List of The 4400 minor characters

List of The 4400 minor characters

This is a list of minor characters in "The 4400" television series, featured in specific storylines, in order of appearance. Details on recurring characters (those who have appeared in multiple plots in multiple episodes) are at List of The 4400 recurring characters.

The 4400:

First season

#Orson Bailey (Michael Moriarty), disappeared June 11, 1979, from Tacoma, Washington. Insurance Salesman and partner in Kensington & Bailey. "Paranormal abilities": Telekinesis-styled power, which took the form of "shaking" or vibrations, similar to a local, intense earth quake. After being returned, Bailey's emotional state, already dangerously chaotic, caused him to lose control of his power and suffer nosebleeds. Eventually this inability to control his power led to a man's death, and NTAC pursued Bailey and shot him during apprehension, but he lived.
#Carl Morrisey (David Eigenberg), disappeared February 16, 2003, from Seattle, Washington.(Deceased). A supermarket employee turned vigilante. "Paranormal abilities": Enhanced strength and reflexes. Carl, upon discovering his powers, attempted to rid his neighbourhood of crime, drug use, vandalism and gang violence, and was stabbed and killed during one such venture, but inspired his neighbours to fight crime and continue to better the neighoborhood.
#Oliver Knox (Lee Tergesen), disappeared August 22, 1983, from Friday Harbor, Washington, a serial killer. "Paranormal abilities": Mind control via speech. After returning, Knox began using his ability to make random people kill his victims for him, but NTAC eventually found out it was him and imprisoned Knox permanently in a soundproof cell at NTAC Seattle Headquarters.
#Mary Deneville (Georgia Craig), disappeared August 4, 1999.(Deceased). A florist and flower shop worker. "Paranormal abilities": Stimulate plant growth with her voice. After Oliver Knox's killing spree, the brothers of one of his victims went on a crusade against the 4400 and planted a bomb in Mary's flower delivery van, killing her in the resulting explosion.

econd season

#Agent Jed Garrity (Kavan Smith), an NTAC agent whom throughout the series is outspoken in his beliefs that the 4400 and other promicin positives should be treated as dangerous criminals. "Paranormal abilities": After becoming promicin-positive himself due to being infected by a promicin-inducing virus in "The Great Leap Forward", he creates a fully-clothed, self-aware duplicate of himself.
#Wendy Paulson (Lexa Doig), Kyle's college professor.
#Devon Moore (Jody Thompson).(Deceased). An employee at the 4400 Center and one of Jordan Collier's many lovers. Devon was the first to take promicin after Collier stole Haspelcorp's supply. Because of the 50% mortality rate, Devon's body rejected promicin and it killed her.
#Trent Appelbaum (Robert Picardo), disappeared May 18, 1989. A telemarketer. "Paranormal abilities": Could cause rapid metabolic reactions in other through his saliva. Due to his desperate financial situation, Trent marketed his ability, but it was later discovered that the rapid metabolic reactions couldn't be stopped when two affected people starved to death. NTAC was able to save others who were tested with the saliva when Trent gave his liver up for research.
#Eric Papequash (Glen Gould), disappeared August 5, 1955."Paranormal abilities": Unknown. Helped Richard and Lily Tyler hide during their evasion of Jordan Collier.
#Billy Boy (Noah Danby) A tattoo parlour customer, who was warned by Maia to wear his helmet on his motorcycle.
#Jean DeLynn Baker (Sherilyn Fenn), disappeared October 27, 1999.(Deceased). "Paranormal abilities": Can emit sub-atomic plague spores through sores on hands. When her power manifested during her sleep, wiping out her whole town's population, including her parents, her already unbalanced mind finally caused her to go insane from shock, and eventually regains her lucidity when she comes to believe her purpose is to purify humanity. Diana Skouris was forced to shoot her to keep her from wiping out Seattle's population.
#Edwin Musinga/Mayuya (Hill Harper), disappeared February 24, 1996.(Deceased). A nurse and wanted war criminal. "Paranormal abilities": Could heal chromosonal damage in the utero, but also causes his own chromosomes to mutate and slowly destroy his body with developing heart disease and spinal irregularities. After his efforts to help infants were made public, he was identified as a wanted man for war crimes in Rwanda but was allowed to stay on the condition he kept healing. When it was discovered his gift was killing him, and faced with execution if he stopped healing, Edwin decided to keep using his ability for as long as his body allowed as penance for his crimes. Edwin died less than a year later.
#Roger Wolcott (Rob Lee), disappeared March 6, 1987. "Paranormal abilities": Unknown.(Deceased). Roger went into NTAC Seattle Headquarters for a checkup, and was restrained during T.J. Kim's terrorist attack, which had caused all the men in the facility to become homicidally violent. Roger was found by Major Charles Culp, and believing he was responsible for the attack (as he was affected by T.J.'s signal as well), Culp shot Roger in the heart, killing him.
#Sara James (Karen Austin), disappeared November 5, 1971."Paranormal abilities": Unknown.
#Laurel Bryce (Iris Paluly), disappeared January 7, 1982."Paranormal abilities": Unknown.
#Liv (Lindy Booth), a homeless girl who Shawn invites to work at the Center.
#T.J. Kim (Leanne Adachi), disappeared February 2, 1998.(Deceased). A member of the Nova Group. "Paranormal abilities": Could emit "Rage Bomb" signals, causing one or more human males to become homicidally angry. T.J. became a firm anti-NTAC extremeist after several disasters such as Jordan Collier's assassination and the promicin-inhibitor scandal, and eventually joined the newly-formed Nova Group, and was captured for her efforts to assassinate Dennis Ryland. Boyd Gelder (using his ability to disguise himself as Tom Baldwin), later came to NTAC and shot T.J. twice in the head, killing her, to prevent her from revealing what she knew of the group to the authorities.
#Rose Woodard (Christie Wilkes), disappeared December 1, 1991."Paranormal abilities": Unknown.
#Matthew Lombard (Ken Jones), disappeared May 30, 1977."Paranormal abilities": Unknown.
# Werner Loecher (Nicholas von Zill), disappeared April 19, 1973."Paranormal abilities": Unknown.
#Nate McCullough (Jonah Bay), disappeared September 8, 2000."Paranormal abilities": Unknown.

