Rich Internet Client

Rich Internet Client

Rich Internet Clients (RIC) are rich client applications which install from and run well over the Internet. They combine the rich user experience of the classic rich client with the "reach" (the ability to run from any computer, anywhere) of a web client, while overcoming many of the disadvantages of both technologies.

Traditional rich clients often require a Virtual Private Network, Citrix hosting some or other such infrastructure to be securely accessed outside of a company's local intranet. Traditional rich clients also typically need to be manually upgraded by the end user. Rich Internet Clients are not constrained by these limitations, and are thus capable of taking on many of the roles traditionally reserved for web applications.

A Rich Internet Client is normally characterized by the following features:

* Web-Based Deployment and Installation
* Ability to run securely over the open Internet without requiring any additional infrastructure
* Ability to run on multiple operating systems (At least Windows, Macintosh & Linux)
* Fully automated software upgrades

ee also

*Client (computing)
*Rich Client Platform

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