List of Third Watch episodes

List of Third Watch episodes

The following is a list of episodes for the NBC original series, Third Watch. The series started on September 23, 1999 and concluded its sixth and final season on May 6, 2005.


Season 1: 1999–2000

Series # Season # Title Director Writer(s) Original airdate Production code
1 1 "Welcome to Camelot" Christopher Chulack John Wells (teleplay)
Edward Allen Bernero & John Wells (story)
September 23, 1999 (1999-09-23) 225301
Ty Davis becomes a policeman like his father and Carlos becomes a paramedic. The two recruits work with older, wiser partners. Caros works with the serious Monty "Doc" Parker and Ty works with John "Sully" Sullivan, his father's old partner. Meanwhile paramedics Bobby and Kim rush from emergency to emergency; officers Bosco and Yokas and firemen Jimmy have other problems to deal with. 
2 2 "Anywhere But Here" Christopher Chulack Edward Allen Bernero September 26, 1999 (1999-09-26) 225302
The shooting of paramedic Jerry has Doc, Ty, and Carlos feeling guilty; Ty questions Sully about his father's death; A worried Jimmy gives ex-wife Kim a bulletproof vest; Fred wants Faith to quit her job. 
3 3 "Patterns" Christopher Chulack John Ridley October 3, 1999 (1999-10-03) 225304
Bosco is caught on a security camera having sex in his squad car with the daughter of his Precinct Captain. Meanwhile Doc drags Carlos around the city on a personal mission to find the owner of a watch, found in the ambulance. 
4 4 "Hell Is What You Make Of It" Christopher Misiano Terri Kopp October 10, 1999 (1999-10-10) 225303
The two rookies, Carlos and Davis, experience disillusionment with their new jobs, and their training officers. Bosco struggles with Homophobia and gets himself involved in tit for tat games with Doherty. 
5 5 "Responsible Parties" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Edward Allen Bernero October 31, 1999 (1999-10-31) 225305
Mercy's new E.R. attending gives the cops and paramedics a hard time while ignoring Carlos's attempts to hit on her; Doc is saddened to hear that Jerry has decided to take a disability retirement; Jimmy is upset when Joey goes to Bobby first after he becomes ill as a result of Jimmy's letting him overindulge in sweets; Jimmy and Bobby take out their conflict over Kim and Joey in a game of one-on-one; Sully and Ty arrest a purse snatcher who will do anything to stay in jail once he discovers that his victim's son is a mobster; Faith hands out street justice to a gangbanger responsible for the deaths of two little boys. 
6 6 "Sunny, Like Sunshine" R. W. Goodwin John Wells November 7, 1999 (1999-11-07) 225306
Sully and Maggie reconnect; Bobby visits his brother Matty and tries to prepare him for his release from prison; Sunny asks Kim for a place to stay and runs away when Kim refers her to a shelter; Carlos hits a pedestrian with the bus; Faith and Bosco investigate a grave robbery and ponder immortality; Jimmy rescues a new recruit who is trapped under a collapsed ceiling in an apartment fire; Bobby takes Doc's advice and tells Kim how he feels, only to learn that Kim feels she isn't good enough for him; Sunny ODs and Bobby helps a saddened Kim find out her real name and hometown so that her parents can be notified; Sully's approach to ""problem solving"" goes horribly awry in a domestic dispute; Carlos and Doc come to blows over Doc's training methods, forcing Morales to break them up; Sully learns that Ty has good instincts, enabling them to save a teenage girl from a sexual predator. 
7 7 "Impulse" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Lance Gentile November 14, 1999 (1999-11-14) 225307
Ty is worried about Sully's dating Maggie; Faith and Bosco lose a witness who turns out to be the perp in a homicide; Bobby prepares for Matty's release from prison; while driving the bus, Carlos collides with a pregnant driver and later attempts to revive the baby she delivered prematurely after Sarah pronounces it dead, unaware of the consequences for the parents; Jimmy rescues a boy from a tree; Bosco and Ty take issue with Sully over his handling of a belligerent collar. 
8 8 "History of the World" R. W. Goodwin John Romano November 21, 1999 (1999-11-21) 225308
On Thanksgiving Day, Bosco tries to resolve a family conflict in a restaurant while Faith deals with the same thing in her own home. Bobby's mother refuses to allow Matty to attend the family's holiday celebrations, and leaves it up to Bobby to tell his brother. After a shooting, Ty and Sully disagree over how they should report the incident to their superiors and the investigating team. 
9 9 "Modern Designs for Better Living" Bryan Spicer John Ridley November 28, 1999 (1999-11-28) 225310
When he goes on his first raid, Davis inadvertently endangers a young boy he is trying to help; Doc begins to think that the overdose his father took may not have been accidental; to get a critically ill woman to the hospital, the firefighters knock down an apartment wall and lower her out a high story window. 
10 10 "Demolition Derby" Christopher Chulack Theresa Rebeck January 10, 2000 (2000-01-10) 225309
An explosion in a building about to be demolished leaves men trapped inside, forcing the firefighters to make terrible choices; Fred's drinking problem escalates; Doc cancels his date with Brenda. 
11 11 "Alone in a Crowd" Matt Penn Edward Allen Bernero January 17, 2000 (2000-01-17) 225311
Jimmy's failure to watch the firehouse door leads to tragedy; Morales, devastated by the loss of a young patient, reaches out to Doc for consolation; Sully's first partner commits suicide, prompting him to seek out Maggie and reflect on where his life has gone; Bosco tries to buy a '67 GTO from a homeless man; and Bobby continues to do whatever he can to get his mother to reconcile with his brother. 
12 12 "Journey to the Himalayas" Kenneth Fink John Romano January 24, 2000 (2000-01-24) 225312
Ty spends the shift on foot patrol with Candyman and discovers some disturbing facts about both his late father and Candyman; romance blooms between Doc and Morales after Doc's father tells him to get on with his life; Matty's attempts to make amends for past misdeeds have upsetting outcomes; Jimmy has an unexpected and unpleasant visit with his bookie; Faith clashes with the mother of a missing girl; Sully puts in a good word for a hit-and-run driver to a completely unsympathetic D.A.; and Bobby is crushed to learn that Matty was an unwitting accessory to a felony homicide. 
13 13 "This Band of Brothers"[1] Guy Norman Bee John Wells February 7, 2000 (2000-02-07) 225313
Faith, Bosco, Sully, Ty and Candyman race through the neighborhood on foot in pursuit of a trio of Uzi-armed thieves; Candyman risks his life to save Ty; Bosco's cold refusal to get medical assistance for one of the perps leads to the robber's death; Ty searches for the truth about his father; Bobby's mother tells the police where to find Matty, who desperately pleads with Bobby to give him some getaway money; Bobby agrees, but begs Matty to turn himself in; Matty gets high and takes off, leaving Bobby crushed and seeking consolation from Kim; and Carlos finds out about Doc and Morales. 
14 14 "32 Bullets and a Broken Heart" Bryan Spicer John Ridley February 14, 2000 (2000-02-14) 225314
It's Valentine's Day and Bobby and Kim have spent the night together; Bobby's confession of love leads Kim to realize that they've made a big mistake; after agonizing all day, she finally confesses and breaks Bobby's heart; seeking solace in a bottle, Bobby finds himself at a local bar next to a woman who has also been jilted that day, and they go off to her place; Fred drunkenly totals the car on the way to pick up Emily and Charlie; Faith arrests him and refuses to bail him out; when he finally arrives home, Faith has his things already packed and throws him out; Carlos tends to a girl who runs into a bus and then falls for him; the gay community is targeted by a gunman and a vigilante group forms to find the killer; Ty arrests a girl for auto theft who turns out to be Malcolm's sister; and Faith lets Bosco know that she is fed up with his bigotry. 
15 15 "Officer Involved" Christopher Chulack Edward Allen Bernero February 21, 2000 (2000-02-21) 225315
As he comes around a corner in pursuit of a gunman, Davis shoots a man who is pointing a gun at Sully, unaware that the man is innocently returning the service revolver which Sully dropped when he fell. Davis's guilt leads him to doubt whether he should remain on the force, until Sully straightens him out. The tension between Bosco and Faith continues to escalate. Both Bobby and Jimmy introduce their new girlfriends to Kim, who isn't thrilled with the potential competition. 
16 16 "Nature or Nurture" Clark Johnson Terri Kopp February 28, 2000 (2000-02-28) 225316
Dealing with the aftermath of gang warfare, Doc and Carlos disagree over reaching out to prevent an eleven year old boy from following his brother into a gang; Bosco's decision to turn the tables on two men who try to rob him when he's off-duty could cost him his badge when the two men turn up at the precinct to report the crime; as he continues his losing streak, Jimmy gets deeper and deeper into his bookie, which puts Joey in danger; Kim begins to worry about how much time she spends with Joey after he gets into trouble at school. 
17 17 "Ohio" Michael Fields John Romano March 20, 2000 (2000-03-20) 225317
The three squads are stationed at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel to provide protection during a Clinton-Giuliani Senate race debate. The cops are assigned to the kitchen and discuss politics and the death penalty while Sully tries to get a reluctant head chef to feed them. The paramedics are parked in the hotel's garage where they talk about their worst cases, religion, relationships, and how life doesn't turn out as planned. Kim and Jimmy have it out again over his irresponsibility after her paycheck is garnished to cover one of his bad debts, and Jimmy resolves to clean up his act. 
18 18 "Men" Guy Norman Bee Lance Gentile April 10, 2000 (2000-04-10) 225318
Yokas continues to have marital difficulties with Fred and, when she meets up with an old flame at the scene of a car accident, she finds herself very tempted to accept his invitation to meet him in his hotel room to catch up on old times. Doc's dad ends up in intensive care leaving Doc with some hard decisions. A perp accuses 'Candyman' of stealing money from him when he arrested him. Davis believes the criminal and is not sure how he is going to answer IAB's questions about what happened, even though he didn't see anything happen. The police station takes on the fire station in a basketball game. 
19 19 "Spring Forward, Fall Back" Christopher Chulack John Wells April 17, 2000 (2000-04-17) 225319
Carlos falls behind in his studies and then hears some shocking news from Vangie; the cops search for a two-year old girl missing after her family is involved in a car crash; Bosco and Faith contend with a disabled man dealing drugs to children; Sully and Davis track down the alcoholic who attacked the pastor of Sully's church. This episode features a Pre-Glee 14 Year Old Lea Michele as Sammi. 
20 20 "A Thousand Points of Light"[2] Michael Fields John Ridley April 24, 2000 (2000-04-24) 225320
Doherty shows his bravery trying to save the mother of two young children from a fire. Meanwhile Bosco and Faith are out looking for the man suspected of starting the fire in the first place. Davis tries to set Sully up on a blind date and after her pimp beats up Malcolm's sister they try to find him before he kills the man who did it. Carlos' girlfriend problems escalate and Doc's relationship looks like going to the next stage. 
21 21 "Just Another Night at the Opera" Christopher Misiano Edward Allen Bernero May 15, 2000 (2000-05-15) 225321
Yokas and Bosco chase a carjacker into a multi-level garage. When the thief drives off the edge of the top level and crashes to the ground, Bobby risks his own life to save the driver. Much to the surprise of everyone who knows him, Bosco goes to the opera with Nicole and her parents. Carlos gets into trouble with his boss and Vangie. Sully and Ty go to help Candyman on a job, and Ty tells Candyman exactly what he thinks of him. Jimmy has news for Kim which surprises her, and annoys Bobby everytime Kim tries to talk to him about it. 
22 22 "Young Men and Fire" Christopher Chulack John Wells May 22, 2000 (2000-05-22) 225322
Doc and Carlos are rescued by the firefighters when they get trapped in an eighteenth floor apartment with a patient who cannot walk; Ty comes to the end of his probationary period; Faith discovers that she's pregnant again; the firefighters come under fire from a madman when they arrive to fight a car fire. 

