The Long, Twilight Struggle

The Long, Twilight Struggle

Infobox Television episode
Title = The Long, Twilight Struggle
Series = Babylon 5

Caption =
Season = 2
Episode = 20
Airdate = 18 October 1995
1 August 1995 (UK)
Production = 219
Writer = J. Michael Straczynski
Director = John Flinn
Guests = John Schuck (Draal)
Rif Hutton (ISN Reporter)
William Forward (Lord Refa)
W. Morgan Sheppard (Warmaster G'Sten)
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"The Long, Twilight Struggle" is an episode from the second season of the science-fiction television series "Babylon 5".


The Centauri learn of a Narn plan to destroy a Centauri supply and communications base at a system called Gorash 7. A senior minister in the Centauri government, Lord Refa, convinces Centauri ambassador Londo Mollari to use his contacts with the Shadows to stop the Narn attack. While the Shadows engage the Narn, Refa and Mollari will join the Centauri fleet for an all-out attack on the Narn homeworld.

The Narn commit nearly their entire battle fleet to the attack and hyperspace to Gorash 7. However several Shadow ships are waiting for them and jump from hyperspace. Within minutes the numerically superior Narn fleet is completely wiped out by the Shadow ships. Among those killed is the Narn Warmaster G'Sten, uncle of Narn ambassador G'Kar.

Using their now overwhelming advantage over the Narn, the Centauri launch their final attack on the Narn homeworld, using universally outlawed mass drivers for planetary bombardment. Within a few days most of Narn's major cities are in ruins, millions of Narns are dead, and the planet's economy and infrastructure are on the verge of total collapse. In an act of sheer survival, the Narn Regime agrees to an unconditional surrender to the Centauri, who quickly occupy the Narn homeworld and re-enslave its people. The Narn ruling council, the Kha'Ri, is arrested by the Centauri and charged with war crimes; it is assumed that most of the Kha'Ri members will be executed by the Centauri.

G'Kar asks Sheridan for, and receives, sanctuary aboard Babylon 5, as the Centauri have ordered him arrested, after stripping him of his ambassadorial status.

Draal, the keeper of the Great Machine on Epsilon 3, invites Sheridan and Delenn to visit, and during the visit offers assistance in the coming Shadow War. The existence of the Rangers is revealed to Sheridan, and Delenn transfers equal authority over the Rangers to him.

Arc significance

* The Centauri defeat the Narn and conquer their home planet with the aid of Londo's Shadow allies, ending the war.
* The existence of the Rangers is revealed to Captain Sheridan.
* Draal returns and forms an alliance with Babylon 5.
*The Centauri assault fleet uses illegal mass drivers to bombard the Narn homeworld with large meteors. The surface damage caused by the meteors leads to great negative changes in the planet's climate; these changes will become apparent in later episodes of the series.
* G'Kar is no longer an ambassador and he receives a sanctuary by Sheridan.
* According to the terms of the Narn surrender for every Centauri killed by any Narn, the penalty will be the death of five hundred Narns.

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