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Origin = Umeå, Sweden
Genre = Hardcore punk
Experimental rock
Years_active = 1991–1998
Label = Burning Heart
Associated_acts = Afro Jetz

The (International) Noise Conspiracy

The Lost Patrol Band

Step Forward


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Past_members = Dennis Lyxzén
David Sandström
Kristofer Steen
Jon Brännström

Refused was a hardcore band originating from Umeå, Sweden. They formed in early 1991 with Dennis Lyxzén, David Sandström, Pär Hansson and Jonas Lidgren and released their first demo, "Refused", the same year. The band went on to release one more demo, five EPs and three albums (not including "The Demo Compilation" or "The EP Compilation") before breaking up in 1998. Refused's final line-up consisted of the members Dennis Lyxzén, David Sandström, Kristofer Steen and Jon Brännström who released everything from "Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent" (1996) to the definitive album "The Shape of Punk to Come". In this album, Refused drew heavily on the influence of the Washington, D.C. hardcore band Nation of Ulysses, New York hardcore band Born Against, as well as the writings of Karl Marx, anarchist Errico Malatesta, and the Situationist International. The band were already well known for their vegan and straight edge stances. Refused broke up the same year as a result of expending all their creative energy and wanting different things. Lead singer Dennis Lyxzén went on to form The (International) Noise Conspiracy, and 93 Million Miles From The Sun while the other members, as well as venturing into their own projects, formed the group TEXT. Dennis Lyxzén and David Sandström also got together with other friends in 2004 to make the self titled The Lost Patrol Band album. Kristofer Steen is now a director and made a documentary on the band's last year in existence called Refused Are Fucking Dead (a reference to a song titled "Born Against Are Fucking Dead" by the New York Hardcore band Born Against). As of May, 2008, Dennis Lyxzén and David Sandström have formed a new straight-forward hardcore band under the name AC4.


*Dennis Lyxzén - vocals
*David Sandström - drums, guitar, melodica
*Kristofer Steen - guitar, drums, bass guitar
*Jon Brännström - vocals, guitar, samplers/electronics

Past members

* Magnus Björklund - bass guitar (1992–1995) (also played on "The Shape of Punk to Come")
* Jonas Eriksson - bass guitar
* Pär Hansson - guitar (1991–1994)
* Magnus Höggren - bass guitar (1996–1997)
* Henrik Jansson - guitar (1992–?)
* Anders Johansson - bass guitar (whenever needed)
* Jonas Lindgren - bass guitar (1991)
* Ulf Nyberg - bass guitar (1997–1998)
* Jesper Sundberg - bass guitar (1994)

Final show

After releasing "The Shape of Punk To Come", Refused decided to do one final tour in the United States. With tension in the band running high, everything finally collided only a few shows into the tour. The band decided to call it quits after a show in Atlanta, Georgia. Flights were booked back to Sweden, and the band set out towards the Reagan International Airport. Fred Ziomek, guitarist for tourmates Darkest Hour, convinced the band to play one last show in his basement en route to National Airport. They agreed, and even though there were only around twelve hours to promote the show, there were still around four-hundred people in attendance.

The line-up was: Union of the Snake (Cornbread's joke glam-metal band), Darkest Hour, Frodus, and Refused.

The police kept coming by all night, and Tony Weinbender, who had been put in charge of organizing everything, kept them at bay for a while. The police returned during Frodus' set, and said "If we get another complaint and have to come back here, we're taking you to jail." Weinbender told the policemen he would shut the show down, but a few songs into Refused's set, police entered the house and plowed through the throng of people to get to the basement. The band began playing what would be their final song, "Rather Be Dead", as the police forced their way through the crowd. The song reached the crescendo where Dennis would have screamed, "rather be alive", as the plug was pulled (literally), and the band stopped playing. The audience continued chanting the final verses of the song, "rather be alive!"

Final communique

After Refused split up, they released one final, fiery open letter titled "Refused Are Fucking Dead". It can be read in full on their label Burning Heart's website [] .

Among other things, they said that they "will not give interviews to stupid reporters" and demanded "that every newspaper burn all their photos of Refused".

References in media

*The song "New Noise" has been featured in the movie "Crank", as well as "Friday Night Lights". "New Noise" was also featured on an episode of "24 (Season 1)", in the game "Tony Hawk's Underground" and in the Swedish movie "Jalla! Jalla!" The song itself has been chosen frequently by "Rage" guest programmers. In addition, it is the entrance theme for UFC fighter Clay Guida. It's also the theme song of the German football show "Bundesliga Aktuell" of "DSF"

*Rock bands, The Used and Crazy Town, have covered Refused's "New Noise" on numerous occasions live.