Third season

#Jung Pak (Phoenix Ly), disappeared September 30, 1956. "Paranormal abilities": Can breath underwater due to fish-like gills on his back.
#Tyler Downing (Matthew Gray), disappeared January 9, 1972. Student at the 4400 Center. "Paranormal abilities": Can turn on and off electrical devices by altering electrical currents (Electrokinesis). Tyler was one of the 4400 children abducted by 'Sarah'.
#Philippa Bynes (Angelique Naude), disappeared May 11, 1994. "Paranormal abilities": Create light from her hands (Bioluminescence).
#Dante Ferelli (Kurt Evans), disappeared December 24, 1982."Paranormal abilities": Unknown.
#Wesley Hauser (Andrew Kavadas), disappeared 1975. (Deceased). "Paranormal abilities": Unknown.
#Daniel Armand (Ian Tracey), disappeared July 20, 1990.(Insane). Leader/Spokesman of the Nova Group. "Paranormal abilities": Can induce psychosis through a limited form of telepathy. Daniel convinced Shawn to help create the Nova Group through funding as Shawn believed a defensive force of 4400's was needed after the promicin-inhibitor scandal. When Daniel resorted to terrorist means, Shawn became an enemy of the group and sold them out to NTAC. Daniel later sought vengeance against Shawn for his betrayal, and used his ability to make him schizophrenic. Isabelle Tyler hunted Daniel down as vengeance, and after forcing him to undo the damage, Isabelle turned Daniel's ability against himself, driving him insane.
#Boyd Gelder (Sean Marquette), disappeared March 3, 2000.(Deceased). A member of the Nova Group. "Paranormal abilities": Optical Camouflage (make himself look and sound like other people). After T.J. Kim's capture, Boyd volunteered for the mission to assassinate T.J. to prevent Nova's secret from falling into the authorities's hands and attempted to frame Tom Baldwin for the murder. Boyd was captured shortly after killing T.J., but was freed by Jordan Collier along with the rest of the group and assisted him in stealing Haspelcorp's supple of promicin, and later triggered a suicide bomb, which wiped out the original team of enhanced soldiers made by Haspelcorp, except Isabelle Tyler.
#Ryan Freel , disappeared July 14, 1982. A member of the Nova Group. "Paranormal abilities": Unknown.
#Amy Paspalis, disappeared July 23, 1999. 4400 Center student and Maia Skouris's best friend. "Paranormal abilities": Locally alter probability so that highly improbable outcomes become most likely.
#Lindsey Hammond (Alexia Fast), disappeared November 23, 1979. "Paranormal abilities": Oil in fingers alters glass. Lindsey was one of the 4400 children abducted by "Sarah" in the episode Gone. In season 4, Lindsey returns as one of the promicin positives living in Promise City. There, she wishes Maia a happy birthday and gives her a special gift. Maia's gift...her parents!
#Olivia Germaine (Sophie Barnett), disappeared April 2, 1964. "Paranormal abilities": Can move water back and forth (Only when in physical contact with her brother, Duncan). Olivia was one of the 4400 children abducted by "Sarah".
#Duncan Germaine (Cainan Wiebe), disappeared April 2, 1964. "Paranormal abilities": Can move water back and forth (Only when in physical contact with his sister, Olivia). Duncan was one of the 4400 children abducted by "Sarah".
#Christopher Dubov (Kevin McNulty), disappeared June 29, 1999. "Paranormal abilities": Able to smell human pheromones, allowing him to determine romantic compatibility. He matched people who smelled similar - he got his wife and dentist together. His son Michael, enraged that his mother had left, assaulted him.
#Todd Barstow (Carter Jenkins), disappeared August 29, 1995. "Paranormal abilities": Can see the memories that cause strong emotions in other people around him. In these memories he can see events, names and even the feelings and thoughts of the people involved in that particular event. For his power to work, he must be conversing with the person. He told Alana the whereabouts of the man who killed her husband and son in a car accident.
