American Numismatic Association

American Numismatic Association

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The American Numismatic Association was founded by Dr. George F. Heath in 1891. The ANA was formed to advance the knowledge of numismatics (the study of money) along educational, historical and scientific lines, as well as enhance interest in the hobby.

The ANA national headquarters and museum is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It claims a membership of over 30,000 and offers memberships for various terms, including one year, three years, five years, and a lifetime membership for $1,000 US. In 1912 the association received a Federal Charter by the United States Congress for its work in the field of numismatics.

The association's official monthly journal is the "Numismatist" and its editor-in-chief is Barbara J. Gregory. Many articles are contributed by members of the Association.


Dr. George F. Heath of Monroe, Michigan, gained knowledge of world history by studying his collection of coins. The obscurity of his communit was an obstacle towards obtaining certain specimens, and made meeting fellow numismatists difficult. In 1888, he printed, published and distributed a four-page leaflet, THE NUMISMATIST, in which he listed his coin needs, advertised duplicates for sale, and discussed numismatic topics. [ | ANA History ] ]

The nascent publication found many friends among other isolated collectors. As Heath's subscription list increased, a need for a national organization of numismatists was evident. The February 1891 edition of The Numismatist printed a question, "What is the matter with having an American Numismatic Association?" A follow-up statement was included: "There is nothing like the alliance of kindred pursuits to stimulate growth and interest."

On October 7 and October 8, 1891, five men--Heath, William G. Jerrems, David Harlowe, J.A. Heckelman and John Brydon--holding 26 proxies, met in Chicago and with 61 charter members. The result was the founding of the American Numismatic Association. Since that meeting in October 1891, the American Numismatic Association has expanded to become the largest non-profit numismatic organization of its kind in the world.Heath then introduced the idea of a numismatic convention, where members could make personal contact with other numismatists. The first meeting was held in 1891. From then, it was hosted annually until 1895, and then in 1901 and 1904. After the 1907 convention in Columbus, Ohio, it was decided to hold annual meetings thereafter.

On June 16, 1908, Dr. Heath suddenly died. Farran Zerbe, then president, assumed the task of editing and publishing THE NUMISMATIST, and soon purchased the publication from Heath's heirs. In 1911, through the generosity of W.C.C. Wilson of Montreal, Canada, THE NUMISMATIST was purchased from Zerbe and presented to the ANA and since that period, the magazine has been owned and published monthly by the ANA.

National prominence was attained by the Association on May 9, 1912, when the Association was granted a Federal Charter, signed by President William H. Taft. An amendment to make the Charter permanent and allow for a larger Board of Governors was introduced in 1962. This was presented by Congressman Wilbur Mills and Senator John L. McClellan, both of Arkansas. This amendment was passed by Congress and signed by President John F. Kennedy on April 10, 1962.


An ANA national home and headquarters building fund was established on April 29, 1961. Colorado Springs, Colorado, was selected, and a ground breaking ceremony was held on September 6, 1966. On December 20, 1966, the building fund goal of $250,000 was reached and the new home and headquarters of the American Numismatic Association was dedicated and officially opened in Colorado Springs on June 10, 1967. Currently, the ANA facility in Colorado Springs houses the largest circulating numismatic library in the world. Books, educational slide programs and instructional videotapes are loaned to members without charge other than costs to cover postage and insurance.

ANA Money Museum

The Colorado facility also houses the ANA Money Museum that includes ver 250,000 objects encompassing the history of numismatics from the earliest invention of money to modern day. The Harry W. Bass Collection features American gold coins, experimental pattern coins and paper money. [ Money Museum] The museum also offers changing exhibits about money in history, art, archaeology, banking and economics, and coin collecting. Members may study the items on display and, by prearrangement, can use other museum materials for research purposes.
* [ Money Museum]


The head of the ANA is its President. Currently, a person may not hold the presidency for more than one term. They may, however, run for a seat on the board of governors after their presidency. No one may serve on the ANA board of governors (including the offices of president and vice president) for more than ten years. The current President is Barry Stuppler and the current Vice President is Patricia Jagger-Finner.