*Sonic Boom Six named one of their song "The Rape of Punk To Come" in reference to "The Shape of Punk To Come".

*The band Paramore used the line "we want the airwaves back" from Refused's "Liberation Frequency" in their own song "Born For This" on their second release, "Riot!".

*The Montreal punk band, The Sainte Catherines have a song entitled ­­"The shape of drunks to come" in their release "Dancing for decadance"

*The UK magazine Rock Sound gave their album "The Shape of Punk to Come" number one spot in the magazines list of 100 albums that most influenced the music that Rock Sound is about itself.

*The band Bomb the Music Industry! have a song called "Bomb the Music Industry! (and Action Action) (and Refused) (and Born Against) Are Fucking Dead" on their 2005 album To Leave or Die in Long Island

*On the Thrice DVD If We Could Only See Us Now, guitarist Teppei Teranishi can be seen pretending to scream along to "Worms of the Senses/Faculties of the Skull" off The Shape of Punk To Come.

*A short clip from "The Real" is featured near the end of the "Green Team" video on the comedy website Funny or Die.

*Hip Hop artist P.O.S used the line "rather be forgotten than remembered for giving in" from Refused's "Summer Holidays vs. Punk Routine" in the song "Music For Shoplifting".

*The hardcore band featuring members of Thursday, Converge, and Glassjaw known as United Nations have a song entitled "The Shape Of Punk That Never Came" which is devoted to Refused and it's members.



* "This Just Might Be the Truth" (1994)
* "Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent" (1996)
* "The E.P. Compilation" (1997)
* "The Demo Compilation" (1997)
* "" (1998)


"ordered by release date. (first to last)"

* "" (1992)
*: Re-fused / Another one / Enough is enough / Fusible front / Reach out / Fudge / Blind / Back in black
* "" (1992)
*: The new deal / I Wish / Where is equality? / Who died? / Burn / Racial liberation / Hate breeds hate
* "This Is the New Deal" (1993)
*: Hate breeds hate / Break / Where's equality? / Soft / I wish
* "Pump the Brakes" (1994)
*: Pump the brakes / Strength / Preception / Who died?
* "Everlasting" (1995)
*: Burn it / Symbols / Sunflower princess / I am not me / Everlasting / The real / Pretty face
* "Refused Loves Randy" (1995)
*: Tv freak / Pump the brakes / Humanalogy / Re-fused
* "Rather Be Dead E.P." (1996)
*: Rather be dead / Jag äter inte mina vänner / Circle pit / Lick it clean / Voodoo people
* "The New Noise Theology E.P." (1998)
*: New noise / Blind-date / Poetry written in gasoline / Refused are fuckin' dead (Bomba Je Remix, Long Version)


* "The Shape of Punk to Come" DVD-Audio version (2004)
* "Refused Are Fucking Dead" (2006)


