Topic outline of business management

Topic outline of business management

:"For a more comprehensive list, see the List of management topics."

Management is the art of getting things done through people." "—Mary Parker Follett". It is the process of leading and directing all or part of an organization, often a business, through the deployment and application of resources (human, financial, material, intellectual or intangible).

The following outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to management:

Essence of management

* Administration
* Business
* Entrepreneurship
* Social entrepreneurship

Types of organizations

* Company
* Government
* Non-profit organization

Areas of management application

General managers and other leaders need extensive experience in and knowledge of purposeful activity. Management can be applied to every aspect of activity of a person or an organization:

Self-management skills

* Personal information management
* Personal knowledge management
* Stress management
* Time management

General organization management skills

* Administration
* Agile management
* Change management
* Conflict management
* Conflict resolution
* Constraint management
** Constraint
** Focused improvement
** Donella Meadows' twelve leverage points to intervene in a system
* Cost management
* Crisis management
* Critical management studies (CMS)
* Customer relationship management
* Design management
* Earned value management
* Human interaction management
* Integration management
* Interim Management
* Knowledge management
* Logistics management
* Operations management
* Organization development
* Perception management
* Planning
* Process management
* Program management
* Project management
* Quality management
* Resource management
* Risk management
* Skills management
* Spend management
* Strategic management
* Strategic planning
* Systems management

Department management

* Accounting management
* Communication management
* Engineering management
* Enterprise content management
* Financial management
* Human resource management
* Information technology management
* Marketing management
* Procurement
* Product management
* Records Management
* Supply chain management

Field- or organization-specific management

* Association management
* Educational management
* Facility management
* Investment management
* Land management
* Public administration
* Public management
* Talent management

Basic management concepts

* Analysis paralysis
* Balanced scorecard
* Benchmarking
* Business
** Business operations
** Business process
* Business intelligence
** Industry or market research
** Industrial espionage
** Environmental scanning
** Marketing research
** Competitor analysis
** Reverse engineering
* Business plan
* Centralisation
* Corporate image
* Corporate governance
** Corporation
** Board of directors
** Middle management
** Senior management
** Corporate titles
** Cross ownership
** Community management
* Critical path method
* Critical success factor
* Cultural intelligence
* Decentralisation
* Financial statement
* Futures studies
* Innovation
* Leadership
* Management by objectives
* Manufacturing
* Non-profit organization
* Operations research
* Organization
* Poison pill
* Profit
* Shareholder value
* Strategy
* Structure
* Sustainable competitive advantage
* System

Management scholars

* C. West Churchman
* Peter Drucker
* Tom Peters

Management lists

* List of accounting topics
* List of business topics
* List of business theorists
* List of business ethics, political economy, and philosophy of business topics
* List of business law topics
* List of finance topics
* List of economics topics
* List of human resource management topics
* List of information technology management topics
* List of marketing topics
* List of production topics
* List of project management topics

See also

* What to manage:
** Culture
** Business
** Economy
** Politics
** Science
** Society

External links

* [ Association of Professionals in Business Management (APBM)]
* [ Management Courses] at MIT Sloan, OpenCourseWare
* [ Research on Organizations: Bibliography Database and Maps]
* [ (United States) Academy of Management] : dedicated to the scholarship and practice of management
* [ Institute of Certified Professional Managers]

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