belly of a Snake" is a 2002 album by Canadian breakcore artist Venetian Snares, released on Planet Mu.

The album is generally categorised as glitchcore or breakcore due to the complicated drum patterns, often consisting of only short "clicks and cuts" and resonant squeaks, squelches, and buzzes but mostly also with a distorted bass drum. Some short tracks have no such drum patterns and are better described as ambient industrial or subtler kinds of noise. A few pieces contain vocals, some of which—such as the opener "Dad"—feature vocals from Funk himself, also most prominently in "She", which was written by Misfits and Danzig singer Glenn Danzig, and the track "Fraujäger" (German, meaning "Woman Hunter") which contains heavily distorted vocals by Aiwaz. Also, the track "January" samples popular American storyteller Garrison Keillor saying "It's January" and "I realized that if my body broke, I would break into blossom".

The cover art is by the British artist Trevor Brown.

"Winter in the Belly of a Snake" was described as "a masterpiece of brutally calculated drill & bass programming combined with ill, Clive-Barker-esque atmospherics and quirky, twisted melodies." [In Case of Aural Ingestion, "Montreal Mirror" [ Available online] ]

Track listing

# "Dad" – 3:59
# "Stairs Song" – 5:51
# "Tattoo" – 4:18
# "Gottrahmen" – 3:07
# "Suffocate" – 5:31
# "January" – 4:05
# "Crawlspace" – 0:23
# "In Quod" – 6:38
# "She" – 1:44, written by Glenn Danzig
# "Cashew" – 3:39
# "Fraujäger" – 3:59, vocals by Aiwaz
# "Warm Body" – 1:24
# "Sink Snow Angel" – 3:27
# "Yes Love, My Soul Is Black" – 1:15
# "Icosikaipent" – 8:41
# "Earth" – 1:20


External links

* [ Official Venetian Snares website]
* [ Planet Mu]

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