#Zachary Gidlund (Danny Dorosh), disappeared November 10, 1966. A member of the Nova Group. "Paranormal abilities": Unknown. When NTAC began hunting for Daniel Armand after he caused Shawn Farrell to become schizophrenic, Zachary was frightened into leaving the group and told Richard Tyler the name and location of his Nova recruiter, Jane Nance, and later told Isabelle when confronted shortly after the meeting.
#Jane Nance (Ulla Friis), disappeared October 17, 1980.(Deceased). A owner of many pets and a member of the Nova Group. "Paranormal abilities": Could control animals. Isabelle killed Jane by turning her ability on herself, causing the animals she took care of to attack her, but not before Jane gave up Jorge Molina's name and location.
#Jorge Molina (Emilio Salituro), disappeared March 24, 1975. (Deceased). A gas station worker and a member of the Nova Group. "Paranormal abilities": Create fire (Pyrokinesis) (Strongly implied). Jorge was killed by Isabelle Tyler when she turned his ability on himself, causing him to make the station explode with him inside it, but not before giving up Daniel Armand's location.
#Naomi Bonderman (Linda Darlow), disappeared February 2, 1992. "Paranormal abilities": Secretes an oil from her hands that causes people to hallucinate figures from their past who they had strong ties to; the visions remaining until some closure is found. Her grandson used the oils to create "Blink," a street drug that caused three suicides and infected Tom and Diana. Naomi, who wears gloves to prevent the oil from touching people, helped NTAC to find the truth.
#Darren Piersahl (Jamie Martz). (Deceased). A Sergeant in the US Army Rangers recruited into the enhanced-soldier program. "Paranormal abilities": Oxidization.
#John Shaffner (J. August Richards). (Deceased). A Staff Sergeant in the US Army Rangers recruited in the enhanced-soldier program. "Paranormal abilities": Unknown.
#Claudio Borghi (Brian George), disappeared June 19, 1961. "Paranormal abilities": Induces precognitive visions of the personal possible futures of those he touches. His ability is also biochemical - tobacco grown and touched by him imparted the visions to those who smoked it. Gave Shawn one of his cigars for a wedding gift.
#Edwin Garrett, disappeared October 8, 1980. Attended Shawn Farrell's wedding.
#Michael Lawrence. 4400 Center Student and Member of the Nova Group. "Paranormal abilities": Can change the level of oxygen in the human bloodstream resulting in fainting and unconsciousness of those nearby. Michael worshipped Jordan Collier after his resurrection, and gladly used his ability to free the Nova Group from NTAC Seattle Headquarters.
#Paul Newbold (Sean Pratt). A member of the Nova Group. "Paranormal abilities": Can raise or lower body temperature.
#Tina Richardson (Tanya Hubbard), disappeared April 12, 1995.. A member of the Nova Group. "Paranormal abilities": Telepathic ability to erase memories.
#Lewis Mesirow (Chris Davis), disappeared April 19, 1955. A member of the Nova Group. "Paranormal abilities": Remote viewing. Lewis used his ability to help Jordan Collier find Kevin Burkoff and Tess Doerner.
#Heather Tobey (Kathryn Gordon), disappeared March 2, 1974. Former high school fine arts teacher, teacher and assistant at 4400 center. "Paranormal abilities": Able to bring pre-existing talents to the surface, mainly in children. Heather was also able to help Richard Tyler hone his telekinetic ability.
#Unnamed Woman. "(never seen)" A woman living in El Paso, Texas, who is the first recorded person to develop 4400 abilities from Collier's distribution of promicin. "Paranormal abilities": Able to cure neurodegenerative disease. She cured her father who was living in a hospice of his Alzheimer's disease.