Season 2: 2000–2001

Series # Season # Title Director Writer(s) Original airdate Production code
23 1 "The Lost" Christopher Chulack John Wells October 2, 2000 (2000-10-02) 226305
Sully lives his worst nightmare as the police search the city for a man who is buried alive and whose kidnappers are involved in a fatal car crash; Kim and Bobby find an abandoned 4 year old boy wandering the streets; Sully's mother wanders off from her nursing home; Carlos adopts a deceased patient's cockatoo. 
24 2 "Faith" Christopher Chulack John Wells October 9, 2000 (2000-10-09) 226301
A rapist attacks three victims; Yokas agonizes over her finances, her marriage and her pregnancy; Bosco's jealousy threatens his relationship with Nicole. 
25 3 "Four Days" Félix Enríquez Alcalá John Ridley, Edward Allen Bernero October 16, 2000 (2000-10-16) 226302
On the hunt for a robbery homicide suspect, the police shake down all young black males they encounter, igniting racial tensions throughout the city. The suspect in question turns out to be Puppet, whose younger brother was killed as a result of Puppet's gang activity despite Doc's attempts to turn him away from the streets. After he's shot by the cops and goes into hiding, Puppet solicits Doc's help by proclaiming his innocence. The ensuing lengths to which Doc goes to get Puppet to the hospital and save his life while avoiding the cops wreak havoc with Doc's relationships with both civilians and the squads. 
26 4 "Jimmy's Mountain" Charles Haid Lance Gentile, Terri Kopp October 23, 2000 (2000-10-23) 226303
Jimmy's recovery complicates his return to the firehouse as he tries to take on too much, causing discord amongst his fellow firefighters over his all-consuming need to prove his abilities have not been lost. Meanwhile, Alex Taylor joins the firehouse and arrives with some baggage of her own. 
27 5 "Kim's Hope Chest" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Janine Sherman Barrois, Kyera B. Keenne October 30, 2000 (2000-10-30) 226306
Joey starts a fire while on a field trip with his class, causing Kim and Jimmy to reevaluate their parenting styles and inspiring Kim to try to rebuild her family, starting with a reconciliation with Jimmy. But Jimmy's relationship with Brooke is not nearly as wobbly as Kim would like to think, and Kim ends up jumping into bed with a stranger and then commiserating with her mother over her problems with men, ending in a confrontation with Brooke that forces Kim to rethink what's best for Joey in the matter. 
28 6 "The Tys That Bind" Nick Gomez Bonnie Mark November 6, 2000 (2000-11-06) 226304
Davis rescues a drowning newscaster from a downed helicopter, and the ensuing rush of media coverage on his heroism brings a strange young woman to meet him. She turns out to be his half-sister, and Davis uncovers secrets about his father's second family. The turmoil from the revelations causes disturbances between Davis and nearly everyone close to him. Meanwhile, someone's throwing bricks at random citizens, putting everyone in the city on edge. 
29 7 "After Hours" Guy Norman Bee Edward Allen Bernero November 13, 2000 (2000-11-13) 226307
The deaths of four teenagers in a fiery car crash profoundly affects the third watch, who were forced to stand by helplessly, unable to save the victims. They congregate at the end of the shift to dispell their sadness and anger at the horrific images of the crash. Faith, Sully and Doc spend time sitting quietly in a cafe; Ty, Bobby, Carlos and Alex go to a bar; and Kim, Bosco and Jimmy go bowling. As evening turns into day, Faith's group meets up with a young woman, Ty's group meets up with a young man, and Kim's group meets up with a young couple in love. At dawn, everyone ends up at the a beach and they build a bonfire. As the flames flicker, we see a flashback to the moments immediately preceding the car crash and discover that the young people whom they met during the course of the evening are the spirits of the teenagers who died in the crash, who were sent back down to earth to tell them that the crash could not have been prevented, and they are not to blame for being unable to. 
30 8 "Know Thyself" Nancy Savoca Julie Hebert November 27, 2000 (2000-11-27) 226308
While coping with work demands, a recovering alcholic husband and a disturbing visit with her parents, Yokas confronts her long held beliefs and emotions. A group of prisoners escape from a delivery truck. Yokas and Fred have another big fight in which she accuses him of drinking again. She tells him that she had an abortion. He wants her to leave the house, this makes her stay over at her parents home. However, by the end of the episode, they are back together, she realises that she can't live without him and that she is sorry for accusing him of still drinking. Meanwhile, Bosco gets a bunch of flowers from a former lover. He smells the flowers which turn out to be poison Ivy. Bosco and Yokas also have a fight when she tells him that she had an abortion. He accuses her of lying to him and he refuses to speak to her, until she forces him to go the hospital to sort out the poison Ivy problem. She regrets lying to him. 
31 9 "Run of the Mill" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Bonnie Mark December 4, 2000 (2000-12-04) 226309
The ordeals of an elderly friend prompt Sully to consider his own loneliness; Alex regrets revealing that she discovered Jimmy on the eve of his wedding having sex with an old flame who happens to be Lombardo's current girlfriend after the news spreads like wildfire throughout the squad; Jimmy and Brooke get married. 
32 10 "History" Jace Alexander Lance Gentile December 18, 2000 (2000-12-18) 226311
A disturbing visit from his former high school girlfriend forces Doc to confront a horrible act he has hidden for years; Carlos struggles to pass a medical school qualification exam. 
33 11 "A Hero's Rest" Christopher Chulack Edward Allen Bernero January 15, 2001 (2001-01-15) 226310
Bosco, Yokas, Sully and Davis search for a cop killer on the streets, and cope with an obnoxious new sergeant at the station house. 
34 12 "True Love" John Wells Lesli Linka Glatter January 22, 2001 (2001-01-22) 226312
A secret threatens to destroy Jimmy's relationships at work and home; Sully makes a date with his pretty neighbour; Bosco gets violent after his mother is beaten by her boyfriend. 
35 13 "Duty" Guy Norman Bee Edward Allen Bernero January 29, 2001 (2001-01-29) 226313
Sully is upset when he is wrongly accused of falsifying evidence; Bobby helps one of his former teachers dying from cancer; Carlos deludes himself into thinking that Kim is falling in love with him; Sully gets closer to his pretty neighbour. 
36 14 "A Rock and A Hard Place" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Bonnie Mark February 5, 2001 (2001-02-05) 226314
Faith, Bosco, Carlos and a wounded Doc find themselves trapped in an abandoned tunnel and unable to reach Central on their radios; the firefighters get into mischief during a long lull between calls; when the C.O. can't raise Bosco on the radio, Sully tries to cover for him. 
37 15 "Requiem for a Bantamweight"[3] Christopher Chulack John Wells February 12, 2001 (2001-02-12) 226315
Bobby comes to the aid of his old friend Paulie after Paulie's sister begs Bobby to help her brother with his drug addiction, but becomes enraged when Paulie breaks into Bobby's mother's house and robs her to support his habit. 
38 16 "Unfinished Business" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Edward Allen Bernero February 26, 2001 (2001-02-26) 226316
Bobby's attempt to keep Paulie away from drugs ends tragically. 
39 17 "The Self-Importance of Being Carlos"[4] Jace Alexander John Ridley March 19, 2001 (2001-03-19) 226317
Doc and Carlos attend a stress debriefing; Carlos meets up with Bosco when he's ordered to attend sensitivity training. 
40 18 "Honor" Terrence O'Hara Janine Sherman Barrois, Kyera B. Keenne April 16, 2001 (2001-04-16) 226318
The firefighters take on a rival firehouse for touch football bragging rights; Brooke files for divorce; Jimmy worries that he may be a father again. 
41 19 "Walking Wounded" Jesus Salvador Trevino Bonnie Mark April 23, 2001 (2001-04-23) 226319
Faith and Bosco hunt down the dealer who distributed a batch of lethal heroin; depressed over Bobby's death, Kim attempts suicide. 
42 20 "Man Enough" Guy Norman Bee Julie Hebert April 30, 2001 (2001-04-30) 226320
Doc is thrilled when Sarah accepts his proposal, but is stunned when she informs him that she's accepting a job offer in Philadelphia and wants him to relocate. 
43 21 "Exposing Faith" Nick Gomez Edward Allen Bernero, Whitney Boole Williams May 14, 2001 (2001-05-14) 226321
Faith's excitement over having her husband to herself for the weekend is dashed when Fred decides to spend the time trying to win a truck; angry, Faith organizes a drunken girls night out, meets a handsome photographer, and ponders an affair and what might have been; Fred outwits his opponents and wins the truck. 
44 22 "…and Zeus Wept" Guy Norman Bee John Wells May 21, 2001 (2001-05-21) 226322
Ty, Sully, Bosco, and Faith rush to the scene of a school shooting; Sully and Tatiana ponder their future together; Kim continues to struggle with her depression. 

