Petra (given name)

Petra (given name)

Petra is a female first name.

Origin and meaning

As a female form of Peter, Petra originally meant "the rock celebrations".

Name day

June 29 is the name day of Peter and of Petra.


* German: Peti, Petrina, Petrine, Pezi, Petzi, Pedi
* French: Perette, Pierrette, Pierrine
* Friesisch: Peekje, Pietje, Pierke, Pierkje, Piertje, Peterke, Petje, Petke, Pieterke
* Italian: Piera, Pierina

Famous People with this first name

* Petra Barthel (* 1951), German actress
* Petra Burka (* 1946), Canadian
* Petra Enders (* 1965), German politician (PDS)
* Petra Felke (* 1959), German athlete
* Petra Gerster (* 1955), German journalist
* Petra Janu, technician
* Petra Kelly (1947-1992), German politician
* Petra Kronberger (* 1969), Austrian
* Petra Kusch-Lück (* 1948), German host and singer
* Petra Kvapilova, Czech mannequin and photo model
* Petra Landers, (* 1962), German
* Petra Mandula, Hungarian
* Petra Müller (* 1965), German athlete
* Petra Müller-Klepper (* 1957), German politician
* Petra Neftel (geb. Schweers) (* 1974), German television host
* Petra Němcová (* 1979), Czech mannequin and photo model
* Petra Pau (* 1963), German politician
* Petra Rossner (* 1966), German wheel running woman driver
* Petra Schneider (* 1963), German swimmer
* Petra Schürmann (* 1933), German television host and actress
* Petra Skalová, Czech photo model
* Petra van Staveren (* 1966), Netherlands swimmer
* Petra Verkaik, U.S. model
* Petra Wimbersky (* 1982), German
* Petra Yared, Australian actress

ee also

* Petra (disambiguation)

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