Fourth season

#Agent Jed Garrity (Kavan Smith), an NTAC agent. After becoming promicin-positive due to being infected by a promicin-inducing virus in "The Great Leap Forward", he creates a fully-clothed, self-aware duplicate of himself.
#Wendy Paulson (Lexa Doig), Kyle's college professor.
#Graham Holt (Cameron Bright), An unpopular high school student who took a promicin shot. "Paranormal abilities": To make others worship him like a god. When Graham became increasingly drunk on his new power and used it to take control of Seattle, Jordan Collier neutralized his ability.
#Troy Kennedy (Tod Fennell), an unemployed and lonely man who took a promicin shot. "Paranormal abilities": Can play any instrument like a virtuoso. Troy was interrogated by NTAC about being the possible culprit behind the multiple phobia attacks around Seattle despite him explaining his true ability. Meghan Doyle later revealed he was innocent as another attack happened while he was in custody, and because he wasn't subjected to a promicin test, Troy was released.
#Brandon Powell (Jake Cherry), an autistic child who was given a promicin shot by his father, who wanted his son to have a normal childhood. "Paranormal abilities": Makes people hallucinate their worst phobias to a point of insanity. He was cured by Shawn Farrell of his autism and put on the promicin inhibitor to control his ability. When he began taking the inhibitor, his previous victims showed signs of recovering their sanity. It is unclear whether they would relapse if he ceased to take the inhibitor.
#Audrey Parker (Constance Towers and Laura Mennell). (Deceased). An old woman who took a promicin shot. "Paranormal abilities": Astral Projection. She used her ability to feel emotionally alive again, and after her accidental murder by the son of her caretaker, Audrey helped NTAC solve her murder before fading away.
#Shannon Reese (Lisa Sheridan). A therapist who became a follower of Jordan Collier's teachings. "Paranormal abilities": Emotional Relievement via Speech. Shannon helped Tom Baldwin temporarily work off the stress he suffered following Alana Mareva's re-abduction and Kyle's defection to Jordan Collier's movement.
#Billy (Gregory Waldock). A follower of Jordan Collier's teachings. "Paranormal abilities": Sonic Screaming.
#Dalton Gibbs (Jason Diablo). A mechanic and electronics wizard who became a follower of Jordan Collier's teachings. "Paranormal abilities": Superintelligence. Dalton used his new inventions to benefit Collier's movement, especially with his psychic defense beacons, which formed an effective defensive barrier around Promise City.
#Kathy Weir (Iris Quinn). A follower of Jordan Collier's teachings. "Paranormal abilities": Telekinesis.
#Paul Weir (Mark Acheson). A follower of Jordan Collier's teachings. "Paranormal abilities": Pyrokinesis.
#Bodyguard #1" (Chris Currie). A follower of Jordan Collier's teachings and one of his four bodyguards. "Paranormal abilities": Thermokinesis.
#Bodyguard #2" "(N/A)". A follower of Jordan Collier's teachings and one of his four bodyguards. "Paranormal abilities": Intense Mental Attacks.
#Unnamed Follower "(N/A)". A follower of Jordan Collier's teachings. "Paranormal abilities": Creates a substance that, when ingested, permits a group to share memories.
#Unnamed Follower "(N/A)". A follower of Jordan Collier's teachings. "Paranormal abilities": Can control electronic equipment via a limited form of telepathy.
#Curtis Peck (Todd Giebenhain), disappeared May 9, 2001. A film director. "Paranormal abilities": Claircognizance. Curtis used his ability to use the films he made reveal the truth in many historical conspiracies (e.g. John F. Kennedy's assassination). Curtis later uncovered a conspiracy by future agents, known only as "The Marked", to stop the 4400. Curtis was later forced to go on the run from the Marked, but was later captured. But instead of being killed, Curtis agreed to deny the Marked's existence and stop revealing the truth behind historic conspiracies in exchange he would get to direct his own film in Hollywood. He was later tracked down by Diana Skouris and Meghan Doyle, to whom he revealed an important part of the puzzle - "The Marked" gain power over their hosts via nanotechnology injected into the spinal column. Shortly thereafter he is visited by the now "Marked" Tom Baldwin, interrogated, and murdered.