Season 3: 2001–2002

Series # Season # Title Director Writer(s) Original airdate Production code
45 1 "In Their Own Words" Christopher Chulack Edward Allen Bernero,
Whitney Boole Williams
October 15, 2001 (2001-10-15) 227708
This was a special non-fiction episode which told, in their own words, the real stories of the police officers, firefighters, paramedics, emergency services personnel, and their families in the aftermath of 9/11/01. The regular starring cast members did brief introductions to each of this documentary's segments, which featured the real police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and emergency services personnel who work as part-time technical advisors and cast members in the production of every regular "Third Watch" episode. This episode has only aired twice, the first being its original air date and the second was on the first anniversary of the attacks, where it aired on A&E. On March 27, 2002, this episode received the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award for Excellence in Broadcasting. Molly Price, who plays Faith Yokas, did not do a segment introduction. Since her husband is a firefighter who was involved in the rescue operation, she was interviewed in one of the segments. R.I.P 343 
46 2 "September Tenth" Guy Norman Bee John Wells October 22, 2001 (2001-10-22) 227707
On September 10, 2001, Ty and Sully are in Atlantic City on the eve of Sully's wedding to Tatiana; Kim seeks deeper into depression; Bosco searches for love; and Jimmy nurses a sick Joey. 
47 3 "After Time" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Edward Allen Bernero, John Wells October 29, 2001 (2001-10-29) 227709
It's September 21, 2001 and the squads continue to battle through their emotions and their misgivings about their hero status, while working double shifts and spending every free moment at "the pile" searching for the missing; Kim returns to work and teams up with Doc, which allows an emotionally frayed Alex to return to paramedic duty; an exhausted Sully attempts to co-exist with his prospective in-laws while he waits for an opportunity to marry Tatiana. 
48 4 "The Relay" Guy Norman Bee Edward Allen Bernero, Scott Williams November 12, 2001 (2001-11-12) 227703
After a despondent woman takes a walk off of an eight-story apartment building, the squad finds themselves in a race to transport both the woman's heart and a dying girl to a local hospital in time to save the youngster's life. The suicide hits home for Faith as she comes to grips with her own ongoing medical problems, while Doc expresses concern over the emotional effects this case will have on Kim, despite her constant reassurance that her accident was not an attempt to kill herself. 
49 5 "Adam 55-3" Jesus Salvador Trevino John Wells, Scott Williams November 19, 2001 (2001-11-19) 227704
Even though his co-workers want to nominate him for the "Paramedic of the Year" award, a pensive Doc is disheartened as he considers his unfulfilled life. He later teams with Kim as they try to save a heart attack victim while fending off a woman who's wielding a meat cleaver. In addition, Doc tries to minister to a chronic old drunk and a teenaged girl who attempts suicide in her bathtub. Meanwhile, Faith secretly undergoes a procedure to determine if the lump in her breast is cancerous, leaving an unsuspecting Bosco assigned to a nervous rookie cop; Kim reluctantly consults a lawyer about Jimmy's intention to claim custody of Joey. 
50 6 "He Said, She Said" Nelson McCormick Julie Hebert November 26, 2001 (2001-11-26) 227705
During a sweep for prostitutes, Faith and Bosco tragically misjudge an sexual encounter between a young woman and a man in a car to be consensual; the situation spirals out of control when the girl later claims she was sexually assaulted while the cops laughed it off; Carlos considers a willing Ty as a potential roommate candidate. 
51 7 "Childhood Memories" Nelson McCormick Edward Allen Bernero December 3, 2001 (2001-12-03) 227706
Bosco runs from the present and his past when he is wrongly suspected of murdering a sexual-assault suspect. As Faith tries to gather evidence to clear him, Bosco turns to his dysfunctional family, including his alcoholic mother, drug-addicted brother and estranged, abusive father. An emotionally rattled Kim virtually kidnaps Joey from Jimmy while Carlos actively solicits Ty to be his new roommate. 
52 8 "Act Brave" Brooke Kennedy Scott Williams December 10, 2001 (2001-12-10) 227710
Jimmy and Kim, still locked in a custody battle over Joey, meet with a court-appointed evaluator and plead their cases in a heated exchange.When Sully and Tatiana visit his mother at her nursing home, Tatiana expresses concern over the quality and cost of his mother's care. Convinced that she can do a better job of taking care of her at home, she signs her out and moves her in with them. Sully is shocked and displeased, and tells Tatiana that it will be too difficult for her to take care of his mother.Alex tries to stay busy to avoid dealing with her feelings about her father's death. Eager to fill empty hours and maintain the brave front her father insisted upon when she was growing up, she works extra shifts and even helps Carlos and Ty move into their new apartment. While Carlos is downstairs unloading the truck, Alex takes Ty up on his previous offer to talk and asks him about his father, who also died in the line of duty. She shows him a chain that she wears around her neck which contains her father's 20 year service ring and the St. Florian medal he gave her the day she passed the department exam.Soon after the shift begins, an immense explosion rocks a local diner and ruptures a gas main. After everyone is evacuated, Alex realizes that her chain has fallen off in the diner, and she goes back inside to retrieve it. Just as she finds it, she sees a little girl trapped under fallen equipment and calls for help. The little girl begs Alex to stay with her, and Alex does, even though it means disobeying a direct order from Lt. Johnson to leave before there's another explosion. Johnson and Doherty finally free the girl and Alex rides with her in the ambulance. Later that evening at the hospital, Ty joins Alex as she watches the little girl sleeping. Alex asks him more questions about the loss of his father and finally begins to open up to him about her fear and grief. At the end of the shift, and the day:Doc takes Alex to task for disobeying Lt. Johnson's order, puts Carlos on the schedule in her place for the double she signed up to work that evening, and sends her home to get some rest. Jimmy and Kim have cooled down toward each other and agree to celebrate Joey's upcoming birthday together as a family, even if it's just for that one day. Alex goes over to Ty's apartment. Sully tucks in his mother, and Yokas tucks in Charlie. In the last scene, we see Ty holding Alex in the shower. 
53 9 "Sex, Lies & Videotape" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Janine Sherman Barrois January 7, 2002 (2002-01-07) 227711
Alex wants Ty to keep their relationship quiet. When Carlos almost walks in on them, he's so shocked and happy that Ty is straight that he doesn't realize that the girl is Alex. Carlos lets Ty know that Jason Christopher is the one who told him that Ty was gay. Faith finishes her radiation treatments and is in pretty bad shape, but doesn't take Dr. Case's advice to take some time off. When everyone notices how sick she looks at the beginning of the tour, she lies and tells them that she caught a bug from her kids. Later, Sully and Ty are called to rescue a family that has been shot and left for dead in the river. When they arrive at the scene, the father, Jared McKinley, tells them that they were abducted, robbed, driven to the river and shot. Hoping to locate some witnesses, Sully and Ty run a check on the license plates of the cars parked along the river and find that one of the cars was registered to McKinley, which makes him their prime suspect in the shootings. While McKinley is being treated at the hospital, a dispatch about holding him for questioning comes through, which he overhears. McKinley escapes by pushing Doc through a plate glass window and stealing a car parked in the ambulance bay. Doc pursues him on foot until Sully and Ty drive up to the hospital and begin to follow him. McKinley leads them on a high speed chase, and evades them when Sully and Ty become involved in a multi-vehicle accident. Bosco and Faith take up the chase, first by car, and then on foot when McKinley crashes into another car and runs from the scene into a nearby apartment building. Faith, barely able to keep up, repeatedly asks Bosco to wait for the backup she's requested. Finally, she collapses on the stairs, and Bosco continues to press on alone, even when she doesn't respond to his calling her name. Bosco finds McKinley behind an open door and they struggle fiercely until McKinley manages to get Bosco's gun and shoot him in the chest. Faith comes to the open door, tells McKinley that she needs to check on Bosco, and offers to put her gun away if he will put down Bosco's gun. As he raises Bosco's gun to shoot her, the ESU team on an adjacent roof shoots and kills him. Back at the hospital, Bosco is treated for a broken rib. Faith, apologizing for not backing him up, finally tells him the truth about her cancer treatments. Doc has been named as one of the finalists in the "Medic of the Year" contest, and is being followed and filmed by a documentary crew from the "Trauma Response" tv show. The crew is a nuisance to everyone but Carlos, who tries to get on camera as much as he can. At the scene of Sully and Ty's MVA, a young teenager who was a passenger in one of the cars isn't breathing and Kim is having trouble intubating him. Since they must do something quickly, or the boy will die, Doc goes against regulations and removes the boy's cervical collar to intubate him. At the hospital, they discover that the boy will recover, but is now a quadriplegic due to a spinal cord injury in his neck. Later that evening when Doc views the documentary crew's footage of the accident scene, he realizes that he caused the boy's quadriplegia when he removed the cervical collar. 
54 10 "Transformed" Guy Norman Bee Paul G. Golding January 14, 2002 (2002-01-14) 227712
