Carter (surname)

Carter (surname)

Carter is a family name. Within the United States, it is ranked as the 40th-most common surname. [U.S. Census Bureau; "Frequently Occurring First Names and Surnames From the 1990 Census, (Table) Name Files dist.all.last"; published May 9, 1995; ]


Carter is of English origin and is an occupational name given to one who transports goods by cart or wagon. The name is derived from Anglo-Norman "caretier", which is further derived from the Old French "caret" ("carrier"). An alternate derivation may be the Gaelic term for tourist or sojourner, "cairtear". [; "Genealogy: Name Meaning and Origin"; ; retrieved August 9, 2006]

Notable persons surnamed Carter


*Aaron Carter (1987–), American pop singer, twin brother of Angel Carter
*Alan B. Carter (1952–), British Philosopher
*Allister Carter, an English professional snooker player
*Amon G. Carter, Sr. (1879–1955), publisher of the newspaper Fort Worth "Star-Telegram"
*Amy Carter (1967–), American youngest child of former U.S. president Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn Carter
*Andre Carter (1979–), American professional football player
*Andrew Carter (1949–), British middle distance runner
*Angel Carter (1987–), American fashion model, twin sister of Aaron Carter
*Angela Carter (1940–1992), English novelist and journalist
*Anne Hill Carter, (1773–1829), American, mother of Confederate General Robert E. Lee
*Anson Carter (1974–), Canadian professional ice hockey player
*Anthony Carter NBA player, currently with the Minnesota Timberwolves
*A. P. Carter (1891–1960), American country music musician, founder of the Carter Family musical group
*Arnold Carter (1918-1989), American baseball player
*Asa Earl Carter (1925–1979), American speechwriter to Governor George Wallace of Alabama, novelist under the pseudonym Forrest Carter
*Ashton Carter (contemporary), American professor at Harvard University


*Benny Carter (1907–2003) American jazz musician
*Betty Carter (1930–1998), American jazz singer
*Billy Carter (1937–1988), American younger brother of U.S. President Jimmy Carter
*Bo Carter (dates unknown), American blues musician
*Bob Carter (contemporary), father of Nick Carter, Aaron Carter, and Angel Carter
*Brad Carter (contemporary), founder of Phone Losers of America
*Brandon Carter (1942–) theoretical physicist, noted for work on the properties of black holes
*Bunchy Carter ( [?] –1969), American activist in the Black Panther Party


*Carlene Carter (1955–) American country singer, daughter of June Carter Cash
* Charles F. Carter, economist
*Charles Joseph Carter, also known as "Carter the Great" (1874–1936), American stage magician
*Charles Newell Carter (1967–), American politician from North Carolina
*Chesley William Carter, Canadian Member of Parliament and senator
*Chris Carter (1956–), American screenwriter and producer: "The X-Files"
*Chris Carter (contemporary), New Zealand politician and a member of Cabinet
*Clarence Carter (1936–), American singer and musician
*Clarence Holbrook Carter (1904-2000), American painter
*Cris Carter (1965–) American professional football player


*Dale Carter (1969–) American professional football player
*Daniel Carter (contemporary), American free jazz saxophone, flute, clarinet, and trumpet player
*Daniel Carter, (1982–), New Zealand rugby union player
*Darren Carter (1983–), English football player
*Dave Carter (1952–2002), American folk singer and songwriter
*David Carter (1952–), New Zealand politician, member of the National Party
*Deana Carter (1966–), American singer-songwriter of country music
*Desmond Keith Carter (1967–2002), American who was executed in North Carolina for a 1992 murder
*Dixie Carter (1939–), American actress
*Don Carter (dates unknown), founder and former owner of the Dallas Mavericks
*Duane Carter (contemporary), American Formula One driver in the Indianapolis 500
*Dudley C. Carter (1891–1991), Canadian-American woodcarver whose work was influenced by First Nations people in British Columbia
*Dwayne Carter Jr. (Lil' Wayne), Best Rapper Alive


*E. Graydon Carter (contemporary), Canadian-born editor of "Vanity Fair", co-founder of "Spy"
*Edward Carter, Canadian Member of Parliament
*Elizabeth Carter (1717–1806), British writer
*Elliott Carter (1908–), American classical music composer
*Evelyn John Webb-Carter Colonel of The Regiment of The Duke of Wellington's Regiment West Riding)


*Frances Ann Tasker Carter (1738-1787), wife of Robert Carter, wealthy Virginia plantation owner. (see article)
*Forrest Carter, pseudonym of Asa Earl Carter
*Fred Carter (1945–), American former professional basketball player
*Erik Carter Floor person


*Gary Carter (1954–), nicknamed "The Kid", American professional baseball player
*Gentleman Jim Carter (contemporary), American radio disc jockey in the 1970s and 1980s
*George R. Carter, American politician, territorial governor of Hawaii 1903–1907
*Gerald Emmett Cardinal Carter (1912–2003), Canadian Archbishop of Toronto
*Glenn Carter (contemporary), English actor and singer, and songwriter
*Gloria Carter Spann, motorcyclist and sister of Jimmy Carter


