List of weapons of the U.S. Marine Corps

List of weapons of the U.S. Marine Corps

This is a list of weapons used by the United States Marine Corps:

Weapons utilized

The basic infantry weapon of the U.S. Marine Corps is the M16 assault rifle family, with a majority of Marines being equipped with the M16A2 or M16A4 service rifles, or more recently the M4 carbine—a compact variant. Suppressive fire is provided by the M249 SAW and M240G machine guns, at the squad and company levels respectively. In addition, indirect fire is provided by the M203 grenade launcher in fireteams, M224 60 mm mortar in companies, and M252 81 mm mortar in battalions. The M2 .50 caliber heavy machine gun and MK19 automatic grenade launcher (40 mm) are available for use by dismounted infantry, though they are more commonly vehicle-mounted. Precision fire is provided by the USMC Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), which is being replaced by the M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle, and M40A3 sniper rifle. [cite web
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The Marine Corps utilizes a variety of direct-fire rockets and missiles to provide infantry with an offensive and defensive anti-armor capability. The SMAW and AT4 are unguided rockets that can destroy armor and fixed defenses (e.g. bunkers) at ranges up to 500 meters. The Predator SRAW, FGM-148 "Javelin" and BGM-71 TOW are anti-tank guided missiles. All three can utilize top-attack profiles to avoid heavy frontal armor. The Predator is a short-range fire-and-forget weapon; the Javelin and TOW are heavier missiles effective past 2,000 meters that give infantry an offensive capability against armor. [cite web
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Marines are also capable of deploying non-lethal weaponry as the situation dictates. Part of a Marine Expeditionary Unit earning the Special Operations Capable designator requires a company-sized unit capable of riot control.

Some older weapons are used for ceremonial purposes, such as the Silent Drill Platoon's M1 Garands, or the use of the M101 howitzer for .

Active use


* CS gas
* OC spray
* Rubber, beanbag, & plastic bullets
* Riot shields
* Baton
* M6/M7 series chemical grenades
* M84 stun grenade
* Sting grenades

Bladed weapons

* M7 bayonet - currently being phased out
* OKC-3S bayonet
* Ka-Bar - generally issued to Marines who carry pistols, machine guns, or other non-bayonet compatible firearms
* Marine Noncommissioned Officers' Sword, 1859-Present - ceremonial use only
* Marine Officers' Mameluke Sword, 1875-Present - ceremonial use only


* M9 Beretta 9 mm Pistol - standard sidearm
* MEU(SOC) .45 pistol - issued to MEU units only

Rifles & Carbines

* M16A2 & M16A4 Assault Rifles - M16A2 is being phased out
* M4 Carbine
* M4A1 Close Quarter Battle Weapon (CQBW)
* USMC Squad Advanced Marksman Rifle (SAM-R)
* USMC Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)
* M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle
* M40A1 & M40A3 Sniper Rifles
* M82A1A & M82A3 & M107 Sniper Rifles
* Mk 11 Mod 0


* M870 12-gauge pump
* M1014 12-gauge automatic
* Mossberg 500/590

Machine guns

* M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun
* M240G 7.62 mm Medium Machine Gun
* M249 5.56 mm Squad Automatic Weapon

Hand Grenades & Grenade Launchers

* M67 Hand Grenade (Fragmentation)
* AN-M14 Hand Grenade (Incendiary)
* Mk 141 Mod 0 Hand Grenade "flash-bang"
* Smoke Grenade
* M203 40 mm Rifle-Mounted Grenade Launcher
* MK19 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher


* M224 60 mm Mortar
* M252 81 mm Extended Range Mortar


* M198 155 mm Medium Howitzer - currently being phased out
* M777 155mm Lightweight Howitzer

=Missile Launchers=

* M136 AT4 Rocket
* Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon (SMAW)
* FGM-148 Javelin Anti-Tank missile
* BGM-71 Tube Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire Guided (TOW) Missile Weapon System
* FGM-172 Predator Short-Range Assault Weapon
* FIM-92 Stinger anti-aircraft missile


* M240G 7.62 mm Medium Machine Gun
* M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun
* M48 Turret-type .50 Caliber Machine Gun
* MK19 40 mm Grenade Machine Gun
* BGM-71 Tube Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire Guided (TOW) Missile Weapon System