Faith returns to work from a few days off. She apologizes to Bosco for hiding her illness and promises never to shut him out again. Filled with guilt, Doc begins to second-guess himself on every call. Kim reminds him that Ryan would have choked to death had Doc not removed Ryan's collar and intubated him. She also tells him repeatedly that everyone makes mistakes, but her words don't seem to have any effect. He begins to visit Ryan daily, clinging to the slim hope that the paralysis may only be temporary, resulting from bruising to the spinal cord. Doc's prayers are answered one evening when Ryan is able to move his fingers. Kim and Doc treat a junkie whose boyfriend maintains that she was injured in a fall. When it becomes apparent to them that her injuries were caused by a beating, the boyfriend flees the scene. Soon after they arrive at the hospital, she dies, and the hunt is on for her killer. With some time on their hands, Bosco and Faith decide to roust some junkies. They make an arrest and bring the perp into the station house, where he collapses. When Doc and Kim answer this call, they discover that Bosco and Faith's prisoner is the man who beat his girlfriend to death. A young firefighter, Kyle Prescott, comes into the station house to try out for the squad. The mere sight of him irritates Alex, who is concerned that his presence means that she won't be able to get back on the squad. Lt. Johnson agrees take her back on the squad and to find a paramedic to replace her. This eases her anxiety about Prescott, and she later engages him in conversation. He tells her that he worked with her father, and lets her know that her father was very proud of her. She finally softens her demeanor towards him and says thanks. While Jimmy watches him play in the park, Joey falls from the monkey bars and breaks his arm. Jimmy takes Joey to the ER and seeks to minimize what's happened to assuage his feelings of guilt. When Kim finds out about Joey, she becomes very upset, despite being told by Jimmy and Ty and Sully that it's no big deal for a little boy to break a bone. She considers telling her attorney about the accident, but changes her mind when she realizes that children have accidents that can't always be prevented. The squad is called to a burning house where two children and a baby sitter are trapped. Jimmy and Prescott easily rescue the sitter and the infant, but Jimmy gets trapped by the flames when he attempts to rescue Max, a little boy who is the same age as Joey. Walsh and D.K. get Jimmy and the boy out safely. When Jimmy goes to visit Max in the hospital, his parents are extremely grateful, but Max wants nothing to do with him. After his shift is over, Jimmy goes to Catherine's house to check on Joey and finds Kim there. He visits briefly then leaves. As he stands outside, he calls his answering machine on his cell phone and hears a message from his attorney that the judge is going to award him sole custody of Joey. He looks through Catherine's window with a pained expression on his face as he sees Kim and Joey cuddled up together on the couch. 
55 11 "Old Dogs, New Tricks" Dave Chameides Edward Allen Bernero January 21, 2002 (2002-01-21) 227713
Doc visits Ryan, who's now walking during his physical therapy sessions. Carlos decides to take a ride on the fire pole and falls, losing consciousness. Doc, Kim and Alex bring him to the ER where he is finally awake and combative. Dr. Thomas admits him to the hospital for observation because of his head lac and LOC. The nursing staff settles a score with Carlos by putting him in a room with Rodger, a drunk he brought in the day before. Rodger is alternating between screaming, crying, whimpering and non-stop talking -- all at the top of his lungs. He's going through the DTs and can't be sedated, because he admits to being drunk since 1987. While Doc is in the ER filling out the paperwork on Carlos's trip to the hospital, he runs into his old partner Jerry Mankowitz. Jerry insists upon taking him out to dinner, during which Doc opens up to him about removing Ryan's cervical collar. He admits that he was jealous of all the attention that the documentary crew was paying to Carlos, and wonders if he was playing to the camera when he removed the collar. Jerry tells him that he did the right thing by saving Ryan's life. He also tells Doc to stop visiting Ryan at the hospital and drawing attention to his unusual interest in this boy's case. Doc has Kim and Alex partner up for the day, which works out very well. When they go out on a call to treat a man injured in a bar fight and run into Sully and Ty, Kim notices a vibe between Alex and Ty. When Kim asks her about it later, Alex admits that they're involved. When Tatiana leaves Sully's mother alone for a few minutes to go to the store and get some milk, Mrs. Sullivan gets a bad burn on her arm. In the ER, Dr. Thomas tells Sully that her injury is severe and may require surgery, and is complicated by her previously undiagnosed diabetes. He admits her to the hospital and tells Sully that she needs to go to a nursing home when she is discharged. Sully overcomes his initial anger at Tatiana for leaving his mother alone when he sees how devastated and sorrowful she is over his mother's injury. Bosco drags Faith along to do surveillance on Charlie B, a drug dealer he has been trying to get off the street. Bosco popped him five times while Faith was out sick, but could never find his stash. The surveillance pays off and they bring Charlie and the drugs into the stationhouse. Looking for bigger fish to fry, Bosco convinces him to set up his distributor in exchange for getting the charges against him dropped. Charlie sets up the meet in a parking lot. When the distibutor arrives, Bosco is shocked to discover that it's his brother Michael. When Michael refuses to roll over on his suppliers, Bosco arrests him. Unable to sleep, Carlos wanders the floor and sees Ryan saying goodbye to Jerry Mankowitz. After Jerry leaves, Carlos tells Ryan that they worked together until Jerry was shot on the job. Ryan tells Carlos that Jerry is now working as a private investigator for his personal injury attorney. 
56 12 "The Long Guns" Brooke Kennedy Julie Hebert January 28, 2002 (2002-01-28) 227714
In his ongoing quest to join the SWAT team, Bosco befriends an embittered but wily squad veteran, Glen Hobart, who instructs him in the art of distance shooting. When Hobart's emotional problems cause him to lose control, Bosco must endure his mentor's self-destructive tendencies. Meanwhile, Carlos is repulsed when he learns about Alex's sexual relationship with Ty. The cops search for an armed and drug-addled thief, and Faith's latest scary incident on patrol prompts her to ponder taking the test to earn a desk job as a sergeant. 
57 13 "Cold Front" Guy Norman Bee Scott Williams February 4, 2002 (2002-02-04) 227715
Feeling betrayed, Doc angrily confronts Jerry Mankowitz for tricking him into confiding vital information about a pending malpractice suit by not revealing that his old partner is now working as an attorney's investigator. Later, when Doc heroically responds to an emergency involving a near-comatose elderly woman trapped in ice, he remembers that his job is worth the legal fight ahead. Meanwhile, Carlos worries that he got the wrong telephone number from his latest romantic conquest. Faith thinks that troubled Bosco has lost his enthusiasm for police work. Jimmy struggles to act as both mother and father to Joey. 
58 14 "Superheroes: Part 1" Nelson McCormick Edward Allen Bernero (teleplay), Jorge Zamacona & Edward Allen Bernero (story) February 25, 2002 (2002-02-25) 227716
Bosco is giving Faith the cold shoulder and teams up with Ross for patrol. Faith teams up with rookie Gusler. Tatiana's son is admitted to the ER after being beaten by Russian gangsters. 
59 15 "Superheroes: Part 2" Julie Hebert Edward Allen Bernero March 4, 2002 (2002-03-04) 227717
The police officers sort through the carnage and count their dead in the wake of a shootout between rival gangs. While Faith tries to interrogate Fyodor Chevchenko, a ruthless Russian mob boss, Sully worries about the severely wounded Ty and regrets causing the incident. Tatiana chastises Sully for hassling her injured son. Faith worries about Gusler, her ineffective, frightened rookie partner, and a weary Doc gets some unexpected good news about his medical malpractice suit. 
60 16 "Thicker Than Water" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Whitney Boole Williams April 1, 2002 (2002-04-01) 227718
During the investigation of the gang shootout, the police officers are questioned and presented with evidence which suggests that Ross was killed by friendly fire; Carlos learns that Vangie is dead and that he might be the father of the baby her sister leaves at the firehouse; on the first anniversary of Bobby's death, Kim quarrels with Jimmy over her visitation with Joey and confronts a female gang during a call; and Doc is visited by the father of a former patient whose debilitating injury may have been caused by Doc's error during treatment. 
61 17 "Falling" Jesus Salvador Trevino Janine Sherman Barrois April 8, 2002 (2002-04-08) 227719
Bosco's emotional turmoil escalates when he begins to experience panic attacks and flashbacks, but continues to deny that there's anything wrong. After he has a panic attack while driving the patrol car and nearly causes a crash, Sully insists that Bosco see his friend Brian O'Malley, who's a therapist and a former cop. Bosco angrily resists O'Malley's suggestion that the panic attacks and flashbacks to the incidents with Shaquana Golden, Jared McKinley and Glen Hobart are the result of September 11 post-traumatic stress disorder, and storms out of the counseling session. His personal crisis comes to a head when he is suspended from duty for a week and ordered into mandatory counseling for punching a suspect already in custody. Shaken, he visits Faith at home and finally breaks down, relating the horror of watching people fall to their deaths from the Towers, unable to help them, ashamed that his fear left him frozen and unable to go back and help anyone else for several hours. Carlos starts an open adoption process for Kylie, but fails to follow through on appointments to meet prospective parents as he becomes more attached to her. Ty pitches in to help with the babysitting, and saves Kylie's life when she suddenly becomes very ill and stops breathing. Fred invests his hopes for a better future for his family on Faith's passing the sergeant's exam, and reacts angrily when he learns that Faith's preoccupation with Bosco's well-being may have caused her to fail the exam. 
62 18 "The Unforgiven" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Jorge Zamacona, Julie Hebert, Scott Williams April 15, 2002 (2002-04-15) 227702
Tatiana is still missing, and Sully continues to search for her while grieving her loss. When he comes upon the body of a six year old girl in a box on a curb, he becomes strangely unnerved. Haunted by this sight and by thoughts of the mistakes he has made recently, he takes the rest of the day off sick, and winds up in a local restaurant where he finds his parish priest. They ruminate on the nature of guilt, absolution, forgiveness, faith and the intercession of God as they recall the fate of another man who also made mistakes and tried to fix them, and whose life ended tragically at Sully's hand. Sully finally comes to a place where he can forgive himself and go on with life, and seeks out Davis to once again beg his forgiveness and reaffirm their connection to each other. 
63 19 "The Greater Good" Vincent Misiano Lance Gentile April 22, 2002 (2002-04-22) 227720