#Anastasia "(N/A)". A follower of Jordan Collier's teachings. "Paranormal abilities": Pollution Elimination.
#Aquino (Curtis Caravaggio). A Captain in the US Army recruited into the enhanced-solder program. "Paranormal abilities": Invisibility. Aquino led a team of 5 enhanced soldiers (including himself) to assassinate Jordan Collier after he seized part of Seattle as the foundation of the new "Promise City", but because of a tip from Maia Skouris, Aquino and his men were captured by Collier, and after refusing to join him, had their abilities removed and were safely escorted out of city.
#Henderson "(N/A)". A member of the US Army recruited into the enhanced-soldier program and later assigned to Aquino's team. "Paranormal abilities": Tracking via Scent. Ability removed by Jordan Collier.
#Unnamed Enhanced Soldier "(N/A)". A member of the US Army recruited into the enhanced-soldier program and later assigned to Aquino's team. "Paranormal abilities": Psychic Attacks. Ability removed by Jordan Collier.
#Unnamed Follower "(N/A)". A follower of Jordan Collier's teachings. "Paranormal abilities": Plant Control.
#Unnamed Follower "(N/A)". A follower of Jordan Collier's teachings. "Paranormal abilities": Able to induce unconsciousness in others by moving her neck to the side.
#Unnamed Follower "(N/A)". A follower of Jordan Collier's teachings. "Paranormal abilities": Psychic Defense.
#P.J. "(Sean Devine)". NTAC Theory Room Worker (incarcerated). P.J. worked with Marco and Brady in the Theory Room department of NTAC. When promicin hit the streets he wanted to be part of the movement to bring peace to the world so he took the shot. His ability trapped Tom, Megan Doyle, Diana, Maia, Shawn, Isabelle, Kyle, Jordan Collier Marco, Brady and P.J. himself in a corrupt and locked down NTAC facility. There the group had to fight to escape by working together. In the end, the group succeeded and P.J. was arrested for his actions and for taking promcin; although his ability was shown to have helped bring Jordan Collier and Tom Baldwin a step closer to being friends. "Paranormal abilities": able to create hallucinogenic scenarios similar to "games" to bring people together from opposite sides of a social/political spectrum. In each scenerio there is a special 'back door' that if P.J. steps through will end the "game."
#Brady "(N/A)". Works in the Theory Room department at NTAC with Marco Pacella and P.J. In "The Great Leap Forward", he dies after being infected with a promicin-inducing virus.
#Cora Tomkins "(Lorena Gale)", disappeared November 2, 1950. "Paranormal abilities": Creates a liquid that, when mixed with water, makes whoever drinks it progressively younger. With the instruction of Richard, she used her ability to make Isabelle a baby again. In recent events she seems to have reversed what she had done and returned Isabelle to her original age.
#Michael Anslet "(N/A)". A 4400 who used to work the 4400 Center security with Richard. "Paranormal abilities": able to absorb massive amounts of information, but he must write it all down to keep from going insane with the sheer wealth of information he gets. When NTAC came looking for Richard, Jordan gave agents Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris Michael's name and location in the hopes they could track Richard down. NTAC met Michael at his home and threatened him by saying that they would arrest him and wouldn't allow him to write down all his thoughts building up in his head; which would eventually make him go insane. Michael then reluctantly revealed Richard's hiding place.
#Byron Lillibridge "(Greyston Holt)", disappeared February 28, 1966. "Paranormal abilities": telepathically make others see specific people in their lives (whether dead or alive) and interact with them under the belief that they are real. He helped Kyle try and find Isabelle, by using his ability to create a seemingly-real projection of Lily Tyler which fooled Richard completely. "Lily" convinced Richard to change Isabelle back, which was what Kyle also hoped Byron would be able to achieve.

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