Department of Agriculture (Philippines)

Department of Agriculture (Philippines)
Department of Agriculture
Kagawaran ng Pagsasaka
DA Ph.png
Department overview
Formed June 23, 1898
Headquarters Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City
Annual budget P30.415 billion (2011)
Department executive Proceso Alcala, Secretary

The Philippines' Department of Agriculture (Filipino: Kagawaran ng Pagsasaka), abbreviated as DA, is the executive department of the Philippine government responsible for boosting the income of farmers as well as reducing the incidence of poverty in the rural sector, as stipulated in the Government's Medium Term Philippine Development Plan.



The Department of Agriculture had its beginnings when President Emilio Aguinaldo established the Department of Agriculture and Manufacturing on June 23, 1898.

By 1901, under the American colonial government, priority was given to the development of other agricultural products, such as rice and other basic commodities, as well as fishing, forestry, and mining. This new focus necessitated the establishment of the Insular Bureau of Agriculture. This bureau was put under the Department of the Interior through the Philippine Legislature's Act No. 271.

The Bureau of Agriculture grew rapidly until it was abolished by the enactment of Act No. 2666, otherwise known as "An Act to Re-organize the Executive Department of the Government of the Philippine Islands," on November 18, 1916, which was implemented on January 1, 1917. This act provided for the establishment of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR), which would take over direct executive control, direction, and supervision of the Bureaus of Agriculture, Forestry, Lands, Science, and Weather, as well as all matters concerning hunting, fisheries, sponges and other sea products, and such others as may be assigned to it by law.

By virtue of another Reorganization Act in 1932, the DANR became the Department of Agriculture and Commerce. The Bureau of Commerce, which used to be under the Department of Commerce and Communication, was placed under the reorganized Department. The Bureau of Agriculture was split into the Bureau of Plant Industry and Bureau of Animal Industry.

The following year, by virtue of the same Reorganization Act, Secretary Vicente Singson Encarnacion organized the Offices of Accounts and Property and Statistics and Publication, the Fish and Game Administration, established the Divisions of Mineral Resources, Industrial Engineering, and Home Economics, a Fiber Inspection Service, and established a Scientific Library.

Under Secretary Eulogio Rodriguez, the Divisions of Mineral Resources and Industrial Engineering, and the Scientific Library were placed under the Bureau of Science. It was also during Rodriguez's administration that the Division of Mineral Resources was converted into the Bureau of Mines by virtue of Commonwealth Act No. 136.

During World War II, President Manuel L. Quezon re-appointed Rafael Alunan, Sr. as Secretary of Agriculture and Commerce up to 1942. The Department of Agriculture and Commerce was reconstituted on July 1, 1945 upon the resumption of the Commonwealth Government. President Sergio Osmeña re-appointed Vicente Singson Encarnacion as Secretary.

In 1947, the Department of Agriculture and Commerce was renamed Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources by virtue of a Reorganization Act. The Department of Commerce and Industry was formed as a result of which the Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of Patents and Weather Bureau were spun off from the DANR.

The Philippines became a member of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization under Secretary Juan G. Rodriguez. It was also during his tenure that the National Rice and Corn Production Program was launched and was coupled with the creation of the Rice and Corn Coordinating Council, which was the forerunner of the National Food and Agriculture Council (NFAC), which is now the National Agricultural and Fishery Council (NAFC). On September 14, 1959, the DANR moved to its permanent building in Diliman, Quezon City from the Agrifina Circle in Manila.

With the election of President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Vice-President Fernando Lopez was appointed Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources for the second time. It was during his tenure that the Philippines became an exporter of rice in 1968.

By virtue of Presidential Decree (P.D.) 461, which was signed into law by President Ferdinand Marcos, the DANR was reorganized in May 1974 into two departments, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Natural Resources. On June 22, 1978, by virtue of P.D. 1397, all departments were changed to ministries. At the helm of the Ministry of Agriculture was Minister Arturo R. Tanco, Jr., who launched the innovative Masagana 99 rice production program which revolutionized the rice industry and made the Philippines a rice-exporter and self-sufficient in white corn. By virtue of P.D. 461, in June 1978, the MA established 12 regional offices each headed by a Regional Director.

