American Meat Institute

American Meat Institute

The American Meat Institute is an organization composed primarily of US meat producers. It was founded in 1906 and is today located in Washington, DC. AMI provides assistance and representation for member organizations. It also sponsors several large conferences for the meat industry.


The American Meat Institute (AMI) is an industry trade group that serves the meat packing industry. AMI serves several roles for the industry such as providing resources and information to member companies,cite news | first =Hembree | last = Brandon | title =EPA, Ag Chem Industry "Cooperating" | work =Southeast Farm Press | publisher =Prism Business Media | page =36 | date =2005-12-21 | accessdate = 2006-07-08 , cited at EBSCO Business Source Complete] providing opportunities for interaction between industry members,cite news | title =AMI Targets Consumer Trends | work = National Provisioner, The | publisher =Stagnito Publishing Co. | page =74 | date =February, 2006 | accessdate =2006-07-08 , cited at EBSCO Business Source Complete ] and engaging in public relations on behalf of the meat industry.cite news | first =Julie | last = Gallagher | title =Meat Industry Defends Packaging | work =Supermarket News | publisher =Fairchild Publications, Inc. | pages =1 | page =13 | date =2006-03-27 | accessdate = 2006-07-08 , cited at EBSCO Business Source Complete] AMI is headquartered in Washington, DC and claims to represent through membership nearly three quarters of the meat and poultry industries.American Meat Institute (2006), [ "About AMI"] . Retrieved 2006-07-08.] Meat industry organizations become AMI members through an application process and yearly dues based primarily on the size of the member organization with larger organizations paying larger membership fees.American Meat Institute (2006), [ "Membership Applications and Brochures"] . Retrieved 2006-07-08.]

AMI is run by a board of officers elected each year. The current officers are as follows: AMI president and CEO: J. Patrick Boyle, Chairman: Robert Manley, Vice Chairman: Richard Bond, Tresurer: David Miniat, and Secretary: Rod Brenneman.cite news | title =People News | work =National Provisioner, The | publisher =Stagnito Publishing Co. | page =85 | date =December 2005 | accessdate = 2006-07-08 , cited at EBSCO Business Source Complete]

Another organization founded by AMI is the American Meat Institute Foundation which conducts scientific research on AMI's behalf.

AMI celebrated its organizational centennial in 2006 after being founded in 1906 in Chicago as the American Meat Packers Association.American Meat Institute (2006), [ "History"] . Retrieved 2006-07-08.] The organization was created only shortly after the passage of the Federal Meat Inspection Act and spent much its early years helping meat packers adjust to new inspection requirements. The name was changed in 1919 to the Institute of American Meat Packers (IAMP), and finally again in 1940 to the current American Meat Institute. AMI moved its headquarters in 1979 to Washington, DC, where it remains as of 2006. AMI established its research branch, the AMI Foundation, in 1991.

AMI operates several websites with information for both industry members and consumers. In addition to the organization's own website, AMI operates which provides consumers with food safety information regarding cooking, handling, and storage of meat products.cite news | title = New AMI-Dpondored Web Site on Meat Safety | work = Gourmet Retailer | page =16 | date =October, 2004 | accessdate = 2006-07-08 , cited at EBSCO Business Source Complete]


AMI sponsors or cosponsors a number of industry meetings and conferences each year. In March 2006 AMI sponsored the 13th Annual Meat Conference. Some of the notable events at the 2006 conference were presentations on consumer trends, a seminar on leadership strategies, and a product tasting fair.

Additionally, AMI cosponsors the biennial Worldwide Food Expo.cite news | title =Worldwide Food Showcases Innovations | work =Dairy Foods | publisher =Business News Publishing Company | page =16 | date =December 2005 | accessdate = 2006-07-08 , cited at EBSCO Business Source Complete] This conference has grown in popularity as in 2005 more than 25,000 people from more than 100 nations attended and visited the 1,100 exhibitors. The AMI Foundation also hosts a more research focused conference, the Meat Industry Research Conference, immediately preceding the Worldwide Food Expo.cite news | title =Worldwide Food Expo: Connecting the Dots to the Meat Industry | work = National Provisioner, The | publisher =Stagnito Publishing Co. | page =130 | date =August, 2003 | accessdate =2006-07-08 , cited at EBSCO Business Source Complete ]

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*North American Meat Processors Association
*Canadian Meat Council


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