Hopelessly in love with Kylie and concerned that she will lose her Latina heritage if she is adopted by a white couple, Carlos considers raising her until he realizes that the couple can give her the sister, the grandparents, and the extended family that he cannot; Kim's preoccupation with her new PDA drives Alex crazy until they are able to use it to save a very sick man, thus redeeming themselves in the eyes of a hypercritical Dr. Peterson;

Faith and Fred are still on uneven ground about the sergeant's exam; in an effort to shake Chevchenko's tree, Faith and Sully execute a clever plan to disrupt the Russian's bookmaking operation, which also opens the door to the possibility of the still-missing Tatiana's return; Bosco is cleared for duty, and he and Faith agree to be partners again as soon as he returns. 
64 20 "Unleashed" Guy Norman Bee Edward Allen Bernero April 29, 2002 (2002-04-29) 227721
When a doctor comes to New York to search for the missing daughter of her drug-addicted sister, Faith and Bosco focus their attention on the child's stepfather, a New Jersey cop, after they discover that the girl was taken by a man in uniform; Tatiana returns home; Jimmy spends some quality time with Joey. 
65 21 "Two Hundred and Thirty-Three Days" Brooke Kennedy John Wells May 6, 2002 (2002-05-06) 227722
Rescuers find the body of Alex's father, and he is given a hero's burial; Faith and Bosco tail a convicted rapist released on appeal, certain that he will rape again; dissatisfied by Tatiana's explanation of her whereabouts the eight weeks she was missing, Sully investigates further and uncovers some astonishing and heartbreaking facts about his wife; after Chevchenko threatens to kill him if he doesn't roll over on Faith and Sully, Frankie tells Swersky that the raid on Chevchenko's numbers business was a hummer bust, leading Chevchenko to threaten a lawsuit and have another angry confrontation with Sully. 
66 22 "Blackout" Christopher Chulack Edward Allen Bernero May 13, 2002 (2002-05-13) 227701
When a blackout strikes the city during a heat wave, Sully prophetically warns the more optimistic Ty that trouble in the streets will swiftly ensue. After Carlos leaves the ambulance running to keep the bus cool while he and Doc are on calls, the engine catches fire and the ambulance is destroyed. A wealthy old man confined to his bed by illness offers them a large amount of money to stay with him until his daughter arrives. Doc insists that they leave to treat others more in need over the protests of Carlos. Bosco arrests a young man, Latrell Griffith, and faces a difficult decision when an immigrant shop owner shoots and wounds a teenage shoplifter. After Latrell uses his training as a medic to save the boy, a riot breaks out and Bosco, Latrell and the shoplifter barely escape. Nightfall brings more unrest as the nervous cops try to keep the peace. Faith and Fred are stuck in a elevator when the power goes out. Faith tries to calm Fred's mounting anxiety about being trapped, and is left helpless when Fred suffers a heart attack. 

