America’s Health Insurance Plans

America’s Health Insurance Plans

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) is a national political advocacy and trade association with about 1,300 member companies that sell health insurance coverage to more than 200 million Americans. [ [ AHIP] Accessed 6 April 2007.] AHIP was formed through the merger of Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA) and American Association of Health Plans (AAHP). [ [ Press Release] dated December 11, 2003 (retrieved November 13, 2007)] [ [ AHIP "Smartbrief" announcing merger] ] [ [ "Health insurers gain a huge new lobby,"] "New York Times", September 23, 2003] [SARAH LUECK, [ "Two health trade groups to merge,"] , Wall Street Journal, September 23, 2003] AAHP was formed through a merger between two Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) trade associations, Group Health Association of America and American Managed Care and Review Association.Fact|date=March 2007

In 2006, AHIP spent over US$7 million on lobbying. [ [ Lobbyist Reports: America's Health Insurance Plans] ] , and its 2005 television ad "Shark Bait" drew harsh criticism for its claim that "lawsuit abuse" by American trial lawyers cost the typical American family US$1,200 a year. [ [ Insurance Industry Ad Makes Fishy Claim About Lawyers ] ] The AHIP Center for Policy and Research is the trade association's research arm. [ [ AHIP Center for Policy and Research ] ] The center publishes research on a variety of forms of private health insurance, often based on survey data gathered from AHIP member companies. The forms of insurance studied include disability income and long-term care insurance as well as different types of medical expense insurance.

AHIP President Karen M. Ignagni [ [ ROBERT PEAR] "New York Times" September 16, 2007.] frequently serves as a spokesperson for the views of the insurance industry, [ [ Sam Youngman, "Clinton plan sparks frenzy," "" September 18, 2007] ] recently taping an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show opposite Michael Moore to discuss "Sicko". [ [ Aoife McCarthy, "Suite Talk: Making room for new faces: A bad day at the office for AHIP?", "", September, 26, 2007] ] In response to a past statement by Senator Hillary Clinton that insurance companies "spend tens of billions of dollars a year figuring out how not to cover people" and "how to cherry-pick the healthiest persons, and leave everyone else out in the cold", Ignagni asserted the AHIP endorses the goal of universal coverage, that insurers deny only 3 percent of claims, and that many of those are for experimental procedures that employers do not cover. [ [ ROBERT PEAR] "New York Times", September 16, 2007.]


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