Enterprise (computer)

Enterprise (computer)

Infobox computer
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Type = Home computer
Released = 1985
Discontinued = 198?
Processor = Zilog Z80A @ 4 MHz
Memory = 64KB / 128KB

The Enterprise is a Zilog Z80 based home computerfirst released in 1985.There were two variants, theEnterprise 64 with 64 kB of RAM, and theEnterprise 128 with 128 kB.The machine was also known by the names "DPC", "Samurai","Oscar", "Elan" and "Flan"before the "Enterprise" name was finallychosen. [http://www.binarydinosaurs.co.uk/scripts/picshow.php?

The machine had a Z80 CPU running at 4 MHz, 64 kB or 128 kB of RAM and 48 kB of ROM containing the EXOS operating system and BASIC. The case was unique for the time (in the UK at least) for containing both a full-sized membrane keyboard with programmable function keys, and a joystick.

The machine was specifically engineered for games, with a 672×256 pixel display and 256 colours per pixel (one byte per pixel being particularly easy to program). Sound was 4 channels, stereo. A graphics coprocessor called "Nick" and sound coprocessor called "Dave" (named after the designers Nick Toop, who had previously worked on the Acorn Atom, and Dave Woodfield) took the load off the central processor.

The machine came with a surprising array of connectors, far beyond what was common on home computers of thetime. There was an RGB output, RS232/RS432 serial port, a Centronics printer port, two externaljoystick ports, a cassette interface, a ROM cartridge slot "and" an ordinary expansion port. (To save money, however, the connectors on the rear did not come with sockets. They simply exposed traces on the edge of the printed circuit board).

The BASIC ROM could even be replaced by a ROM which could emulate a ZX Spectrum, thus in theory allowingthe Enterprise to run the existing catalogue of thousands of Spectrum games. Later, an external floppy drive became available, supporting CP/M programs.

Commercial failure

Despite being particularly powerful for the time, the machine was not a commercial success. The Amstrad CPC 464 was released before the Enterprise, was less powerful, but included a monitor and cassette recorder, and retailed for less. The CPC in fact had a strikingly similar colour scheme to the Enterprise, and it may be that
Amstrad boss Alan Sugar had seen a prototype.

After the initial manufacturing run of 80,000 units it is not believed that any further units were made, makingthe Enterprise an extraordinarily collectible item in Europe. When Enterprise (the company) was wound up inEurope, 20,000 units were shipped to Hungary where it appears a strong user community formed. [ [http://www.binarydinosaurs.co.uk/Museum/Enterprise/enterprise.php Binary Dinosaurs - Location Change! ] ]


After the home computer market in the UK took off with the launch of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum in 1982, a Hong Kong trading company called Locumals decided to commission Intelligent Software in the UK to develop a home computer. The head of Intelligent Software was David Levy, an international chess player.

During development the machine had the codename "DPC", standing for damp-proof course, to throw off potential competitors in case anyone left the development plans on a bus [http://www.binarydinosaurs.co.uk/scripts/picshow.php?
] .

Emulating Amstrad's AMSOFT, Entersoft was set up to ensure a steady supply of software for the new machine.

Although the machine was announced to the press in September 1983, it did not go on sale until April 1984, at which point some 80,000 machines were pre-ordered. Unfortunately machines did not ship until 1985, by which point the competitive environment was much worse for Enterprise, as the UK home computer market had become dominated by the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC and Acorn BBC.

A successor machine, the PW360, was developed in 1986 to compete directly against the Amstrad PCW 8256, but by this time the company was in severe financial difficulties and went under.

(Source: [http://www.mumm.ac.be/~cammejpm/enterprise/saga.html] )

Enterprise emulators for PC




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