Season 4: 2002–2003

Series # Season # Title Director Writer(s) Original airdate Production code
67 1 "Lights Up" Guy Norman Bee Edward Allen Bernero September 30, 2002 (2002-09-30) 175201
As the blackout continues throughout the city, the squads face the looting, fires, and riots which occur in its wake. Battling an angry mob, Sully and Ty rescue an injured man and woman who turn out to be George Hancock, the Chief of Patrol, and his mistress Nancy. The paper publishes a picture of Ty carrying Hancock from the scene on the front page and hails Ty as a hero cop, much to his disgust. Against Ty's better judgment, Sully cooperates with the brass in whitewashing Hancock's presence at the scene. After Nancy collapses at the hospital, she is rushed into surgery, but not before denying Dr. Field's assessment that she's been raped. Bosco roams the city looking for Faith, and finally tracks her down just as Faith manages to carry Fred out of the building after rescuing him from the elevator. After they race him to Mercy, an overwrought Faith lashes out viciously and unfairly, first at Proctor and then at Bosco. As painful as her words are to hear, Bosco realizes the truth behind some of them and decides to change his ways, starting with destroying the evidence against Latrell and letting him go free. Sully tells Tatiana that he believes her when she says that she's not the Natasha Guerin on the rap sheet with the four prostitution collars and that it's all been some kind of big mistake. Later that evening after she falls asleep, Sully takes her vodka glass, puts it in an evidence bag, and hides it. Doc and Carlos have it out again, and this time it's Doc on the receiving end of a partner's harsh truths. 
68 2 "The Chosen Few" Nelson McCormick Scott Williams October 7, 2002 (2002-10-07) 175202
An excited Bosco signs up for temporary duty on an elite undercover unit to investigate a gang weapons ring but chafes under the authority of an abrasive female leader (guest star Elizabeth Rodriguez) while Yokas gets more bad news about Fred's heart problems. Elsewhere: a distrusting Sully learns more than he wants about Tatiana's sordid past with the Russian mob; Doc is surprised by the news that his ex, Doctor Morales has got married, and Davis is ordered to report to George Hancock, the Chief of Patrol who's life he saved. 
69 3 "To Protect…" Jesus Salvador Trevino Janine Sherman Barrois October 14, 2002 (2002-10-14) 175203
The frightened parents of a missing boy seek vengeance against a known child molester in their building while the police desperately search until they think they've found the victim -- but only firefighter Alex can ultimately save him. Meanwhile, an uneasy Officer Sullivan reluctantly agrees to help a hated fellow cop in an undercover operation that will exploit his Ukrainian wife's secret connection to a Russian mob boss. A cavalier Carlos offers to hook up a disinterested Doc with an "older" woman. 
70 4 "Crash & Burn" Peter Ellis Siobhan Byrne O'Connor October 21, 2002 (2002-10-21) 175204
Doherty, riding on his motorcycle, is first to arrive at a multivehicle collision; Alex is hit by a car; Tatiana goes to see Chevchenko, and tragedy ensues. 
71 5 "Judgement Day: Part I" Brooke Kennedy Paul G. Golding October 28, 2002 (2002-10-28) 175205
Chevchenko has Tatiana's son killed; Fred comes home from the hospital; and Davis gets a job offer. 
72 6 "Judgement Day: Part II" Brooke Kennedy Edward Allen Bernero October 28, 2002 (2002-10-28) 175206
Sully tries to get revenge on Chevchenko for Tatiana's murder. Fred helps mend Faith and Emily's souring relationship. 
73 7 "Firestarter" Nelson McCormick Scott Williams November 11, 2002 (2002-11-11) 175207
Bosco is in the supermarket with his mother when a fire starts in the facility. When everyone is out and the ambulances are there, Bosco is told by Jimmy that he thinks the fire was started by someone, seconds later, Bosco sees someone that smiles while he's watching the fire and he thinks that he is the one who started it. Now, he is going to look for him. 
74 8 "Ladies' Day" Vincent Misiano Edward Allen Bernero November 18, 2002 (2002-11-18) 175208
Faith Yokas and her daughter Emily goes for shopping but first they go to the bank in order to take some money since Faith doesn't like automated teller machines. While they are on the bank attending in the queu, two men enter the bank with the intention of grabbe all the money they can and leave without making any noise but the things go crazy and Yokas is trapped with Emily inside the bank. Guest star: Titus Welliver as Man in the bank 
75 9 "Crime and Punishment: Part I" Charles Haid Janine Sherman Barrois December 2, 2002 (2002-12-02) 175209
Doc and Joy hook up. Miguel White (the boy from "To Protect...") witnesses one drug dealer murder another, and becomes the dealer's next target. On his first day back at work, Sully rides with Faith, who is put off by his short fuse and bad attitude. When he leaves a prisoner unguarded and uncuffed, Faith tells him to go home because he's not ready to be back on the job. Sully gets drunk and goes to his mother's nursing home. Sobbing about Tatiana, he tries to batter down the door when the receptionist won't let him in and calls the police. After Hancock arrives on the scene, Sully mouths off to him about Nancy in front of the other officers who are there to take him home. 
76 10 "Crime and Punishment: Part II" Peter Ellis Paul G. Golding December 9, 2002 (2002-12-09) 175210
Bosco is dismayed as he watches Cruz go to the extreme lengths of planting drugs, frightening children, and faking a dying declaration in their attempt to arrest the drug dealer who killed another dealer and then tried to to kill the 12 year old boy who witnessed the crime; Nancy tells Ty that she's ending her relationship with Hancock, and gives Ty the ammunition he needs to get out from under Hancock's thumb and back to duty at the 55, as well as getting Sully's suspension from duty lifted. 
77 11 "Second Chances" TR Babu Subramaniam Siobhan Byrne O'Connor January 6, 2003 (2003-01-06) 175211
Doc supervises a new paramedic on her first day; Carlos is arrested after a teenaged patient accuses him of molesting her; Bosco and Faith search for an escaped prisoner; Sully and Davis team up with fire and EMS to save construction workers when their scaffold collapses; in the aftermath of the bank robbery, Faith is troubled when Emily asks her how many people she's killed in the line of duty. 
78 12 "Castles of Sand" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Charles Murray January 13, 2003 (2003-01-13) 175212
Ty bails Carlos out and unsuccessfully tries to help him smooth things over with Nicole; after Bosco and Faith break up a domestic disturbance between an old friend of Faith's and her lover, Faith convinces her friend to leave the abusive relationship; Alex gets irritated when the other firefighters make fun of her brother; Sully continues to drink and have a poor attitude on the job; Jimmy is appalled when his face appears on a poster for an erectile dysfunction product, and is stunned when he discovers that the company paid the charity for whom he posed for the picture $10,000 for the right to use the picture, and that their website got 3,000 hits the first day from women wanting to know his name; when he discovers that everyone thinks that he's guilty and he's likely to lose his case, Carlos resigns in the hope that Nicole will drop the matter, and he'll be able to avoid a conviction that will end his visits with Kylie and his hopes of becoming a doctor. 
79 13 "Snow Blind" Guy Norman Bee Scott Williams January 27, 2003 (2003-01-27) 175213
Sully's stopped drinking, but his poor attitude remains; Carlos gives his two week notice; a blizzard blankets the city and the squads are called in early; an understaffed Doc defies orders and puts Carlos back on the street as the squads are kept busy rescuing victims of the storm; Faith's initial wariness about Emily's new boyfriend Eric turns out to be well-founded when he is brought into Mercy after an overdose of Special K, but doesn't remember where he left Emily after she also got high; Faith, Bosco, Sully, Ty, Doc and Carlos go out to search for Emily, and rush her to Mercy after she's found in critical condition; Faith and Fred blame each other for letting Emily go out with Eric. 
80 14 "Collateral Damage: Part I" Brooke Kennedy Edward Allen Bernero February 3, 2003 (2003-02-03) 175214
As Faith waits for Emily to awaken from her coma, she blames everyone but her daughter for the overdose and reflects on the substance abuse problems in her family; after Cruz's sister is brought into the hospital with an overdose, Cruz gets Sully, Ty and Bosco to look the other way on any possession charges and sets off with Bosco to find the location of her supplier's meth lab, where they end up in an inferno when the dealer sets the house on fire; Kim is reluctant to give a statement in Carlos's case because she's feeling pressured to lie to save his career. 
81 15 "Collateral Damage: Part II" Skipp Sudduth Siobhan Byrne O'Connor February 10, 2003 (2003-02-10) 175215
As she keeps vigil by Emily's bedside, Faith recalls her first days at the Police Academy and the beginning of her friendship with Bosco; the fire squad rescues Bosco, Maritza, and a very pregnant Linda Barnes from the inferno, but Lettie Cruz succumbs to her drug binge before they can reach her; Emily is released from the hospital and takes responsibility for her overdose; Bosco tracks down Gary Barnes with Linda's help; Maritza and Bosco's relationship goes to a new level when he attempts to comfort her on the loss of her sister; Kim finally testifies before the review board and stands up for Carlos. 
82 16 "10-13" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Janine Sherman Barrois February 24, 2003 (2003-02-24) 175216
Sully hits bottom when Ty washes his hands of the partnership after Sully's drinking goes completely out of control; a thief strikes fear in the hearts of the police when he phones in false "officer-in-need-of-assistance" calls to cover his fur store robberies; Faith and Maritza go at it after Maritza's lonesome cowboy tactics nearly gets another cop killed, and Faith is forced to shoot a perp to save Maritza's life after she goes after the perp without backup; Doc has an unpleasant encounter with Joy's father; Faith is disgusted when she finds out about Bosco and Maritza, and Maritza confirms that she put Bosco in front of a lie about a dying declaration to obtain a conviction on a drug dealer; Ty overcompensates for Sully's inattention to the job by becoming a "supercop" with an eye to getting a gold shield. 
83 17 "Letting Go" Tim Matheson W. J. Rinier Jr. March 17, 2003 (2003-03-17) 175217
Faith rebuffs Bosco's attempt to apologize for lying to her; the fire squad extricates a driver impaled after crashing into a store; after Doc makes an impassioned defense of Carlos before the review board, a re-energized Carlos goes back out on the street; Sully's job performance continues to decline as he neglects to keep an eye on a woman he was supposed to be guarding, and she snatches her critically ill baby from Mercy's E.R.; after they discover that the woman is mentally ill, Ty takes a multi-story tumble while trying to prevent her from jumping off a roof with the baby; Faith is stunned when an initially reluctant Emily is eager to continue visiting a drug counselor; Ty catches Sully drinking in the R.M.P. and seeks advice from a union rep; Carlos loses his job as part of the department's settlement with the West family. 
84 18 "Last Call" Lee David Zlotoff Edward Allen Bernero and Scott Williams March 31, 2003 (2003-03-31) 175218
In a last-ditch effort to save Sully's life, job, and pension by getting him dried out, Ty and Bosco kidnap him and bring him to a cabin deep in the woods where he hallucinates about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Tatiana, Chevchenko and Ty's father, and his subsequent descent into alcoholism. 
85 19 "Everybody Lies" Peter Ellis Paul G. Golding April 7, 2003 (2003-04-07) 175219
Sully is sober and back on the job; Faith continues to keep a close watch on Emily; a mutual attraction springs up between Kim and a reporter; Faith and Bosco pursue a man after he steals a bag of money from an overturned armored car involved in a fatal accident; Faith is unable to dissuade Bosco from wanting to hide the cash after the robber drops it, rather than carrying such a heavy load during a foot chase, and is proved right when they return later to retrieve the bag and find that it's been stolen yet again; faced with disciplinary action and investigations by the Major Case Squad and IAB, they pound the pavement trying to find the second perp and discover that the accident with the armored car had been staged by one of the guards and his girlfriend; Maritza ends up stealing the first perp's collar from Faith, which further erodes their relationship; Bosco is jealous when the Major Case Squad detective running the investigation turns out to be Maritza's former boyfriend; as Doc and Kim rush Nicole West to Mercy after a suicide attempt, she tells Kim that her stepfather Anthony has been molesting her; when Nicole's mother refuses to believe that her husband has done anything wrong, Kim implores Melinda to see that her daughter is crying out for help with repeated suicide attempts; after Nicole convinces Melinda that Anthony is guilty and reveals that her accusations against Carlos were false, Melinda apologizes and withdraws her complaint against Carlos and the city; still at odds over trust and honesty issues, Faith and Bosco trade painfully honest barbs and decide to split up; Carlos is elated when Ty tells him he's being reinstated. 
86 20 "In Confidence" Nelson McCormick Janine Sherman Barrois April 14, 2003 (2003-04-14) 175220
Kim is invited to a party by Noble. Noble is arrested through an undercover operation. He becomes an informant and helps Cruz and Bosco bust a Meth ring. Faith officially requests a new partner. Emily and Faith face off about Eric. 
87 21 "Closing In" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Scott Williams April 21, 2003 (2003-04-21) 175221
Cruz's desire to find the leader of the Meth ring puts Bosco in a uncomfotable position. Faith tries to improve her relationship with Emily and also gets a new partner, Sasha, at work. Noble is released and sets up a new date with Kim. 
88 22 "The Price of Nobility" Christopher Chulack Edward Allen Bernero and Brooke Kennedy April 28, 2003 (2003-04-28) 175222
Maritza's reckless pursuit of Buford triggers a horrific car accident that leads to multiple injuries to motorists, and triggers an explosion that severely injures Lt. Johnson and kills Alex Taylor; Doc and Kim get to the top of the promotion list; Maritza hangs Bosco and Nunez out to dry over the murder Noble committed; Doc's overwhelming guilt and grief over Alex's death leads him to a career decision; Maritza discovers that Faith has agreed to help Bosco clear Nunez by getting Noble's gun, and goes to Noble's place to intercept her, followed by Bosco and Noble; when Bosco insists on arresting Noble and Faith refuses to turn over the gun, Maritza draws on Faith, Bosco and Faith draw on Maritza, and three shots ring out. 

