Studio album by Consolidated
Released January 20, 1998
Genre Industrial, Hip hop
Length 66:06
Label Sol 3 Records
Producer Adam Sherburne with Mark Pistel
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Consolidated chronology
Business of Punishment
The End of Meaning

Dropped is the fifth full-length album by industrial/hip hop artists Consolidated, which was released in 1998. The title could be a reaction to having been "dropped" by London Records because of poor album sales, but in some interviews Adam Sherburne explained that the title is a general reference to men having "dropped the ball" -- having failed to live up to their responsibilities -- in their relationships.

Track listing

  1. "Shell" – 5:15
  2. "Lesbian Avengers" – 0:48
  3. "Schnitzel Boy" – 4:23
  4. "Fractured Fairytales" – 3:59
  5. "One Way Out" – 4:35
  6. "Coming of Rage (Fight or Flight)" – 5:07
  7. "Red Flags and Bags" – 6:02
  8. "I'm Sorry Mat" – 5:01
  9. "Tin Man" – 5:20
  10. "Recovered Memory (The Perp, Pt. 1)" – 5:09
  11. "G.L.O.R.I.A." – 2:18
  12. "Craig" – 2:55
  13. "Why Doesn't He Stop (The Perp, Pt. 2 )" – 3:54
  14. "Headgear" – 5:12
  15. "Pimp Is the World's Oldest Profession" – 0:35
  16. "The Window (For Andrea and John)" – 5:33

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