* GAU-12/U 25 mm Gatling gun
* GAU-16/A .50 Caliber Machine gun
* GAU-17/A 7.62 mm automatic gun
* GAU-2B/A 7.62 mm automatic gun
* M61 20 mm automatic cannon
* M197 20 mm automatic cannon;Bombs
* CBU-99 Cluster Bomb
* GBU-10 2000 lb laser guided bomb
* GBU-12 500 lb laser guided bomb
* GBU-16 1000 lb laser guided bomb
* MK82 series 500 lb bomb
* MK83 series 1000 lb bomb
* MK84 series 2000 lb bomb;Missiles
* AGM-65 Maverick
* AGM-84 Harpoon
* AGM-114 Hellfire
* AGM-154 Joint Standoff Weapon
* AIM-7 Sparrow
* AIM-9 Sidewinder
* AIM-120 AMRAAM;Rockets
* Hydra 70
* M260 70 mm Rocket Launcher


* M58 Mine Clearing Line Charge (MICLIC)
* Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP)


* Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG), recently renamed Rifle Combat Optic (RCO)
* ITL MARS reflex sight
* AN/PSQ-18 day/night grenade launcher sight
* AN/PVS-10 night vision sight
* AN/PVS-14 night vision sight
* AN/PVS-17 night vision sight
* AN/PAS-13 thermal sight
* AN/PAQ-4 IR laser sight
* AN/PEQ-2 IR laser sight
* various suppressors (MARSOC and Recon only}
* various tactical lights
* M2 tripod for light and medium machineguns
* M3 tripod for heavy machineguns

Testing/Limited Use

Marines with MARSOC, Force Reconnaissance, and MEU(SOC)s occasionally use specialized weapons that the rest of the fleet does not. In addition, some weapons are tested and evaluated in select units before acceptance and large-scale adoption. In a few cases, older weapons are brought out of retirement for limited use.
* Active Denial System - in evaluation
* Strider SMF - MCSOCOM Detachment One only
* Kimber ICQB - MCSOCOM Detachment One only
* Heckler & Koch MP5 - MARSOC and Force Reconnaissance only
* FN SCAR - in evaluation for MARSOC
* Masterkey - in evaluation
* M60E3 7.62 mm Machine Gun - Special operations
* M79 grenade launcher
* M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher - in evaluation
*Ruger Mini-14 - limited issue to some U.S. Marine Security Guard Detachments in U.S. diplomatic facilities


;Bladed weapons
* M7 bayonet
* U.S. Marine Raider Stiletto
* M1 bayonet
* M1942 bayonet
* M1905 bayonet
* M1911 pistol
* S&W Model 10
* S&W Model 66
* M1905 Marine
* 1873 Colt Single Action
* Colt M1861 Navy
* Colt 1851 Navy Revolver
* Harpers Ferry Model 1805
;Rifles, Carbines, & Muskets
* M16A1
* M14 rifle
* M1 Garand rifle
* M1903 Springfield rifle
* Springfield Model 1892-99
* M1895 Lee Navy
* Springfield Model 1882 Short Rifle
* M1872 Springfield
* Spencer repeating rifle
* Springfield Model 1863
* Springfield Model 1861
* 1853 Enfield musket
* Springfield Model 1855
* M1819 Hall rifle
* Model 1816 Musket
* Springfield Model 1812 Musket
* Model 1795 Musket

* M1/M2/M3 carbine
* Colt Model 733
* M50 Reising submachine gun
* M3 submachine gun
* M1/M1A1 Thompson
* M60 machine gun
* M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle
* M1919 Browning machine gun
* M1917 Browning machine gun
* Hotchkiss M1909 Benet-Mercie machine gun
* M1895 Colt-Browning machine gun
;Explosives & Launchers
* M61 hand grenade
* Mk2 hand grenade

* M79 grenade launcher
* XM148 grenade launcher
* M75 grenade launcher

* M29 Mortar
* M19 Mortar
* M1 Mortar
* M2 Mortar

* M101 howitzer
* M102 howitzer
* M114 155 mm howitzer
* M59 Field Gun
* M116 howitzer

* M72 LAW rocket
* M67 recoilless rifle
* M20 recoilless rifle
* M47 Dragon rocket launcher
* Bazooka series rocket launcher
* FIM-43 Redeye anti-aircraft missile
* MIM-23 Hawk anti-aircraft missile

* M2 flamethrower
* M134 Minigun
* M2/M3 cannon

* M85 machine gun
* M73/M219 Machine gun

* Linear Infighting Neural Override Engagement (LINE) combat system
* AN/PVS-4 night vision sight
* AN/TVS-5 night vision sight

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