Season 5: 2003–2004

Series # Season # Title Director Writer(s) Original airdate Production code
89 1 "The Truth and Other Lies" Nelson McCormick Edward Allen Bernero September 29, 2003 (2003-09-29) 176751
Lt Johnson's burns are very bad, and he is transferred to another hospital by helicopter, with Doc and Mrs Johnson at his side. Kim finds out that Aaron is dead. Faith goes to surgery for her wounds. Bosco tells Swersky what happened, and then talks to the FBI. 
90 2 "My Opening Farewell" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Scott Williams October 6, 2003 (2003-10-06) 176752
Kim discovers that her former lover was a drug user. A new paramedic starts, who Doc blames for Alex's death. Bosco tries to get Faith out of trouble for shooting Cruz. Taylor's funeral is held. 
91 3 "Lockdown" Peter Ellis Janine Sherman Barrois October 13, 2003 (2003-10-13) 176753
92 4 "In Lieu of Johnson" Charles Haid Charles Murray October 20, 2003 (2003-10-20) 176754
93 5 "Goodbye To All That"[5] Vincent Misiano John Ridley October 31, 2003 (2003-10-31) 176755
94 6 "Surrender" Nelson McCormick Scott Williams November 7, 2003 (2003-11-07) 176756
95 7 "Payback" Tim Matheson Janine Sherman Barrois November 14, 2003 (2003-11-14) 176758
Sully shoots the denotator out of the hand of Frank Morgan, the bomber and Davis kills one his partner; Doc goes ballistic when he comes upon the scene of an accident involving his old rig and a city bus, and physically assaults Eugene; Public Morals raids Dr. Chow's office, and Maritza is forced to reveal her rape to keep Thomas Warner from being released on a D.A.T.; Ty gets Frank Morgan to flip on Gary Barnes, and Barbara promises Morgan that she will make sure he gets the death penalty for killing her housekeeper and driver; Kim and Carlos refuse to back up Eugene after he files a complaint against Doc, prompting Eugene to quit; a distraught Faith, still plagued by flashbacks of the shooting, asks Fred if they can get out of the city for a family vacation; Warner confesses to raping Maritza while Bosco is transporting him to the Tombs; Carlos is horrified when Doc admits that he accosted Eugene at his house because he "killed Taylor"; Bosco turns Warner over to Maritza, who gets her payback when Warner gets a very painful taste of his own medicine at the Tombs; Barbara rolls up to Sully's favorite diner on her motorcycle and joins him for coffee; Bosco softens his attitude toward Maritza. 
96 8 "Fury" Peter Ellis Siobhan Byrne O'Connor November 21, 2003 (2003-11-21) 176757
Doc is demoted back to the streets and continues his downward spiral, presenting Kim with no end of problems as he lies about his demotion, resists her orders as the supervising paramedic, and deliberately runs down a perp with the bus; Barnes is shanked at Riker's for doing a flip on Buford; Carlos is devastated when Kylie is diagnosed with aplastic anemia and he's not a match for a bone marrow donation; Sully tries to deflect Ty's teasing about his relationship with Barbara by getting him to focus on their LSAT prep; after a horrific gunfight, Maritza finally captures Lettie's killer and decides to spare him so that he can suffer for the rest of his life in prison. 
97 9 "A Ticket Grows in Brooklyn"[6] Gloria Muzio Angela Amato Velez December 5, 2003 (2003-12-05) 176759
As Carlos desperately searches for a bone marrow match for Kylie, he digs deeper into his own past and discovers that he wasn't abandoned by his parents, but was found clinging to his dead father's hand after a car accident; after a local station picks up the story, Carlos gets a call from a woman claiming to be his mother; Bosco and Monroe find themselves going after a small-time mobster putting the squeeze on an honest family-run linen company after the son of the linen company owner dies in a suspicious fire. 
98 10 "The Spirit" Skipp Sudduth Edward Allen Bernero December 12, 2003 (2003-12-12) 176760
Bosco arrests a pedophile posing as a toy store Santa, and the grateful store owner returns the favor by helping Bosco and Sasha come to the aid of a man whose house is robbed of all his children's Christmas presents; after Sully and Ty save a young homeless girl from a fire, she rekindles Sully's Christmas spirit; Carlos receives the ultimate Christmas present when his brother arrives at the firehouse bearing the gift of being a perfect bone marrow match for Kylie, as well as the news of Carlos's real name and family history; Kim and Jimmy spend a romantic Christmas Eve together; Sasha's search for the perfect gift for her nephew gives Swersky the opportunity to play Santa. 
99 11 "A Call For Help" Edward Allen Bernero Edward Allen Bernero January 9, 2004 (2004-01-09) 176761
Bosco and Monroe investigate a suspicious man who they find bleeding in an alleyway as they respond to an anonymous caller's claim that someone is shouting for help in the area. They become more and more skeptical when his story continues to change and they find a blood trail. When it is determined that the amount of blood would have been more than enough blood loss to kill a person, Bosco suspects that the man murdered someone and was bleeding because the victim tried to fight back. 
100 12 "Black and Blue" Jesus Salvador Trevino Brooke Kennedy January 16, 2004 (2004-01-16) 176762
When Sasha discusses taking the sergeant's exam with Maritza, Maritza reveals that she received her promotion meritoriously, not from passing the test; the police are on high alert after two women are assaulted and robbed by men posing as police officers. Later on at the hospital one of the victim dies from their wounds. Kim and Jimmy decide to keep their blossoming romance quiet until Kim is pulled over by the impostors and narrowly escapes with her life with the help of Bosco, Maritza, Sully and Sasha. 
101 13 "Sleeping Dogs Lie" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Janine Sherman Barrois February 6, 2004 (2004-02-06) 176763
102 14 "Blessed and Bewildered" Ernest R. Dickerson Scott Williams February 13, 2004 (2004-02-13) 176764
103 15 "No More, Forever" John E. Gallagher John Ridley February 20, 2004 (2004-02-20) 176765
Steeper continues his by-the-books command style and goes head-to-head with Kim when Doc doesn't report for duty on time; Sasha can't find her off-duty weapon the morning after Doc's party; Faith returns to duty at the front desk despite Fred's wanting her to remain on disability, and discovers that Bosco has lied to her about Swersky's not allowing them to be partners; a panicky Nardo kidnaps Rose and then Bosco in a futile attempt to prove that he wasn't a rat, and makes a shocking choice when he realizes that his days as a mobster have come to an end; to the horror of the squads, Doc takes extreme measures to prevent Steeper from closing the house, and forces Carlos and Kim to risk their lives to do the right thing; Sully returns a favor by reaching out and saving his friend's life in Doc's hour of greatest need. 
104 16 "Family Ties: Part I" Brooke Kennedy Siobhan Byrne O'Connor February 27, 2004 (2004-02-27) 176766
105 17 "Family Ties: Part II" Nelson McCormick Edward Allen Bernero March 5, 2004 (2004-03-05) 176767
106 18 "Purgatory" Mike Vejar Charles Murray April 9, 2004 (2004-04-09) 176768
Distraught over losing an appeal to her suspension, Sasha gets into a car accident that claims the life of a young child; Sully and Ty take the L.S.A.T.; tensions flare between the cops and the firefighters when Maritza goes after J.D., the newbie firefighter, who turns out to be an ex-cop who ratted out Maritza's former partner for stealing drug money; Faith and Fred are still at odds over her return to work; Walsh is promoted to lieutenant; Ty watches over a devastated Sasha, who's racked with guilt over the car accident, Doc's shooting spree, and the events surrounding the deaths of Tanzi and Nardo; J.D. gives Faith and Bosco important evidence he discovered as he put out the fire resulting from Sasha's car accident, which leads the cops to uncovering the basis for the accident and exonerating Sasha. 
107 19 "Spanking the Monkey" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Charles Murray, Victor De Jesus April 16, 2004 (2004-04-16) 176769
Wary of Lester Martin, the high-priced lawyer his father has found for Mikey and the deal he's attempting to broker, Bosco warns his brother to stay away from Maritza, but Mikey decides to disregard his brother's advice and makes a deal to become her informant; for good measure, Bosco threatens to kill Maritza if anything happens to Mikey; Sully teases Ty about his budding relationship with Sasha; Faith and Bosco strike a deal with Laura, who also has no love lost for Maritza, to protect Mikey by helping her nab the drug dealers before Maritza gets to them; J.D. offers Kim a ride home, but stops off first at a rave that both Anti-Crime and Narcotics have staked out, thanks to information Mikey gave them; when some bad ecstasy begins to take a rapid toll, the paramedics call for backup, which prompts Maritza and her detail to storm the building; after an arsonist lobs a Molotov cocktail into the crowded building, Faith and Bosco give chase and capture him, while the firefighters rescue the ravers who are trapped in the fire; recuperating in the hospital after J.D. rescues her from the burning building, Kim realizes that he is intimately involved with running the rave, and threatens to report him, but he resigns first; Faith threatens to report Maritza to I.A.B. after the sergeant assaults Faith's handcuffed prisoner and breaks his nose; Lester reappears in the station house, this time representing the arsonist, who's also eager to work out a deal by giving up the head of the ecstasy ring; Faith picks out a photo of Joey Mann, who drove the arsonist to the rave, and Laura identifies him as the son of Donald Mann, the head of the ecstasy ring; Maritza spooks Joey as she's about to arrest him, and they head off in a high speed pursuit which narrowly avoids a group of children and leads to Joey's death; Laura warns Faith and Bosco that Donald will be after them to avenge his son's death. 
108 20 "In Plain View" Tim Matheson Angela Amato Velez April 23, 2004 (2004-04-23) 176770
Tensions still run high in the Yokas household; Lester preps Bosco for Mikey's hearing, and then pulls a switch when he cross-examines him on the stand, leading to Mikey's getting RORd; Sully realizes what a toll the job has taken on him by his reaction to the deaths of three people in a robbery at the restaurant where he eats breakfast every day; Faith and Bosco answer a call which leads them to Lester's house, where they find his daughter not breathing; Sully tracks down and arrests the restaurant murderer; after Dr. Hickman tells Faith and Bosco that Lester's wife and daughter have been severely beaten, Lester is arrested; Sully gets his LSAT results; Ty and Sasha get closer. 
109 21 "Higher Calling" Gloria Muzio Scott Williams April 30, 2004 (2004-04-30) 176771
110 22 "Monsters" Edward Allen Bernero Edward Allen Bernero May 7, 2004 (2004-05-07) 176772
Faith pleads for her marriage. Bosco prepares for his brother's funeral. Donald Mann plots revenge including killing all the police who were at his son's death. 

