Refused ballot

Refused ballot

A refused ballot, or similar alternative, is a choice available to voters in many elections. This is an alternative for many people to casting a disparaging Spoiled ballot, which is not counted separately from ballots which have been accidentally destroyed.


While Canadian federal elections do not allow a ballot to be refused, the provinces of Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Alberta, as well as the Yukon Territory, all allow voters to "refuse" their ballot at a polling station, which is then recorded as having been refused.

During the 2000 Canadian federal election, a number of voters (chiefly in Edmonton, Alberta) "ate" their ballots, as part of what they dubbed the "Edible Ballot Society", to protest what they saw as inherently unfair elections. The stunt led Elections Canada to propose that there be legislation allowing federal ballots to be officially refused. [ [ CBC - Canada Votes 2004 - Daily Answer - Answer Reference Shelf ] ]


Russian electoral ballots contain a box named "Against All", allowing the voter to register a "protest vote" against all the candidates running.

A March 2004 opinion poll saw ruling President Vladimir Putin draw 70% support from Russians, but "Against All" managed to claim the second place, ahead of the other candidates. [ [ News Story - Department of History and Classics - University of Alberta ] ]

In December 2004, "Against All" actually managed to draw the highest number of votes in the electoral districts of St. Petersburg, Sverdlovsk and Ulyanovsk. A repeat election led to St. Petersburg and Sverdlovsk electing proper Members of Parliament. Ulyanovsk's second vote however, after two candidates dropped out of the race, actually saw "Against All" gain "more" support in the polls, now pulling in 21.5% of the vote, nearly double what any of the actual candidates received. []

At present time "Against All" candidate is eliminated from ballots. []

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*None of the above
*Brewster's Millions, 1985 film in which a millionaire encourages people to vote "None of the Above" for New York City mayor.

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* [ Campaign for "None of the Above" on Irish ballots]


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