*"Really Fast Vol.8" (1993) - LP (Really Fast)
** I Wish (Taken from "This Is The New Deal")
*"Northcore: The Polar Scene Compilation" (1994) - CD (Burning Heart)
** The New Deal (Previously Unreleased Version)
** Guilty (Previously Unreleased)
*"Hardcore For The Masses Vol.2" (1994) - CD (Burning Heart)
** The Real (Previously Unreleased Version)
*"Cheap Shots" - CD (1994) (Burning Heart)
**Hate Breeds Hate (Taken from "This Is The New Deal")
*"Adrenalin" (1994) - CD (Luger)
**Pump The Brakes (Taken from "This Just Might Be...The Truth")
**Strength (Taken from "This Just Might Be...The Truth")
*"Straight Edge As Fuck (1994) - MCD (Desperate Fight)
**Everlasting (Previously Unreleased Version)
*"Straight Edge As Fuck Vol.2" (1995) - CD (Desperate Fight)
**Cheap... (Previously Unreleased)
*"Purple Pain" (1995) - CD (Dolores)
**Let's Go Crazy (Previously unreleased / Written by Prince)
*"Best Alternative (1996) - CD (Arcade)
**Return To The Closet (Taken from "Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent")
*"Kittenish Vol.4" (1996) - CD (Border)
**Coup D'état (Taken from "Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent")
*"Still From The Heart" 199? - CD (We Bite)
**Rather Be Dead (Taken from "Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent")
*"Equal Vision Records Sampler" 199? - CD (Equal Vision)
**Sunflower Princess (Taken from "Everlasting")
*"Defenders Of The Oppressed Breed" 199? - CD (Veggie Music)
**Jag Äter Inte Mina Vänner (Taken from "Rather Be Dead E.P")
*"Victory Promo 02" (1996) - CD (Victory)
**Coup D'état (Taken from "Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent")
*"Children In Heat" (1996) - CD (Hellbound Heart)
**Bullet (Previously Unreleased / Written by The Misfits)
*"Victory Style Vol.2" (1997) - CD (Victory)
**It's Not O.K... (Taken from "Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent")
*"Popstad Umeå" (1997) - CD (Nons)
**Rather Be Dead (Taken from "Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent")
*"Straight Edge As Fuck Vol.3" (1997) - CD (Desperate Fight)
** New Noise (Previously Unreleased Version)
*"Cheap Shots Vol.3" (1998) - CD (Burning Heart)
**Rather Be Dead (Taken from "Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent")
**The Shape Of Punk To Come (Taken from "The Shape Of Punk To Come")
*"Sweden Deluxe" (1998) - CD (Moondog)
**New Noise (Taken from "The Shape Of Punk To Come")
*"Still Screaming" (1998) - CD/LP (Burning Heart)
**The Deadly Rhythm (taken from "The Shape Of Punk To Come")
**Peek-A-Boo (Previously Unreleased)
*"Better Living Through Reckless Experimentation" 199? - CD (Barcode)
**The Deadly Rhythm (taken from "The Shape Of Punk To Come")
*"Punk mob" 199? - CD (???)
**New Noise (Taken from "The Shape Of Punk To Come")
*"Punk-O-Rama Vol.4" (1999) - CD (Epitaph)
**Summerholidays Vs. Punkroutine (Taken from "The Shape Of Punk To Come")
*"Can't Stop This Train" (1999) - CD (Join The Team Player)
**Nothing New Again (Previously Unreleased)
*"Rock 'N' Snow" 199?/200? - CD (???)
**New Noise (Taken from "The Shape Of Punk To Come")
*"Metroschifter: Encapsulated (Tribute)" (2001) - CD (Doghouse)
**L-182 (Previously Unreleased / Written by Metroschifter)
*"100% Adrenalin" (2000) - CD (MRN)
**Coup d'etad (Unreleased live-version)
*"Cheap Shots Vol.4" (2000) - CD (Burning Heart)
**New Noise (Taken from "The Shape Of Punk To Come")
*"Burning Heart Records: Smash It Up!" (2000) - CD (Burning Heart)
**Summerholiday vs. Punkroutine (Taken from "The Shape Of Punk To Come")
*"For Those Who Stand" (2001) - CD (Tear It Down)
**The Deadly Rhythm (taken from "The Shape Of Punk To Come")
*"Cheap Shots Vol.5" (2001) - CD (Burning Heart)
**Rather Be Dead (Taken from "Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent")
*"Punk-O-Rama Vol.5" (2001) - CD (Epitaph)
**Refused Are Fucking Dead - Remix (Taken from "The New Noise Theology E.P")
*"Punk-O-Rama Vol.8" (2003) - 2xCD (Epitaph)
**Coup D'état (Taken from "Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent")
*"Startracks" (2003) - CD (Startracks)
**Pump The Brakes (Taken from "This Just Might Be...The Truth")
*"Punk-O-Rama Vol.9" (2004) - CD+DVD (Epitaph)
**Liberation Frequency (Taken from "The Shape Of Punk To Come")
*"Victory Video Sampler" 199? - VHS (Victory)
**Rather Be Dead (Taken from "Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent")
*"Flame Still Burns" (1999) - VHS (Burning Heart)
**New Noise (Taken from "The Shape Of Punk To Come")
**Rather Be Dead (Taken from "Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent")
*"Hang the VJ" (2001) - DVD (Burning Heart)
**New Noise (Taken from "The Shape Of Punk To Come")
**Rather Be Dead (Taken from "Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent")
**Pump The Brakes (Taken from "This Just Might Be The Truth")
**Hate Breeds Hate (Taken from "This Is The New Deal")
*"Punk-O-Rama Vol.1" (2003) - DVD (Epitaph)
**New Noise (Taken from "The Shape Of Punk To Come")


*Split with Abhinanda
**Guilty / Let's go crazy / Spiritual game / Revolution
**Year: 199?
**Format: 7"
*Their last concert in Europe
**Recorded: 1998
**Release Year:199?-200?
**Format: CD-R
**The shape of punk to come / The Refused party program / Circle pit / Hook, line and sinker / Refused are fuckin dead / Rather be dead / Burn it / The deadly rhythm / Pretty face / New noise / Tannhäuser/Derivé

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*Umeå Hardcore


External links

* [ Burning Heart's Refused page] - Official Refused site (biographical details obtained here)
* [ Refused Profile on with reviews, related bands, news]
* [] - Refused feature on
* [] - Interview with Kristofer Steen, discussing the DVD and reasons behind the breakup.

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