M15 mine

M15 mine

The M15 mine is a large circular U.S. anti-tank blast mine. It is a larger version of the M6A2 anti-tank mine, which it superseded in U.S. service. The mine saw service in the Korean War.


The mine consists of a large circular rounded steel case, with a central pressure plate. In the center of the pressure plate is the M4 arming plug, which has an arming lever which be can be set to "ARMED" or "SAFE". The pressure plates sits on top of a belleville spring which sits on top of the M603 fuze. When enough pressure is applied to the pressure plate the concertina spring is compressed and pressure is applied to the M603 fuze which triggers the mine. Two secondary fuze wells are fitted to the mine for anti-handling devices, one on the side, one on the bottom.

The M603 fuze can be replaced by M608 double impluse fuze which gives it a degree of protection against overpressure and mine roller systems. The mine was originally fitted with the M600 fuze which contained a glass ampule of liquid explosive, this made the mine extremely temperature sensitive: freezing temperatures would make the mine inert as the liquid froze, and temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius would cause fuze to detonate.


* Weight: 14.3 kg
* Explosive content: 10.3 kg of Composition B
* Diameter: 333 mm
* Height: 150 mm
* Operating pressure: 160 to 340 kg


The U.S. holds a large inventory of the mine, in 1984 it had approximately 1,904,000 M15 mines of which about 70% were serviceable.


* "Jane's Mines and Mine Clearance 2005-2006"

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