Petra (disambiguation)

Petra (disambiguation)


*Petra, an archeological site in Jordan.
*Petra, Spain, a town on the island of Majorca
*Petra, Lesbos
*Petra, Pieria


*Petra (given name) is a female given name, a feminine version of Peter, from the Greek word meaning "rock"
*Petra Haden, a singer and violinist
*Petra Frey, an Austrian singer
*Petra Kelly, a German peace activist
*Petra Marklund, a Swedish singer, pseudo "September"
*Petra Nemcova, a Czech supermodel
*Petra Pfaff, an East German track and field hurdler
*Petra de Steur, a Belgian singer also known as La Sakhra
*Petra Verkaik, a model known for her many appearances in Playboy
*Petra Vaideanu, a Romanian heptathlete


*Petra (band), a Christian rock band
** "Petra (album)", the debut album of the band mentioned above

Fictional characters

*Petra (comics), a Marvel Comics character
*Petra Strorm, in John Wyndham's novel "The Chrysalids"
*Petra, in Broken Sword III: The Sleeping Dragon
*Petra Arkanian, a fictional character in a book series by Orson Scott Card
*Petra Andalee, the protagonist that appears in Blue Balliett's "Chasing Vermeer" and "The Wright 3"


*Petra (dog), a dog on the children program "Blue Peter"
*Petra, a cat, former Chief mouser to the cabinet office


*Petra (agency), the Jordanian news agency


Petria can refer to:
*"Petria (brachiopod)", a brachiopod genus
*Petria Thomas, Australian swimmer

ee also

*Peter (name)

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