Miarolitic cavities

Miarolitic cavities

Miarolitic cavities (or "miarolitic texture") are typically crystal lined irregular cavities or vugs most commonly found in granitic pegmatites, but also found in a variety of igneous rocks. The central portions of pegmatites are often miarolitic as the pegmatite dike crystallizes from the outside walls toward the center. The volatile portion of the magma is gradually excluded from the forming crystal phases until it becomes trapped within the body and forms the cavities which often contain minerals of elements incompatible with the typical silicate granitic mineralogy.

The miarolitic cavities and miarolitic pegmatites are sources of rare and unusual minerals containing elements not found in abundance in normal igneous rocks. Minerals containing lithium, rubidium, beryllium, boron, niobium, tantalum, tin, bismuth, fluorine and other elements are found.

The term "miarolitic" comes from the Italian "miarole" in reference to the mineral rich pegmatite region of Baveno and Cuasso al Monte in northern Italy.


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