Fountain pen inks

Fountain pen inks

Fountain pen inks are water-based inks intended for use with fountain pens. These inks are commonly available in bottles. Plastic cartridges came into use in the 1960s, but bottled inks are still the mainstay for most fountain pen enthusiasts. Bottled inks usually cost less than an equivalent amount in cartridges and afford a wider variety of colors and properties.

Because fountain pens are not tightly coupled with their inks as is with ballpoints or gel pens, some care must be taken when selecting an ink. Fountain pen inks are almost exclusively dye-based because pigment particles would usually clog the narrow passages. Some pigmented inks do exist for fountain pens, but these are uncommon. Normal Indian ink cannot be used in fountain pens because it contains shellac as a binder which would very quickly clog any fountain pen. Inks must also be fairly runny, free of sediment, and non-corrosive.

List of Fountain Pen Inks

A. T. Cross

A.T. Cross inks are simply re-labeled Pelikan inks. However, Cross cartridges are proprietary, the only kind that will fit in Cross pens.


Aurora ink is manufactured in Turin, Italy, since 1919. Aurora inks are particularly curious, because they are available in only two colors: blue and black. However, they are regarded as the deepest and more intense colors in existence. They are also highly regarded for having generous flow.


Bexley inks are simply re-labeled Private Reserve inks.

Caran d'Ache

Conway Stewart

De Atramentis

De Atramentis is a German ink manufacturer. Its inks are known for having the scents of fruits and flowers, among others. It also offers inks made from wine and beer.



Diamine Ink is a British manufacturer of ink founded in 1864 as T. Webster and Co. Diamine fountain pen inks are set in two categories: Old English Writing and New Century inks. The formulation of both series is the same, but the New Century inks arguably have more vibrant colors.


J. Herbin

J. Herbin is a French brand of fountain pen ink and is considered the oldest brand still in activity, working since 1670.




Noodler's Ink is a brand of fountain pen ink developed by pen collector Nathan Tardiff. Noodler's is well-known by pen enthusiasts for offering inks in a wide variety of colors and characteristics. Of particular interest is the "bulletproof" characteristic, "bulletproof" being the name for a particular type of ink they sell. Such inks react with the cellulose in paper to form waterproof, solvent-proof, and uv-resistant marks. Other inks include ones formulated for use in very low temperatures, fluorescent for highlighting, lubricating, invisible, and non-bulletproof.

Since November 2003, the company has run a promotional challenge offering $1000 to anyone who can remove Noodler's Bulletproof Black or Polar Blue ink from a standard check. Every year that the prize goes unclaimed, another $1000 is added to the purse. No one has yet to come forward claiming the ability to remove the ink.

Parker Quink

Quink (a portmanteau word from 'quick' and 'ink') is also known as Double Quink and Parker 51 Ink. This ink was developed in 1928 to be water-resistant, quick-drying, and non-fading. It is still marketed and is one of the most popular of fountain pen inks.

Pelikan 4001

Pelikan 4001 is a series of inks by Pelikan. It is so named because it was the first formula recorded in Pelikan's fourth book of ink formulae.

Pelikan 4001 has been manufactured in many colors, but currently it is available in about ten, in bottles and cartridges: Royal Blue, Blue-Black, Brilliant Black, Brilliant Red, Brilliant Green, Brilliant Brown, Violet, Turquoise and Pink. All colors except Pink are available in 30 ml and 62.5 ml bottles. All colors except Brilliant Brown are available in "international cartridges", both short and long size. Royal Blue and Brilliant Black are also available in 50 ml, 250 ml and 1 litre bottles. Royal Blue can be easily washed out from clothes and textiles.

According to fountain pen enthusiasts Pelikan 4001 is generally considered to be "safe fountain pen ink"; it does not stain or clog fountain pens very easily.

Pelikan Fount India

Pelikan Fount India is an Indian ink that is designed for use in fountain pens (it does not contain shellac). It is very water-resistant.


Penman fountain pen inks is a now discontinued ink label formerly manufactured by Parker. Released in 1993, they were withdrawn from the market when it was revealed, that the ink had problems with clogging, mostly with Penman Ebony (black). Distribution was voluntarily stopped in EU and NAFTA countries in 2000-2001 [] .


Private Reserve

Rohrer & Klingner



Skrip is a series of inks made by the Sheaffer brand. In 2002 Sheaffer stopped manufacturing ink in the USA and moved ink production to Slovenia. The ink bottle, the formulae and color characteristics of the inks, and the names and availability of certain colors were changed along with that move.

According to fountain pen enthusiasts, Sheaffer Skrip, whether in the former USA formulae or in the current Slovenia formulae, is generally considered to be a "safe fountain pen ink"; it should neither stain nor clog fountain pens very easily.

Currently Sheaffer Skrip is available in a 50 ml bottle with a conic side and the country name "SLOVENIA" molded into the bottom, and in proprietary Sheaffer cartridges with "SLOVENIA" molded into the side next to the brand name. Color selection is slightly wider in cartridges than in bottles. Some cartridges have clear sides with color-coded end caps (opposite the insertion end), while other cartridges are opaque and color-coded.




Waterman inks are currently manufactured in France. They are generally regarded to as "safe" inks by fountain pen enthusiasts. The inks are not highly saturated, but flow and lubricate well. Black, Florida Blue, South Seas Blue, Violet, Green, Havana, and Red are offered in 50 oz. bottles as well as long cartridges. Black and Florida Blue are also availible in short cartridges intended to fit Waterman Ici et La and Lady fountain pens.


Yard-o-Led inks are made by Diamine and are the same colors.

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