Season 6: 2004–2005

Series # Season # Title Director Writer(s) Original airdate Production code
111 1 "More Monsters" Christopher Chulack Edward Allen Bernero September 17, 2004 (2004-09-17) 177901
Season Premiere. Masked gunmen shoot up the ER. Bosco is badly injured. Cruz goes after Mann, Faith goes after Cruz. Cruz arrests Mann in his Appartment. Faith shoots Mann while he is already in handcuffs. 
112 2 "Alone Again, Naturally"[7] Paul Michael Glaser Janine Sherman Barrois September 24, 2004 (2004-09-24) 177902
The shooting at Mann's apartment is investigated, and all involved stood down for three days. Upon their return Faith gets served, and receives a promotion. Cruz has a new boss and gets an anonymous tip about a rat in the house. Ty meets up with some old foes and bungles their arrests. Munroe has a secret. 
113 3 "Last Will and Testament" Matt Earl Beesley Simon Mirren October 1, 2004 (2004-10-01) 177903
114 4 "Obsession" Stephen Cragg Siobhan Byrne O'Connor October 15, 2004 (2004-10-15) 177904
115 5 "The Hunter, Hunted" Paul McCrane Edward Allen Bernero October 22, 2004 (2004-10-22) 177905
116 6 "The Greatest Detective" Ernest R. Dickerson Edward Allen Bernero October 29, 2004 (2004-10-29) 177906
117 7 "Leap of Faith" John E. Gallagher Karen Hall November 5, 2004 (2004-11-05) 177907
118 8 "Broken" Nelson McCormick Janine Sherman Barrois November 12, 2004 (2004-11-12) 177908
119 9 "Sins of the Father" Rosemary Rodriguez Siobhan Byrne O'Connor November 19, 2004 (2004-11-19) 177909
120 10 "Rat Bastard" Matt Earl Beesley Charles Alfrazier Murray December 3, 2004 (2004-12-03) 177910
121 11 "Forever Blue" John E. Gallagher Angela Amato Velez January 7, 2005 (2005-01-07) 177911
122 12 "The "L" Word" Charles Haid Victor De Jesus January 14, 2005 (2005-01-14) 177912
123 13 "The Other "L" Word" Edward Allen Bernero Charles Holland January 21, 2005 (2005-01-21) 177913
124 14 "The Kitchen Sink" Stephen Cragg Simon Mirren February 4, 2005 (2005-02-04) 177914
125 15 "Revelations" Félix Enríquez Alcalá Siobhan Byrne O'Connor February 11, 2005 (2005-02-11) 177915
126 16 "In the Family Way" Vincent Misiano Edward Allen Bernero February 18, 2005 (2005-02-18) 177916
127 17 "Kingpin Rising" Nelson McCormick Charles Murray February 25, 2005 (2005-02-25) 177917
Bosco returns to duty. Cruz investigates the deaths of four gang leaders. Faith annoys a vampire. 
128 18 "Too Little, Too Late" Rosemary Rodriguez Janine Sherman Barrois April 8, 2005 (2005-04-08) 177918
Bosco teams with Munroe for the day and they deal with a woman demanding her missing welfare check. Ty and Brendan get into a stake-out and discover a prostitute working out of a hot dog truck. Cruz finds she is not alone. 
129 19 "Welcome Home" Paul Michael Glaser Victor De Jesus April 15, 2005 (2005-04-15) 177919
Holly takes Carlos to meet her parents. Cruz and Perez rescue a woman on fire and encounter a mystic religion. Yokas digs into Bosco's shooting score. Ty talks to Sasha. 
130 20 "How Do You Spell Belief?"[8] Skipp Sudduth Karen Hall April 22, 2005 (2005-04-22) 177920
Carlos buys a ring. A young man's parents are shot and Finney and Davis are left for dead in their upturned car. Emily is invited to the vampire club and rejects them. Grace is disturbed by her feelings towards Finney when he is injured. 
131 21 "End of Tour" Gloria Muzio Angela Amato Velez April 29, 2005 (2005-04-29) 177921
Emily inadvertently lets the vampires into the apartment. Cruz and Santiago are targets of a drive-by shooter. Yokas handles a hostage crisis at a TV station. Bosco proves his shooting ability. Carlos has trouble saying what he wants to say to Holly, and gets some sage advice from Stu. A grenade is thrown into the police house. 
132 22 "Goodbye to Camelot (Third Watch)" Edward Allen Bernero Edward Allen Bernero May 6, 2005 (2005-05-06) 177922
Series Finale. The police house is under grenade and gun attack by Marcel Hollis's crew, and he escapes from custody. The building is evacuated, with Monroe and Cruz inadvertently left behind upstairs, trapped by rubble and fire. 

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