Carl L. Weschcke

Carl L. Weschcke

Carl Llewellyn Weschcke (born September 10, 1930 in St Paul, Minnesota) is a businessman and president/owner of Llewellyn Worldwide (formerly Llewellyn Publications) since 1961. He received nationwide media attention when he bought the supposedly haunted Summit Avenue Mansion in St. Paul in 1964, and claimed to have "numerous odd experiences" there.

Weschke bought Llewellyn Publications in early 1961 when he was president of Chester-Kent, Inc [ [ 100 Years of Llewellyn: Press Release: Weschcke buys Llewellyn Publications ] ] . In 1970, Weschcke opened the Gnostica Bookstore in Minneapolis, as well as the "Gnostica School for Self-Development", based on Gnostic teachings. He also began the Gnostic Aquarian Festivals in Minneapolis, also known as Gnosticon during the 1970s, which helped fuel the rise in awareness of occult and metaphysical teachings.

He is married to Sandra Weschcke, and they have one son, Gabriel (current vice president at Llewellyn). Carl continues to serve as CEO/president of the company to this day.


* Elected president of the NAACP's Minnesota branch in 1959 [ [ 100 Years of Llewellyn: NAACP Names Carl Weschcke Minnesota President ] ] .
* Elected vice president of the ACLU's Minnesota branch, 1965 [ [ 100 Years of Llewellyn: ACLU Elects Carl Weschcke Minnesota President ] ] .


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