Far Eastern Federal District

Far Eastern Federal District

Infobox Russian federal district
EnglishName=Far Eastern Federal District
RussianName=Дальневосточный федеральный округ


FoundationDate=May 18, 2000
HeadName=Oleg Safonov

The Far Eastern Federal District ( _ru. Дальневосто́чный федера́льный о́круг, "Dalnevostochny federalny okrug"), is the largest of the seven federal districts of Russia. With a population of over 6 million, the Far Eastern FD is the least populated federal district of Russia. The Far Eastern FD was established in 2000 by president Vladimir Putin and is currently being governed by presidential envoy Oleg Safonov. The Far Eastern FD covers the territory of the Russian Far East and is subdivided into republics that enjoy a high degree of autonomy on most issues. Many of these correspond to some of Russia's ethnic minorities.


Largest cities


Federal subjects

Presidential plenipotentiary envoys

*Konstantin Pulikovsky (May 182000, – November 142005)
*Kamil Iskhakov (November 142005, - October 2, 2007)
*Oleg Safonov (Since November 302007)

ee also

*Far Eastern Republic
*Russian Manchuria

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*en icon [http://baikaland.tripod.com/russia/dfo.html Information on Far Eastern Federal District]
*en icon ru icon [http://frontiers.loc.gov/ Meeting of Frontiers: Siberia, Alaska, and the American West] (includes materials on Russian Far East)

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