Corridor Vc

Corridor Vc

Corridor Vc ("Corridor 5c") is a branch of the fifth Pan-European corridor. The path of the corridor is presently the European route E73, and a new highway is being constructed as part of the upgrade of the corridor.

Vc connects Budapest in Hungary to the Adriatic Sea at the Croatian port of Ploče. The corridor does not only feature the highway, but rail upgrades and airports of significance along the way. The longest part of this corridor goes through Bosnia and Herzegovina and is widely touted as a road instrumental to the development of the country. The road also connects the eastern and southern parts of Croatia directly.

The corridor passes through or near:
* Hungary
** Budapest
** Dunaújváros
** Paks
** Szekszárd
** Mohács
* Croatia
** Beli Manastir
** Osijek
** Đakovo
* Bosnia and Herzegovina
** Bosanski Šamac
** Modriča
** Doboj
** Zenica
** Kakanj
** Visoko
** Sarajevo
** Konjic
** Jablanica
** Mostar
* Croatia
** Metković
** Ploče

Significance (BiH)

As for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Corridor Vc highway is one of the most significant and project of the highest priority. The construction works on the road have already begun, but intensified beginning of the construction will be a key starter of economic and social activities, and will enable Bosnia and Herzegovina to be connected to main European traffic network, as well as to global European economic and social structure.

Construction of the highway, whose total length is 340 km, will provide: rational connecting to neighboring countries and regions; stabilizing and developing effects will be reached; transport conditions and quality of life improvement; economy competitiveness enhancement; new projects launched and national and international private investments enhancement



Corridor Vc in Hungary starts at Budapest and continues south along the M6 highway to the Croatian border. As of 2008, convert|54|km|mi|0|sp=on|abbr=on stretch between the M0 Budapest beltway and Dunaújváros is the only Hungarian part of the Corridor constructed as a highway.


The Croatian Corridor Vc is divided into two parts: the northern and the southern one. The Croatian parts of the corridor, while 112 km long, together form only 18% of the total length of the corridor. Osijek, a major Croatian city is located on Corridor Vc.

Northern part (Beli Manastir - Svilaj)

The northern Croatian part of the Corridor Vc is signed as A5 highway. It is 88.6 km long and intersects A3 highway. Seven highway interchanges are planned. The highway will also feature a closed toll collection system, as well as several noteworthy objects including bridges over Drava and Sava rivers and a railway overpass north of Sredanci. The most important interchange of this highway is Sredanci, where A5 highway crosses the A3 highway, which is a part of the important Pan-European Corridor X. A5 goes from Hungarian border (near Beli Manastir) to Bosnia and Herzegovina border (near Sredanci). The highway will be constructed in five sections:

The segment between Đakovo and Sredanci (23 km) was finished and officially opened for traffic on November 9, 2007. The rest of A5 is currently in construction. The highway is expected to be finished up to Osijek in 2008 and up to the Hungarian border in 2009.

Southern part (BiH border - Ploče)

The southern part is signed as A10 highway. It will be tolled between Mali Prolog and the Ploče interchange. The highway has already been planned and there are means to construct it, but it will be built upon construction and opening of A1 highway up to Ploče because it will be effectively useless before. Ploče, a Croatian seaport used mainly by Bosnia and Herzegovina is located at the southern terminus of the highway. When finished, A10 will be only 23 km long. It will thus be one of the shortest highways both in Croatia and as a part of Corridor Vc.

The highway is divided in three sections:cite web
url =
title = Početak radova na dionici Osijek - Đakovo
work = HAC
language = Croatian

* Bosnia and Herzegovina border - Mali Prolog interchange (A1, 8 km)
* Mali Prolog - Ploče interchange (6 km)
* Ploče interchange - Ploče harbor (9 km)


Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) funded provision of Transport Master Plan for Bosnia and Herzegovina (March 2001), which represents the first document in afterwar period at this level in transport area, and it was used as basis for many other studies and decisions, even for provision of Planning and Study Documentation for the Highway along the Corridor Vc.

This Study provided priority transport corridors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which were afterwards confirmed by subsequent studies, to a great extent.At the same time, this Study defined main goals in transport sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Development Scenario by 2020. Development Scenario includes three phases:

*Phase 1 (short-term): 2000-2005 – Rehabilitation & Stabilization

*Phase 2 (medium-term): 2006-2010 – Full functionalization & Modernization

*Phase 3 (long-term): 2011-2020 – Structuring & Progress


The transport Corridor Vc through Bosnia and Herzegovina includes:

* E-road E-73 Šamac-Doboj-Sarajevo-Mostar-Čapljina-Doljani, with exit to the Adriatic Sea in the Port Ploče.
* The railway Šamac-Doboj-Sarajevo-Mostar-Čapljina-Metković.
* Sarajevo and Mostar Airports.
* Waterways and quays on the Sava, Bosna and Neretva Rivers.

Length of the Corridor Vc highway, from the North to the South divided by sections:

* Section 1: The Sava Svilaja River (connection Corridor X) - Doboj (South)
**64 km

* Section 2: Doboj (South) - Sarajevo South (Tarčin)
**150 km

* Section 3: Sarajevo South (Tarčin) - Mostar (North)
**58 km

* Section 4: Mostar (North) - Republic of Croatia Border
**68 km
***Total: "340 km"

The tolls currently are estimated to be around 1.50 convertible mark.


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* [ Feasibility study for the Bosnia and Herzegovina segment] en icon

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