List of ANA presidents

*William G. Jerrems Jr., 1891-1892
*George F. Heath, 1892-1894
*August G. Heaton, 1894-1899
*Joseph Hooper, 1899-1902
*Benjamin P. Wright, 1902-1905
*Albert R. Frey, 1905-1908
*Farran Zerbe, 1908-1910
*John M. Henderson, 1910-1912
*Judson P. Brenner, 1912-1914
*Frank G. Duffield, 1914-1915
*Henry O. Granberg, 1915-1917
*Carl Wurtzbach, 1917-1919
*Waldo C. Moore, 1919-1921
*Moritz Wormser, 1921-1926
*Harry H. Yawger, 1926-1927
*Charles Markus, 1927-1930
*George J. Bauer, 1930-1932
*Alden Scott Boyer, 1932-1933
*Nelson T. Thorson, 1933-1935
*T. James Clarke, 1935-1937
*J. Henri Ripstra, 1937-1939
*L.W. Hoffecker, 1939-1941
*J. Douglas Ferguson, 1941-1943
*Martin F. Kortjohn, 1943-1945
*V. Leon Belt, 1945-1947
*Loyd B. Gettys, 1947-1949
*M. Vernon Sheldon, 1949-1951
*Joseph Moss, 1951-1953
*J. Hewitt Judd, 1953-1955
*Leonel C. Panosh, 1955-1957
*Oscar H. Dodson, 1957-1961
*C.C. Tim Shroyer, 1961-1963
*Paul K. Anderson, 1963-1965
*Matt H. Rothert, 1965-1967
*Arthur Sipe, 1967-1969
*Herbert M. Bergen, 1969-1971
*John J. Pittman, 1971-1973
*Virginia Culver, 1973-1975
*Virgil Hancock, 1975-1977
*Grover C. Criswell, Jr., 1977-1979
*George D. Hatie, 1979-1981
*Adna G. Wilde, Jr., 1981-1983
*Q. David Bowers, 1983-1985
*Florence M. Schook, 1985-1987
*Stephen R. Taylor, 1987-1989
*Kenneth L. Hallenbeck, Jr., 1989-1991
*Edward C. Rochette, 1991-1993
*Kenneth Bressett, 1993-1995
*David L. Ganz, 1995-1997
*Anthony Swiatek, 1997-1999
*H. Robert Campbell, 1999-2001
*John Wilson, 2001-2003
*Gary E. Lewis, 2003-2005
*William Horton, 2005-2007
*Barry Stuppler, 2007-2009


The current term for the Governors is from 2007-2009.

History of the World's Fair

The following are the past locations for the ANA Shows.

Farran Zerbe Memorial Award

The Farran Zerbe Memorial Award is the highest honor conferred by the ANA. It is given in recognition of numerous years of outstanding, dedicated service to numismatics. The criteria for the nominee should be that the individual is considered someone who has rendered numerous years of outstanding service to the ANA as well as the field of numismatics. An additional qualification is that the nominee should be a former Medal of Merit and Glenn Smedley Memorial Award recipient. The award is limited only to members of the ANA. [ | Award - Farran Zerbe ] ]

*"For a list of winners, please see Farran Zerbe Memorial Award"

Numismatic Hall of Fame

To perpetuate and enshrine the names of the most important numismatists of all time, the American Numismatic Association established the Numismatic Hall of Fame at its headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. [ | ANA - Hall of Fame ] ] The brainchild of Jack W. Ogilvie, a Hollywood film writer and editor who served as ANA historian from 1950 to 1970, the Numismatic Hall of Fame was created in August 1964. A constitution and bylaws were drafted that year, and the first inductees were named in 1969. The next group was enshrined in 1970, with subsequent honorees inducted every two years thereafter. Prior to each induction year, nominations are accepted from the membership. After review by a five-member Hall of Fame council, the names and qualifications of the nominees are passed on to a 25-member elector panel. Candidates receiving 13 or more votes are inducted; those receiving less than 13 votes (but more than five) are reconsidered in the next election. Members of the council, the ANA Board of Governors, and ANA appointed officers and staff are ineligible to serve as electors.

=Inductees by year=


External links

* [ American Numismatic Association]
* [ YNA's Official Web site]

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