Dary John Mizelle

Dary John Mizelle

Dary John Mizelle (born June 14, 1940 in Stillwater, Oklahoma) is an American composer.

Mizelle studied trombone as well as composition and participated in the New Music Ensemble at the University of California, Davis, where he participated in a course led by Karlheinz Stockhausen. He also helped found SOURCE Magazine.

His music involves his own performance on several different instruments and he works in many different genres and media, including electronic and computer music. His SPANDA project involves thirteen days of music.


List of works

Piano Music

  • Variations on a Tone Row (1963)
  • Piano Opus (1966)
  • In Memoriam Igor Stravinsky (1971)
  • TRANSFORMS 1-6 (1975-79)
  • TRANSFORMS 1-34 (1975-95)
  • Three Easy Pieces (1980-93)
  • Sonata II—Polyvalence (1982-5)
  • I Was Standing Quite Close to Process (1991-2)
  • Sonata IV—Multidimensionality (1997)
  • Autumnal Equinox (1998)
  • ZNV (1998)
  • Kitamidorigaoka (1999)
  • Zach’s New Blues (2001)
  • Fingers on Keys-New Music for Piano Students (2003)
  • On Gaku (2005)
  • Piano Concerto Number One—Winterscape
  • Piano Concerto Number Two—Consciousness


  • Dary John Mizelle: Soundscape: Collected Works Vol. 1 (2000). Furious Artisans FACD6801. Featuring:
  1. Metalsong II
  2. Soundscape
  3. Pi/Grace
  4. Samadhi
  • Dary John Mizelle: SPANDA Symphonies of Sound (2006). Nataraja Records. Featuring:
  1. SPANDA Symphonies of Sound I : Transmutations and Metamorphoses
  2. SPANDA Symphonies of Sound IV : I Was Standing Close to Quiet Process

Further reading

Kyle Gann. “Calm Within Chaos” (Dary John Mizelle, Robert Ashley). Village Voice. November 22, 1988 (Vol. XXXIII No. 47, p. 86).

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