On February 28, 1986 as a result of the EDSA People Power Revolution, the ministership was transferred from Minister Salvador Escudero III to Ramon V. Mitra, who was immediately appointed by President Corazon C. Aquino upon her assumption into office. Guided by the principle that agriculture is business, the DA implemented policy and institutional reforms that freed the agriculture markets, enabling farmers to enjoy higher farmgate prices. These reforms included the dismantling of agricultural monopolies and the elimination of agricultural taxes. Reforms in the agricultural credit system, such as the phase-out of the direct lending scheme, was also initiated.

The reorganization of the Department of Agriculture was contained in Executive Order (EO) No. 116 and was signed by President Aquino on January 30, 1987. The EO mandated the DA to promote agricultural development by providing the policy framework, public investment, and support services, which are needed for domestic and export-oriented business enterprises.

Services, Bureaus, Councils and Attached Agencies and Corporations

The DA is composed of the following Services established in the Department Proper:

  • Information Technology Center for Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Agricultural and Fisheries Information Service
  • Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service
  • Field Operation Service
  • Policy Analysis Service
  • Project Development Service
  • Planning Service
  • Financial and Management Service
  • Administrative Service

The DA is also composed of bureaus as follows:

The following agencies and corporations are attached to the DA for policy and program coordination:

Secretaries/Ministers/Administrators of Agriculture

Term started Term finished Name President
Secretaries of Agriculture and Natural Resources
1917 1921 Galicano Apacible
1921 1923 Rafael Corpuz
1923 1928 Silvestre Apostol
1928 1932 Rafael Alunan
Secretaries of Agriculture and Commerce
1932 1933 Rafael Alunan
1933 1934 Vicente Singson Encarnacion
1935 1938 Eulogio Rodriguez Manuel Quezon
1938 1941 Benigno S. Aquino
1941 1942 Rafael Alunan
1942 1945 Vacant, World War II
Secretaries of Finance, Agriculture and Commerce
1942 1944 Andres Soriano
Administrators of National Corn and Rice Administration
1943 1945 Manuel Roxas
Secretaries of Agriculture and Commerce
1944 1944 Manuel Nieto Sergio Osmeña
Secretaries of Justice, Agriculture and Commerce
1945 1945 Delfin Jaranilla Sergio Osmeña
1945 1946 Vicente Singson Encarnacion
1946 1947 Mariano Garchitorena Manuel Roxas
Secretaries of Agriculture and Natural Resources
1947 1948 Mariano Garchitorena Manuel Roxas
1948 1950 Placido L. Mapa Elpidio Quirino
1950 1953 Fernando Lopez
1953 1953 Placido L. Mapa Ramon Magsaysay
1953 1955 Salvador Araneta
1955 1960 Juan G. Rodriguez
Carlos P. Garcia
1960 1961 Cesar Fortich
1961 1962 Jose Locsin Diosdado Macapagal
1962 1963 Benjamin M. Gozon
1963 1965 Jose Y. Feliciano
1965 1971 Fernando Lopez Ferdinand Marcos
1971 May 1974 Arturo R. Tanco, Jr.
Ministers of Agriculture
May 1974 1984 Arturo R. Tanco, Jr. Ferdinand Marcos
1984 March 25, 1986 Salvador H. Escudero III
Corazon Aquino
March 25, 1986 February 7, 1986 Ramon V. Mitra, Jr.
Secretaries of Agriculture
1986 1987 Ramon V. Mitra, Jr. Corazon Aquino
1987 1989 Carlos G. Dominguez
1989 1992 Senen C. Bacani
1992 1996 Roberto S. Sebastian Fidel Ramos
1996 June 1998 Salvador H. Escudero III
June 1998 May 1999 William D. Dar Joseph Estrada
May 1999 January 6, 2001 Edgardo J. Angara, Jr.
January 2001 March 2001 Domingo F. Panganiban
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
March 2001 December 2002 Leonardo Q. Montemayor
December 2002 August 2004 Luis P. Lorenzo, Jr.
August 2004 July 2005 Arthur Yap
July 2005 May 3, 2006 Domingo F. Panganiban
May 3, 2006 June 30, 2010 Arthur Yap
June 30, 2010 Present Proceso Alcala Benigno Aquino III

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