*Hamish Carter (1971–), New Zealand triathlete
*Hazel Carter (dates unknown) American who stowed away on a ship to France during World War I to be with her husband
*Helena Bonham Carter (1966–), British actress
*Herbert Augustine Carter ( [?] –1916), English recipient of the Victoria Cross
*Hodding Carter II (1907–1972), American journalist and author
*Hodding Carter III (contemporary), American White House aide to President Jimmy Carter, son of Hodding Carter II
*Howard Carter (1874–1939), English archaeologist and Egyptologist
*H. Adams Carter (1914–1995), American linguist, mountaineer and editor of the American Alpine Journal



*James Carter (1969–), American jazz musician
*James G. Carter (1795-1849), American politician, "Father of the American Normal School"
*Jared Carter (1939–), American poet
*Jason Carter (1960–), British actor
*Jenny Carter (1931–), Canadian politician, former cabinet minister
*Jerome Carter (1963–), American High Jumper, former Co-American Record Holder, 1988
*Jim Carter (1950-) Athens, GA UGA'72; BSED; baseball; baseball coach-college, h.s. and ex-scout
* Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.) (October 1, 1924-) 39th President of the United States (1977–1981) and 2002 Nobel Peace laureate
*Jimmy Carter (1923–1994), world lightweight boxing champion
*Joanne Carter (1980–), Australian figure skating Olympian
*Joe Carter (1960–), American professional baseball player
*Joseph C. Carter, Currently serving first African-American National Guard Adjutant General in Massachusetts history.
*John Carter (contemporary), American politician, representative from Texas
*John Carter (1928–1991), American jazz musician
*John Carter (1950–) New Zealand politician, member of the National Party
*Johnny Carter (1947–), American gospel singer and record producer
*June Carter, Country singer and wife of Johnny Cash


*Ken Carter (contemporary), American former high school basketball coach in Richmond, California
*Kevin Carter (1961–1994), South African photojournalist
*Kym Carter (1964–), American heptathlete


*Lance Carter (1974–), American professional baseball player
*Leslie Carter (1862-1937, American actress
*Leslie Carter (contemporary), American pop singer
*Leslie Carter (aka Fruitbat) (contemporary), British indie musician
*Lillian Carter (1898–1983), known as "Miss Lillian", mother of American President Jimmy Carter
*Lin Carter (1930–1988), American science fiction/fantasy author and editor
*Lynda Carter (1951–), American actress: "Wonder Woman"


*Martin Carter (1927–1997) Guyanese Poet
*Matt Carter (contemporary), English General Secretary of the Labour Party
*Matthew Carter (1937–) American designer of digital fonts
*Maybelle Carter (1909–1978), American country music musician
*Michael Carter (1990–) Author
*Murray Carter Bladesmith


*Nell Carter (1948–2003), American singer and actress
*Nelson Victor Carter ( [?] –1916), English recipient of the Victoria Cross
*Nickolas Gene Carter (1980–), American pop singer, brother of Angel Carter and Aaron Carter
*Nicholas John Carter (1962–), quick witted British radio presenter (Radio Caroline)
*Nina Carter (1951–), British topless model



*Peter Carter-Ruck (1914–2003), English lawyer specializing in libel cases


*Quincy Carter (1977–), American professional football player


*Ryan Carter (1913–1994), English footballer
*Ralph Carter (1961–), American actor
*Robert "King" Carter (1663–1732), American plantation owner, one of the wealthiest men in the early Colonies, former governor of Virginia Colony
*Robert "Councillor" Carter III (1727–1804), American plantation owner, early abolitionist, one of the founding fathers of the United States, and grandson of Robert "King" Carter
*Robert Carter (1955–), English novelist
*Roger Carter (Marxist-Leninist candidate), a Canadian political candidate
*Roger W. Carter, a mathematician
*Ron Carter (1937–), American jazz bassist
*Rosalynn Carter (1927–) American former First Lady of the United States, wife of Jimmy Carter
* Roy Carter (1943–), Democratic congressional candidate
*Rubin "Hurricane" Carter (1937–), American boxer 1961–1966
*Russell Carter (1985–), former University of Notre Dame men's basketball player
*Ruth Carter Stapleton, sister of Jimmy Carter, evangelist

*Sara Carter (1898–1979), American country music musician
*Shawn Carter, Rapper known as Jay-Z
*Shayne Carter (1964–), New Zealand rock singer
*Simon Carter (1991–), English child genius
*Sonny Carter (1947–1991), American astronaut
*Stacy Carter (1971–), known as Miss Kitty or The Kat, American professional wrestler
*Stephen L. Carter (1954–), American law professor, legal- and social-policy writer, columnist, and novelist
*Sydney Carter (1915–2004), English poet and songwriter: "Lord of the Dance"


*Thomas Carter (contemporary), American film director: "Swing Kids", "Save the Last Dance", "Coach Carter"



*Vince Carter (1977–), American professional basketball player


*Walter C. Carter, Canadian Member of Parliament
*Wilf Carter (1904–1996), also known as Montana Slim, Canadian-American country music singer and yodeler
*William Blount Carter, American politician from Tennessee





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